Due to the fact that we all are living in a world full of secrets, there are some things that cannot be revealed publicly. In our generation, people tend to have the urge to know all the answers, most especially if some things have triggered their curiosity even with the smallest things. Yet, everybody should accept the fact that things in this world do not work that way, and that there are tons of general information that we cannot get access to for some reasons.

In business industries, such leakage of confidential files could cause destruction in the company. The reason for this is because these files can be used against them. And it would be a great loss for the company if their competitors would know what are their business’s weaknesses and strengths. Therefore, confidential report forms are mandatory to be utilized most especially when you are keeping some secret files of information. Going further in this article, there are few downloadable sample forms for confidential reports that are provided for you. In addition, you will also be able to gain further understanding on what and how these forms are often utilized.

Confidential Report Form Sample

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Utilizing Confidential Report Forms

Confidential reports are often documented and compiled for future references. Yet, when some of these files are shown to the intended recipient and there are no further reasons to keep these, these files are often shredded into pieces. This is to ensure that no one else can get their hands on these and that confidentiality remains. For as long as the intended audience is informed with regards to the confidential information, they can get rid of it soon as possible. Other confidential reports are kept and compiled for documentation. And in order to maintain the safety and security of what or to whom these files are for, these are secured in a safe place or room where no one else can have access to.

These confidential reports could be about any various of information that are held confidential, and that no one else has to know about. These are often about either of the following:

Annual Confidential Report Form

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Confidential Report Form for Personnel

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Annual Confidential Report Form for Assistant

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Sample Form of Confidential Report

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Confidential Report on Applicant

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A performance appraisal is with regards to the individual employee’s overall performances depending on the period basis. These are often held once a year or annually. Some companies would prefer monthly applicant appraisal, or even weekly. Regardless of the date intervals or differences, these appraisals are conducted for the same purposes. These are in order for the employees to be reminded of how they currently are in terms of their performances and productivity. These also help the management identify who among them are needed to be monitored.

These appraisals are mandatory to be scheduled in order for each and every employee to be prepared. In cases that the employee fails the performance assessment, it depends on the management whether to give a chance for improvements. By means of this, the management will be able to determine whether the employee is willing to be improved or not. If in worse cases wherein chances are no use, the employee is dismissed.

Performance appraisals are held confidential for the reason that the information written on these forms can be used against the employees, and that there are no reasons for the management to bluntly disclose the results of an individual to others. Nevertheless, these performance appraisals should remain as confidential. Moreover, here are the following information that these confidential reports for performance appraisal of individual employee contain:

  • The staff or employee information
    • The full name (first, middle, and last)
    • The date of birth
    • The residential and provincial addresses
    • The position or designation
    • The location or address for work
    • The nature of duties
    • The date of entry or start date for work
    • The skills and specializations (if there are any)
    • The training courses attended (if there are any)
  • The performance evaluation or rating of professional competencies
    • The factors that are appraised or assessed
    • The comments or remarks with regards to each of the factors
    • The grading (outstanding, very good, good, satisfactory, poor)
    • The personal traits and values
    • The behavioral and organizational (often based on observation)
    • The physical and mental alertness
    • The score or percentage of the overall performance
    • The date/s of when the appraisal is conducted
    • The period or duration of how many days, weeks, months, or year(s) did the appraisal last
    • The name of the officer reporting
    • The signature of both the employee and the officer
    • The date of when both had signed the form

For further assessment, here are more information that are also needed to be provided:

  • The employee’s violations and punishments (if there are any)
  • The suitability for promotion (fit or not yet fit for promotion, fit for retention, etc.)
  • The self-assessment information (goals and achievements, special improvements)
  • The health assessment and background information

Confidential Report for Communicable Disease

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A medical assessment is an examination conducted in order to assess an individual’s health condition. This is often to discover what is the current state, and/or to find an effective treatment to the discovered disease or illness. These files are held confidential due to the fact that such deliberate disclosure of these information would result to a poor or substandard reputation of the medical center, and that these files are not intended to other people. Unless, the holder or the possessor of such medical information permits or authorizes the release of these information either to the general public or to a specified audience/s.

The holder or owner of these medical records may disclose these information to his or her family, in such cases wherein the parents or a member of the family would want a copy to know what is/are wrong with their child or relative. As for other people who would want to access the files with regards to the disease of this particular patient, they should have a permit from the possessor for security authorization. The reason for this is the hospital or the medical center will be held liable or accountable for any release of information without direct permission or authorization. Moreover, these confidential reports often contain the following information:

  • The patient information
    • The full or complete name (first, middle, and last)
    • The exact and current residential and provincial address
    • The contact information
    • The date of birth
    • The gender
    • The race and ethnicity
    • The occupations of interest (such as health care worker, food service, school, day care)
    • The name of school or workplace (company)
  • The clinical information
    • The disease/s found
    • The date of diagnosis
    • The symptoms
    • The onset date
    • The hospital name (if admitted)
    • The admission and discharge date (if admitted)
  • The laboratory information
    • The test/s conducted
    • The test results
    • The specimen collection date
    • The specimen source
  • The treatment information
    • The medical treatment given or provided
    • The dosage amount (if medicine)
    • The treatment date
  • The provider information
    • The physician’s name
    • The facility or hospital name
    • The facility contact number/s
    • The date of report
    • The name and contact number of the person reporting
    • The date of first notification
    • The name and contact number of the investigator
    • The follow-up initiated

Sample Confidential Report Form

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For people who felt violated in terms of their rights as a human and wishes to keep their complaint confidential, there is an appropriate form that could be utilized. This confidential report from for offenses or violations allow the person (or complainant) to confidentially report and fill out all the details regarding the incident/s occurred. This confidentiality report is often documented for statistical purposes, and in order for the organization to be aware of what is happening and what could possibly happen in the near future. Therefore, in order to avoid or prevent this, the management should have the full access of the entire information with regards to the incident report. By obtaining the accurate details, they will be able to come up with the corrective and preventive actions in response to these incident/s. Moreover, the following below are often the required essential information for cases such as sexual harassment complaint for instance. These information are necessary in order to complete the confidential report.

  • The date and time of the incident or assault
  • The place or location of where the incident or assault has taken place
  • The level or degree of the sexual assault
  • The number of perpetrators
  • The classification of perpetrator (a student, an employee, a stranger)
  • The nature of the assault (male to male, female to female, male to female, female to male)
  • The person to receive the report of the victim (police, the campus security, the supervisor head, or none)
  • The scenario with regards to the incident (how things were before, during, and after)
  • Other comments or description that could be given
  • The name of the person submitting the report
  • The name of the officer to whom report is submitted to
  • The date of the report submission

For further assessment, here are few more information that the investigator or the officer needs to know:

  • Was the perpetrator involved in alcohol or drugs?
  • Is the victim involved in alcohol or drugs?

On the whole, these confidential reports are technically utilized in order to obtain the exact information with regards to what it is pertained to, and that only those who are permitted or authorized can have access to these files or information. The reason is to ensure the safety and security on behalf of the owner or possessor of the information. Equally important, the following below are few tips and guides on how to generate confidential reports.

  • These kinds of reports should remain confidential.
  • People should be aware on what are the consequences when confidential files are disclosed to unauthorized people.
  • Confidential reports are often addressed to one or few recipients (depending on the management or organization).
  • All important details should be noted down in order not to miss any information.
  • Some confidential reports require drafting to avoid miscommunication and misinterpretation of information (for instance is the report for performance appraisals).
  • Hard copy/copies should be secured as a written evidence of these confidential reports.
  • These reports should be polished and complete for further assessment reviews.
  • Proper scheduling for a meeting discussion with regards to the confidential report should be observed.

These are few of the things that you should be reminded of when utilizing confidential report forms. Thus, taking note of each of these few tips and guides could help you complete the process of these report forms.

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