Incidents that result in any breakage of a property are sometimes inevitable. Yet most of the time, these are caused due to a person’s negligence. In response to the reckless act, there should be some consequences that are to be implemented. For companies or any organization, it is mandatory for them to set a list of policies with regards to the damages, breakage, loss, or theft of their property.

An example scenario for this is when you had to deal with your guest who claimed that he accidentally broke the sink in half. Yet according to the accident investigation results, it was somehow done intentionally. Either of the two, there still should be some consequences in response to this. This is in order for the guest to take responsibility for the damaged property. Thus, making him more extra careful next time. As for the management, there should be a work requisition form that would indicate what is the damaged property that needs to be fixed or repaired. This should be completed soon as the incident has occurred or not later than a few hours specified. This is in order for the management to have a brief description of how the property was damaged and how it should be repaired. Once all the pieces of information are provided, the management is then to undertake or perform the requested work to be done. This is done by completing the maintenance action form which is often utilized to indicate the actions that should be conducted by each of the assigned staff. Thus, working as a team to complete the given tasks.

Report of Glass Breakage Form

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Restaurant Breakage Log/Sheet

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The Importance of Report Forms

In times wherein incidents involve some damages or breakages of a property, this should be reported as soon as possible. This could be reported with the use of the following forms:

These report forms are basically designed in order to have a better investigation of what has occurred. Thus, the type of the incident or accident (either accidental, near miss, intentional, etc.) should be specified. In addition, the nature of the injury to the person and the further damages to the property should also be specified in order to have a better analysis of the incident.

The reason why an immediate report is necessarily done in a timely manner are the following:

  • In order to identify the person or people who are responsible for the incident or damages.
  • In order to for the property owner or the management to immediately repair or replace the damaged or broken property.
  • In order to avoid further incident or accident that could result from the debris of the damaged property.

For these common or basic reasons, the report for the all the damages or breakages should be documented with the use of the appropriate forms. As you go further in this article, provided forms are with regards to the breakage report forms, which you could utilize during a specific situation. Examine each of these downloadable forms in order to find what best suits your business needs.

What Is a Breakage Report Form?

A breakage report is a document that is often utilized when there are some damages or breakages that are needed to be reported. This form is mandatory to be completed with all the necessary details or information that leads to a better investigation of the incident or accident. This form should be filled out by someone who has witnessed what has happened.

With the use of this form, all the pieces of information that could lead the investigators to the answers are specified in the form. Thus, allowing them to have a better understanding of the inevitable occurrence. Therefore, refer to the forms that are provided for you in this article in order to know when and how to utilize each form.

Equipment Damage or Breakage Report Form

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Eyeglass Breakage and Loss Form

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Filling Out Breakage Report Forms

The general pieces of information of basic breakage report forms that are often mandatory to be written on the form are the following:

  • The date of when the incident or breakage is reported
  • The specification of the broken or damaged property
  • The description of each property damaged
  • The number or quantity of how many properties are damaged
  • The date and time of when the property was damaged
  • The reason/s for each damage or breakages
  • The name of the person who is said to be responsible for the reckless actions
  • The name of the person reporting the damages
  • The date of when the report is submitted or received by the management
  • The signature of the person reporting
  • The signature of the manager or the recipient

When all the necessary information are indicated in the report form, the management then conducts an assessment or further investigation. This is in order to take note of the further contributing factors that caused the incident.

Dealing with Breakage Reports

For an effective way of handling or dealing with the reports of breakage or damaged properties, the process should be done according to the standard procedures. These procedures will serve as the guide for employees or staffs when understanding the different circumstances that had caused the incident or accident. Hence, they should be oriented with regards to who they should report to and what to do in times of these situations. Furthermore, the list below is the basic step-by-step process on how to deal with breakage reports.

  • Investigate or interview the people who are currently present at the time of the incident.
  • Conduct a risk assessment in order to further analyze the sequence of the events.
  • Document all the gathered information on the breakage report form. And compile with the management files.
  • Conduct a confidential meeting with the person responsible for the damages. This is in order to discuss what are the decisions made by the management.
  • Fill out a work requisition or maintenance work order form in order to inform the repair or maintenance team of what should be done.
  • Submit all the necessary form to the person in charge or the manager with the affixed signature.

When all things are settled, the management should be able to come up with some effective preventive actions in order to avoid the re-occurrence of the same incident or any similar situation, ensuring the safety of each and every one, including the management’s reputation.

In worst-case scenarios wherein your employees are held responsible for the property damage, there should be some disciplinary actions to undertake. The disciplinary action form is filled out with the consequence/s that should be made in response to the individual’s carelessness. The management may either have the damaged property replaced or repaid by deducting the salary of the employee. For those who are terminated or resigning employees, there is no escape for the damages that they have made, either accidentally or intentionally. This is due to the reason that each and every employee is required to fill out a clearance form. This form is often utilized to ensure that employees have no more obligations to pay, most especially with the company properties that were issued to each one of them as they start their employment. As all the remaining responsibilities are paid or settled, employees are free to carry on with their termination or resignation process.

Windscreen Breakage Claim Form

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Racket Breakage Report Form

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Basic Ways to Prevent Breakage

Indeed, breakage or damages are often caused due to a person’s negligence. Yet, there are a few basic ways on how you could prevent this. Refer to the list below.

  • You may print a tarpaulin that indicates the guidelines or policies that everyone should take heed of.
  • You may conduct an orientation to inform everyone with regards to proper etiquette and/or behavior.
  • You may display some caution signs or notices that are visible to catch the attention of each and everyone.

An example of when you could apply these ways is when you conduct some cooking lessons in the kitchen laboratory. Your trainees or students should be oriented first with how things should be done in the lab. This includes the kitchen equipment, procedures, guidelines, and other necessary information that each should be aware of. This is done by means of applying the basic ways in order to prevent any breakage in the lab. Yet, in case there are some incidents that result in the breakage of any kitchen equipment in the lab, the laboratory report form should be filled out and submitted.

Nevertheless, any breakage or damages should be reported within the specific period of time in order to effectively conduct an investigation of it. Another reason is that the broken glass or the damaged property may cause further injuries to the people that surround it. An example for this is the breakage and spillage of a one-liter glass container that contains a biohazardous chemical. If the incident was not given an immediate response, the chemical could be inhaled and affect everyone’s health. In addition, the chemical could also cause some skin irritations when a person makes a contact with it. Therefore, in order to avoid these possible risks or threats and hazards, the breakage report or incident report forms should be filled out accordingly.

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