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A Joining Report Form is a document that records the initiation of an employee’s tenure at a company, detailing their start date, position, and personal details. It ensures a streamlined onboarding process and serves as a formal acknowledgment of the employee’s acceptance of the job offer and company policies.

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What is Joining Report Form?

A joining report form is an official document that an employee submits to the HR department upon starting their new position. It confirms the employee’s personal details, job title, department, and the commencement of their employment. This employee form serves as a formal acknowledgment of the employee’s beginning with the organization and is a critical part of the onboarding process. It ensures that all relevant company records are updated and that the employee is registered for payroll, benefits, and other internal systems.

What is the best Sample Joining Report Form?

Here is a sample template for a Joining Report Form that is comprehensive and can be considered one of the best practices:

[Company Logo]

Joining Report Form

Employee Information:

Full Name: ______________________________________
Employee ID: ____________________________________
Designation: ____________________________________
Department: ____________________________________
Joining Details:

Date of Joining: ________________________________
Reporting To: ___________________________________
Personal Information:

Address: ________________________________________
Contact Number: ________________________________
Email Address: _________________________________
Employment Information:

Type of Employment: ( ) Full-Time ( ) Part-Time ( ) Contract
Work Location: __________________________________
Documentation Submitted:

Identification Proof
Address Proof
Educational Certificates
Previous Employment Records
Other Documents: ________________________________
I hereby confirm my joining the [Company Name] on the date mentioned above and have received a copy of the employee handbook. I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the company as set forth in the company policies.

Employee’s Signature: _____________________________
Date: _______________

For HR Department Use:

Received By: ___________________________________
Comments: _____________________________________
Signature & Date: ______________________________
This form is designed to be clear, concise, and easy to fill out, ensuring that all necessary information is captured efficiently. It can be modified to include or exclude information based on the specific needs of the organization. It’s important to maintain the confidentiality of the information provided by the employee and to ensure that the form is stored securely.

Joining Report Form for Govt. Employee

Simple Joining Report Form PDF, Word, Google Docs

Joining Report After Transfer PDF

Joining Report Form for Employee

Joining Report Application Form

14+ Joining Report Forms in PDF | MS Word

Joining Report Format

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New Employee Joining Report Form Sample

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Joining Report Letter after Leave

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Basic Teacher Joining Report Form Sample

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Simple Joining Report Form

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Joining Report for Employees after Leave

For the employees, these joining report forms are used in order to notify or inform their supervisors that they will be reporting for work on the stated date written in this form. These forms are often filled out after employees have availed a leave for the specific date/s. In completion of these forms, there are few information that are essential to be provided such as the following:

  • The name of the employee
  • The position and/or work location
  • The date when they will be reporting to work
  • The type of leave request applied
  • The specific dates for such leave (the start and end dates)

This sample report form should be submitted by the employees before or on the date of their return for work. In that way, the supervisor will be reminded of the reason/s why they were not around during the specified dates. Employees may also include in their report the assurance to cover all the work or tasks that are left behind. After the submission, the management sees to it that this form is kept documented and compiled with the personal files or records of individual employees.

Joining Report for Work Form

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Fillable Joining Report Form

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Basic Sample for Joining Report Form

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Joining Report form for govt. employee

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Sample for Joining Report Form

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Joining Report for Appointed Participants

As for the individual who are appointed to join some events, these joining report forms are used to state that he or she will be joining the said event to be conducted on a specific date. Upon the completion of the form, refer below for the basic or general information that are often required.

  • The current date of when the report form or letter is made or filled out
  • The name, position of the person to whom the form is addressed to
  • The address or the location of the department or company
  • The subject of the joining report or formal letter
  • The reference/s of the subject which particularly is the admission letter or email received
  • The opening remarks
  • The personal statement with regards to the participation of the event
  • The position request or intended role in the said event
  • The date of when the event is or will be held
  • The closing statement form or remark of the individual
  • The name and the affixed signature of the person filling out the form

In addition to this, the individual may also indicate their contact information form in cases wherein communication is necessary. This includes the contact number/s, the residential address, and the email.

There are also few things that the management should take note of. When it comes to designating their people or representatives, there should also be a set of terms and conditions. Upon signing of the applicants or the appointed individuals, they are giving their consent in response to this. In addition, the signature also certifies that they will have to abide to the participation agreement form with the organization. These kinds of joining report forms could also be used as an evidence or a document proof that the appointed person has joined this certain event. In addition, these forms could also be an alternate for event registration forms during the event. This is due to the fact that these specify or report that the person has joined as ordered, appointed or approved by some authorized personnel, or in accordance and reference to the letter or email sent by the authorized person.

Joining Report Form in DOC

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Joining Report for Summer Programme

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Sample Form for Joining Report Form

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Joining Report/Letters for Job Offers

These joining report forms are also utilized when a job applicant receives an appointment letter from the employer. It is up to the applicant whether to accept the letter or reject it. Yet, if he or she has decided to accept this appointment letter, he is to write a joining report or letter that states that he or she is interested with the offer. These appointment letters from employers are often job offers that contain the list of all terms and conditions that individual applicant has to take note of. Upon the employer’s receipt of these joining report forms or letters, the applicant is scheduled for an initial interview or pre-employment assessment.

Nevertheless, the individuals could also state their desire to join or be a part of the company, and that they may include their promise to give commitment to their duties and responsibilities with the particular job position. And that they shall abide by the rules and regulations that the organization has. This kind of joining report or letter is somehow similar to the employee application forms, in which the applicant asks the management to grant and consider his or her request for application.

Joining Report Form Sample in DOC

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Joining Report of Faculty Form

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Technically, the main purpose of why joining report forms are somehow essential to business management is for documentation, which will be used for references or basis of a particular action with regards to personnel management. Upon filling out all the information that are needed, the affixed signature from the authorized personnel or to whom the form is submitted to should be incorporated at the bottom part of the form. This is to certify that the authorized personnel or the supervisor is notified and has received the form.

What Are Joining Report Forms For?

One of the forms that are utilized in businesses, which adds up to the business requirements, is the joining report form. Though some organizations do not make these compulsory, these printable forms are used for few of the main reasons such as the following:

  • When an employee is returning to work from his or her availed and approved leave application.
  • When an individual is appointed to join or participate to some event, such as seminars or trainings.
  • When a person is responding to the appointment or order letter.
  • When a person asks to grant his application form request to join or be a part of some event or company.
  • When an individual reports his or her involvement to the said organization.

These are often the common reasons why joining report forms are made compulsory, most especially to other organizations. Refer to the following sample forms for joining report and be guided on how and when each of these forms are utilized.

What is the difference between Offer Letter and Joining Letter?

CriteriaOffer LetterJoining Letter
DefinitionAn offer letter is a formal proposal from an employer to a candidate indicating the offer of employment.A joining letter is a confirmation document sent by the candidate to the employer, accepting the terms of the offer and indicating the start date of employment.
PurposeThe purpose of an offer letter is to outline the terms of employment, including position, salary, benefits, and any other job details.The purpose of a joining letter is to formally accept the job offer and confirm the date on which the candidate will start working.
Issued ByIssued by the employer or the HR department of the company.Issued by the candidate or the new employee to the employer.
ContentTypically includes job title, duties, salary, benefits, start date, and employment conditions.Generally includes a statement of acceptance, start date confirmation, and expression of gratitude for the opportunity.
TimingSent after the interview process is complete and the candidate is selected for the job.Sent after receiving the offer letter and deciding to accept the position offered by the employer.
FormalityIt is a formal job contract that may require a signature as a form of acceptance.It is a formal acceptance of the job offer and may also serve as a courtesy to thank the employer for the opportunity.
Legal BindingIt can be legally binding if it is structured as a contract of employment.It is not a contract but a courteous way of communication; however, it implies a commitment to join the company.
ResponseNo response is required from the candidate; however, signing and returning the offer letter may be requested.It is a response to the offer letter, confirming the candidate’s intention to join the company.

The offer letter and joining letter are complementary documents in the hiring process, with the offer letter being the starting point of the official employment offer and the joining letter being the conclusion where the candidate accepts the offer.

What is the purpose of a Joining Report Form?

The purpose of a Joining Report Form is to:

  1. Document the Start: It officially records the commencement of an employee’s tenure with an organization, whether they are a new hire or transferring within the company.
  2. Facilitate Onboarding: It helps streamline the onboarding process, ensuring all relevant departments are informed and can prepare for the new arrival.
  3. Update Records: It provides essential information to update company records with the employee’s current position, department, and status.
  4. Ensure Compliance: It serves as a compliance tool to confirm that all necessary documents and legal requirements for employment have been met.
  5. Acknowledge Policies: It acts as a formal acknowledgment from the employee that they have received and understood the company’s policies and procedures.
  6. Initiate Benefits: It triggers the initiation of employee benefits, payroll setup, and other administrative processes related to employment.
  7. Confirm Transfer Details: In the case of internal transfers, it confirms the details of the new role, location, and reporting structure for the employee.

The form is a critical first step in establishing a clear and organized employment relationship between the employee and the organization. You also browse our Sample Letters.

Where do I submit my completed Joining Report Form?

Your completed Joining Report Form should be submitted to the Human Resources (HR) department of your organization. Depending on your company’s procedures, you may need to hand it in directly to an HR representative, submit it via the company’s internal HR platform, or send it through an official email channel designated for such documents. Always follow your organization’s specific guidelines for submissions. If you’re unsure, it’s best to ask your supervisor or the HR department directly for the correct submission protocol.

How do you write a Joining Report Form?

Step 1: Header Start with a clear header that states “Joining Report Form” to immediately identify the document’s purpose.

Step 2: Employee Information Include fields for:

  • Employee Name
  • Designation
  • Department
  • Employee ID (if applicable)

Step 3: Employment Details Request details such as:

  • Date of Joining
  • Type of Employment (e.g., Full-Time, Part-Time)
  • Reporting Manager

Step 4: Documentation Submitted List common documents the employee should acknowledge submitting:

  • Resume
  • Educational Certificates
  • Government-issued ID proofs
  • Previous Employment Records

Step 5: Company Policy Acknowledgment Include a section where the employee confirms they have received, understood, and agreed to the company’s policies.

Step 6: Signature Provide space for the employee’s signature and date, as well as that of the HR manager or the reporting head.

Step 7: Formatting Ensure the form is well-structured, with clear sections and ample space for responses. Use bold headings and bullet points for readability.

Step 8: Review Before finalizing, review the form for clarity, completeness, and compliance with employment regulations.

Step 9: Accessibility Make the form available in both digital and print formats to accommodate different submission preferences.

Step 10: Privacy Statement End with a privacy statement ensuring the confidentiality of the information provided.

Final Note: Keep the language simple, direct, and professional throughout the form to ensure it is easily understood by all employees.  You should also take a look at our Check-In Forms.

How do you write a Joining Report Form after Transfer?

Joining Report Form After Transfer


  • Title: “Joining Report – Post Transfer”
  • Company Name and Logo

Section 1: Employee Details

  • Full Name
  • Employee ID
  • Previous Department/Location
  • New Department/Location

Section 2: Transfer Details

  • Effective Date of Transfer
  • New Position Title
  • New Supervisor/Manager Name
  • Reason for Transfer (if applicable)

Section 3: Acknowledgment of Transfer

  • Statement acknowledging the completion of the transfer process
  • Confirmation of understanding new role and responsibilities

Section 4: Documentation Checklist

  • List of documents to be submitted (if any change is required due to transfer)
  • Confirmation of received and updated documents. Our Quality Audit Report is also worth a look at

Section 5: Company Assets

  • Details of any company assets received (e.g., keys, access cards, equipment)

Section 6: Confirmation of Policy and Procedure Briefing

  • Acknowledgment of understanding any new policies or procedures relevant to the new department or location

Section 7: Signature

  • Employee’s Signature
  • Date
  • New Department Head/Manager’s Signature
  • Date

Section 8: HR Use

  • HR verification of completed form and documents
  • HR representative’s signature and date

Formatting Notes:

  • Use clear headings and subheadings.
  • Provide checkboxes for document submission and asset receipt.
  • Include lines for signatures and dates.
  • Keep the language straightforward and professional.

Privacy Note:

  • Include a statement assuring the confidentiality of the information provided.

Final Step:

  • Review the form for completeness and clarity.
  • Ensure it aligns with internal transfer policies and legal requirements.

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