Mileage report forms are often utilized for tracking the distance traveled during business events or trips. These kinds of forms are often submitted by the employee(s) or representative(s) who is/are appointed to attend these events.

These report forms for mileage are also utilized for various of reasons. Some of the main purposes will be explained as you go further in this article. There are also few sample forms that you could refer to in order to have a better understanding on how to utilize the report form for mileage tracking.

Vehicle Mileage Log Template

Individual Vehicle Mileage Report

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Reasons Why Mileage Report Forms are Utilized

Mileage reports are essential in businesses. This is due to the fact that these are not just used to track the distance traveled but also the expenses during the business events. Therefore, the form somehow serves as an expense report which is mainly concerned with the travel expenses.

These expenses are jotted down for the management’s awareness with regards to the amount that is needed to be reimbursed. Reimbursements often take place when the employee has paid an amount in behalf of the management. These expenditures are often for vehicle fuel, meals or snacks, transportation maintenance, etc.

These extra expenses or miscellaneous are not often included in the business budget plan. Therefore, the amount incurred by the employee for reimbursements should be written down. The form appropriate for this is a travel reimbursement form that allows the employee to specify the exact details and the total amount. Furthermore, below is a list of few more reasons why mileage report forms are essential in businesses.

  • These forms are a great help for documenting and tracking the mileage report, also with the use of odometer that measures the distance traveled by the vehicle.
  • The business transportation or vehicle taxes are noted as these are tracked for future references.
  • The different destinations for each business event and/or activity are listed for tracking purposes.
  • The business management will be able to allocate and budget for the next business travel or trips just by basing on the document reports of past events.
  • The amount incurred by the representative in behalf of the company could be listed and reviewed by the management.

These are further reasons that will help you justify why these mileage report form are mandatory most especially during business trips. Nevertheless, these forms are only for business purposes. These can also be utilized for personal use. Such auto mileage report or log templates, each individual can always track or monitor the traveling distances. You can also like claim form templates.

Daily Vehicle Mileage and Fuel Report

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Monthly Mileage and Expense Report Form

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Few Things to Take Note Of

For the completion of each mileage report forms, there are few things that you need to take heed of. These are the following:

  • The name or type of the business event conducted
  • The destination or the specific venue of the event
  • The purpose of the trip
  • The start and end date/s of the business trip
  • The total distance or the mileage report
  • The total amount for taxes
  • The total expenses for the whole travel or trip
  • The total amount for reimbursement/s (if there are any or if the expenses exceeds the budget)
  • The name/s of the person or people in charge or involved

Listed above are the details that are often required when you fill out the form. And in order to have the exact and accurate information, it is more convenient if you document all of these down. Also ensure that you obtain the payment receipts for references, most especially when you have some reimbursements to claim. Last, but never the least, you have to make sure that the mileage deduction is different from the mileage reimbursement.

Record of Mileage Report Form

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Take time in examining each of these provided sample forms for mileage report, which are designed in a layered manner. By means of this, it is made easier for the individual to fill out the form with the required details. Moreover, these form templates are divided into different parts or sections in order for each person filling out to be guided. You can also like service report forms.

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