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For every recruitment action in the company, it is mandatory that the management retains the possession of the data or information records of their newly hired employees. These information to be submitted by the individual employee are held confidential and should remain as the company property. This is ensured for various of purposes, such as for security clearance and for employment history references.

These are also done as the company conducts a background or reference check of each individual employee. And the appropriate forms that could be utilized in making sure that all important details are documented are the new hire forms. These new hire forms are basically used as the basis of the management of their employee personal information. These help them further assess their workforce as they conduct or perform a pre-appraisal or pre-employment assessment for each.

New Hire Checklist Form Template

new hire checklist form template

New Hire Company Form

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The Inclusions of New Hire Forms

New hire forms for employees consist of different parts or fields of information. The reason for this is in order to display the information in an organized manner as these details are layered in the form. These parts include the following:

The Employee Personal Information

The information indicated in this part of the form is basically with regards to the personal information of each employee. These are filled out with the details that are used for identification verification of the individual. This includes the following:

  • The full name of the applicant or employee (first, middle, and last names)
  • The residential address (the alternate address/es should also be indicated, as well as the provincial address)
  • The contact information such as the home and mobile contact numbers, and the email address/es
  • The emergency contact personal information of two or more people in case of incidents and other emergencies
  • The spouse information or details such as the name, employer, contact information, so on and so forth
  • Other information such as the gender, the date of birth, the ethnicity and/or citizenship, marital status, and health information

Fillable New Hire Reporting Form

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Employee New Hire Form

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The Employment Information

The information to be provided in this part are with regard to the employees’ employment status. This is to specify the department and the position that individual employee is assigned or designated. This part also includes the details of each employment history. Further information includes the following:

  • The job position or title
  • The department designation
  • The work location or address
  • The social security details or information
  • The salary information
  • The employment period (start and end date based on the employment contract)

Part of the requirement for each employee is the certification of employment which is issued by the former company each has worked for.

New Hire Reporting Form Sample

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The Authorization Details

The details for authorization is referred to the acceptance or approval of the job application form of the individual employee. This part composes the following details:

  • The names and positions of each authorized people (such as the supervisors or managers, and the human resource department manager)
  • The affixed signature of each
  • The dates of when each authorized officers have signed the form

The following parts of the new hire forms are basically with regards to the information that are necessary for each newly hired. As time passes by, the information are altered with the current or new details or information of the individual.

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