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In order for the corporate entity to be legally recognized under the law, there are some requirements that are needed to be filed and submitted. These requirements refer to the documents that contain the necessary or important information. These basically serve as the basis in incorporating a business firm or entity. The legal documents are referred as the articles of incorporation forms that are mandatory to be to be presented to the government body within a given period of time. These incorporation forms are also known as the articles of association and/or certificate of incorporation which are composed of the following essential information:

  • The reserved name of the corporation with corporate identifier such as corporation, incorporation, and/or company
  • The type of the corporate structure
  • The purpose of the business entity, either general or specific
  • The share per value which is basically with regards to the stated minimum value and is based on the value of the fair market
  • The name of the state where the corporation will be incorporated in
  • The legal principal office of the corporation
  • The duration of the corporation
  • The legal and mailing address of the company or the corporation
  • The board of directors’ and officers’ names and addresses
  • The number and type of authorized shares of stock that represent ownership in the corporation
  • The name and the physical address of the registered agent
  • The information of the incorporator or person in charge of setting up the corporation (the name and address, together with the affixed signature)

The required information or the requirements differ depending on the state where the business will be incorporated in. Yet, the list above shows you the common required details in order to complete the process of incorporation.

Certificate of Incorporation Form Template

certificate of incorporation form template


Incorporation Application Form

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Articles of Incorporation Form

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Articles of Incorporation Form in Doc

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Fillable Articles of Incorporation Form

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Basic Tips and Guides for Incorporation Forms

Incorporation forms are the most integral part of the business. The reason why is because these forms are the basis of how the business management should be administered. These forms are also the basis of the authorities for their documentations and future references. By means of complying and completing all the requirements, the corporation can be established and incorporated. Thus, further below are some basic tips and guidelines for incorporating business entities.

  • Ensure that all information needed in the requirements are documented and compiled.
  • All requirements should be submitted within the given period of time to avoid any delays.
  • The articles of incorporation forms must be reviewed before these are submitted.
  • All details written in the form are certified to be true, accurate, and up to date.
  • The signatures from the authorized people should be affixed and not forgotten.
  • The important information, such as the date of filling the incorporation forms, should be listed.
  • It is important that the management ensures that the agent and/or incorporator are trustworthy in processing the incorporation forms.
  • The corporation or business declaration of the set of bylaws should be one of the priorities.

Here are few details of what corporation bylaws contain:

  • How the corporation is administered
  • The specification of the shareholder’s agreement
  • The responsibilities that each of the directors and officers have
  • The dates of when various of meetings for stockholders should be held
  • Other important specifications with regards to the business operations

You may also refer to the form samples provided for you in this article for more information. Nevertheless, incorporating your business gives you various of benefits that will definitely help you build and develop your business corporation.

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