An organizational and legal entity made up of an association of people who share similar goals, aims, or purposes to reach their destination to success is what a business is all about. This can also be defined as an entity that provides some goods and services to the target market.

Nevertheless, a business cannot be incorporated without the legal forms or documents that makes it associated and registered as a company. Therefore, the most significant document reviews that are deemed as the legal foundation of the company are the articles of association long forms. This is also known as the articles or certificate of incorporation.

Articles of Association Long Form

articles of association long form

Long Form Articles of Association

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What Are Articles of Association Long Forms?

The articles of association or incorporation is a detailed outline of what the business is relevant to. These articles are basically the comprehensive overview of the business management or the company. Technically, these are the business forms or the documents that are essential in order for a business to be created at law as legal.

And by means of this, limited liability and taxation incurred can be accepted by the company as the members discharge their duties within the publicly declared published policies.

The essential and general information that are often found in the articles of association long forms are the following:

  • The legal form and name of the company
  • The location of the registered offices
  • The purpose/s of the business establishment
  • The issuing of capital stock and the division of the shares (stated accordingly to the shareholder agreement)
  • The publishing of announcements and sending of notifications
  • The management and supervisory bodies of the company
  • The executive and supervisory board members (their roles and responsibilities)
  • The annual shareholders’ meeting evaluation and information (the set date/s, venue, period of notice)
  • The fiscal year, annual financial statements, distribution of profits and reserves’ information
  • The cost of conversion, publications, and other legal/consultation fees
  • The severability clause that makes the other provision of articles of association accepted, even if some parts are held illegal or unenforceable

Legal Form Articles of Association

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Standard Articles of Association Form

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Articles of Association Legal Form

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What Are Articles of Association Long Forms For?

Here is a brief list below as a guide and for a better understanding why these articles of association long forms are necessary. You may also refer to the provided sample forms for some references.

  • These are basically used to specify what the business and its company is all about.
  • These are used to ensure that the company is on the right track by basing on the business application goals specified in the articles of association.
  • These ensure that the business or company is legally accepted, associated, incorporated, and registered.
  • These can be referred as the basis of different roles and responsibilities of each and every member (the management and the workforce).
  • These are to make sure that the outcome or output meets the expectations during the business planning.
  • These ensure that the conducted appointments or meetings are based on the articles of association forms.
  • Due to this long form for articles of association, the business company’s safety is guaranteed or assured.
  • These are deemed as a guide for the management appraisal with regards to the system used in the business.
  • These are references wherein the rules and regulations or conditions are specified.

These articles of association long forms are published on a public record review. Therefore, it is mandatory that all information with regards to the company are up to date. In this way, the business is guaranteed to be in good standing and that the liability protection is sustained after the business is incorporated.

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