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A business company consists of a group who come together for the same purpose. Thus, forming an association that agrees with each other’s interests and possess common goals. Along with the group are different rules and regulations that build unity in the organization. These rules and regulations are pertained to the standard operating procedures which ensure the uniformity and formality of the operations done in the business management.

In business, it is a great advantage if you have a great and strong connection with other people or other entities. Yet, you have to be careful on whose hands you are to shake or make an agreement with. This is because in business, you cannot be sure of who are the people to lift you up and who are those who would bring you down. This is due to the fact that in business industries, expect that there will be a lot of rivalry or competitions. Further below are few informational general statements that would help you define what a legal agreement is. In addition, there are also a few sample forms for legal agreement pertained to different purposes. Take time as you go over each of these downloadable forms provided for you.

General Agreement Short Form

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What Is a Legal Agreement?

In business, a legal agreement is a formal negotiation and binding agreement that is usually made between two parties. The agreement depends on what it is pertained to. Nevertheless, in making a negotiation, there are a few terms and conditions that are set for both to take heed of. Failure to adhere to these given conditions would result to some consequences as specified in the business agreement form.

The Parts of a General Legal Agreement

In order to ensure the legality and formality of every agreement to be made, there are a few essential information that are needed to be included. Refer to the following below for the common parts that compose a general agreement form.

  • The date of when the agreement is made
  • The date of when the agreement shall take effect
  • The names of the two parties or entities making an agreement
  • The name and signature of the witnesses from both parties (at least one)
  • The specifications and different statements of the agreement
  • The state of where the law is enforced

Though agreements may vary, all agreements often contain the following information such as the ones above.

Sample Legal Agreement in Businesses

Joint Venture Agreement Form

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In such cases wherein there are two companies who wish to obtain a project, an agreement could be made between them to avoid rivalry. Therefore, the appropriate agreement to be used in this case is a joint venture agreement form. In this agreement form, the following below are needed to be specified for both parties to be aware of.

  • The date of when the agreement is made
  • The entity type and state of incorporation or formation of the first party
  • The entity type and the state of incorporation form of the second party
  • The specification of what both parties do or what their businesses are
  • The specifications of the mutual covenants, promises, warranties, and other good and valuable consideration
  • The name and address of what business or project both parties have agreed to work on
  • The description or specification in detail with regards to the purpose of the joint venture of two parties
  • The specifications of the contributions of both parties, such as financial or business budget, equipment, other value that could be contributed for the project accomplishments
  • The specified proportion or distribution of profits that both parties shall obtain or receive
  • The terms and structures of management including the procedures of appointing or selecting managers
  • The agreement term or duration of the effectivity of the agreement
  • The confidentiality of the agreement, and that no information shall be disclosed without the express written consent of the other party
  • The rights or obligations of both parties
  • The state of where the law shall be construed in accordance with and governed in all respects
  • The affixed signatures from both parties

Thus, utilizing this agreement for joint venture could allow two parties to collaborate without formality and commitment to form a business partnership. Nevertheless, these joint ventures are considered as opportunities to form a short-term and single purpose partnership without much of liabilities.

Legal Partnership Agreement Form

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By referring to the sample form above, this kind of agreement is usually made between two people, making an agreement to be partners in administering a certain business. In this partnership agreement, there are few important matters that are specified for both people to be conscious about, such as the following:

  • The partnership name and their common purpose
  • The address or place of their business
  • The partnership term or duration
  • The partners’ capital accounts and contributions for both cash or non-cash
  • The division and distribution of profits and losses for both parties
  • The partners’ income accounts, salary and drawings, and bank accounts
  • The specified terms and agreement in cases for the partner’s withdrawal, retirement, and death
  • The names and signatures of the witnesses from both parties

You may download and refer to the sample form provided for you above for a detailed information of what this legal partnership form contains.

Trademark License Agreement Form

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This kind of agreement is made between two entities who are in some kind of negotiation regarding the usage of a trademark owned by the other. This agreement is used to specify the licensee’s ability to manufacture, market, and distribute the licensed products. In addition, this is also made under the power and authority of the licensor or the owner of the trademark. Thus, a license grant is given and is specified in the trademark license agreement form. Further below are the inclusions of these kinds of agreement.

  • The name and address of both entities (such as the licensor and the licensee)
  • The specifications of the license grant
  • The length of term for the agreement
  • The compensation in consideration for the licenses granted
  • The audit or inspection of the licensee’s books and records, as well as the other documents or materials possessed by the licensee
  • The description of the warranties and obligations for both parties
  • The legal notices, quality control, and samples
  • The patents, trademarks, and copyrights that the licensee had agreed to not acquire any rights with
  • The termination and expiration of the contract agreement
  • The names and titles of the representatives from both parties
  • The date of when both had signed the agreement

For a more detailed information of this agreement form, download this sample for trademark license agreement form.

Sample Legal Agreement for Employees

Performance Agreement and Evaluation Form

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This kind of agreement is basically made between the employer and the employee. Thus, this performance agreement and evaluation form sample is utilized to highlight the main commitments and the results that are achieved by the employees. The information that are needed in order to complete the form are as follows:

  • The personal information of the employee such as the name and the position or title
  • The policy and program results that are based on the business plans
  • The management results that are based on the set out conditions for good management
  • The leadership results that serve as a benchmark for expected performance of all
  • The corporate results that will be identified on an annual basis and evaluated based on the collective contribution
  • The commitments, the performance measures, and the results achieved under the different sections or categories of results
  • The narrative on the different commitments and results achieved

All these information indicated in this performance agreement form basically serve as a guide for the applicants or employees during their employment contract.

Confidentiality Agreement Form

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The form sample provided above is a basic example for an agreement made between a staff and an agency. Thus, it is specified in the form that the staff have read and understood the agency’s privacy policy, and that he or she has no doubt and agrees with any statement of it. This includes the non-disclosure agreement of any confidential information of any client, employee, and the business of the agency. In the form, it is expected to see the following information:

  • The staff’s name
  • The staff’s signature
  • The witness in behalf of the staff
  • The date of when the staff signed the confidentiality agreement form

Sample Legal Agreement For Events

Catering Services Contract Agreement Form

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For any occasion or event, one of the main important thing is the food service. Sometimes, you can never be sure of the number of people who will be attending the event. Therefore, one kind of an agreement that you could make to ensure that everyone is catered is the catering services contract agreement form. The following information that are often needed to complete the agreement form and to have a clear understanding between the two parties are as follows:

  • The information of the catering company
    • the name of the company representative
    • the company name and the address
    • the email address and contact for office, residence, and mobile number of the company

These information will serve as the basis for the employees, most especially when they have some clarifications.

  • The details of the event that are provided to the catering company
    • the date of when the event will be held
    • the type of the services that is requested by the event organizers
    • the specific or exact call time and the food serving time
    • the venue of where the event will be held
    • the number of guests or attendees of the event
    • the closing time
    • the occasion or the event that will be held

These information will serve as the catering company’s guide with regards to the event registration information that will be held. And that these information help them be aware of what time should the food be served.

Other information needed:

  • The specifications of the menu that should be served in the event (the soup, appetizers, salad, main entree, rice, desserts, and beverages)
  • The specifications of the color motif or theme for the event
  • Other instructions and special requirements
  • The computation for the total cash layout
  • The payment details for the reservation fee, down payment, and balance payment (payment receipt must be demanded every after the payment is made)
  • The signature and date signed by the president or general manager of the catering company
  • The signature and date signed by the client

Wedding Service Agreement Form

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For wedding events, the sample form above is an example of an agreement form that you could utilize to ensure that your once-in-a-lifetime day will go according to what you have planned. Thus, this agreement for wedding services specifies the package offer that you wish to avail on our wedding day. For the completion of the form, the following information below must be provided:

  • The bride and groom’s name or the booking client
  • The exact address including the city, state, and zip code
  • The contact information and email address
  • The date and time of the wedding ceremony
  • The site for the ceremony
  • The site for the reception
  • The base packages that are offered including their photography order
  • The list of specific add-ons to the package requested by the client
  • The payments made (deposit amount, the balance, and the date of when each payment has been made)

With all the necessary information provided in the form, the wedding services provider or the company can guarantee that their clients (bride and groom) will be celebrating the most memorable event in their lives perfectly. This is ensured by the company as they provide the exact or expected preferences of their clients. Yet the clients will have to give their affirmation that they have read all the terms and conditions set by the company for them and their event. By doing this, the client’s signature should be affixed in the form provided, together with the date of when they have signed the service agreement form. Moreover, in order for the company to ensure that clients are well satisfied with the services that they have offered, they would often ask for the clients’ feedback. Included in this feedback is a question with regards to what is/are the source/s where the clients have heard about their company and services.

Sponsorship Agreement Form

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The form provided above is an example of a sponsorship agreement which is often utilized when there is some kind of event that is sponsored by someone or an entity. Thus, the agreement specifies the terms and conditions that are made between the two parties. In addition, the sponsors are given certain rights or benefits depending on their level of sponsorship. Basically, the common information that should be included in the form are the following:

  • The date of when the agreement is made
  • The information of the sponsoring company
  • The information of the person, event, or company being sponsored
  • The specifications of the terms of agreement
  • The affixed signatures and date signed by both the sponsor and the recipient of the sponsorship

In order for the sponsoring company or sponsor/s to be able to provide the needs of the recipient, all required information and documents should be provided and submitted accordingly. Thus, an event sponsorship proposal must be incorporated with valid purposes of why sponsors are indeed needed.

Sample Legal Agreement for Child Care

Child Care Agreement Form

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For those parents who always find themselves preoccupied with a lot of things both from work and home, this child care agreement would be a great help to lessen their worries or troubles. This simple agreement is utilized as a basis for both the parents and the care provider. Thus, the form should be incorporated with the following information:

  • The care provider’s name
  • The parent/s’ name
  • The child’s name
  • The number of hours and days that the care will be provided
  • The duration or term of the agreement
  • The specified rate per hour and the basis for the payment (either daily, weekly, bimonthly, or monthly)
  • The fees that are included (such as breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and transportation)
  • The specifications of the terms and agreement, the rights and limitations of the care provider
  • The date of when the agreement shall take effect
  • The signatures of both the parent/s and the care provider

The following above are the common information that are often included in the child care agreement. The specification of agreement depends on what the parents want for their children. As for the provider, he or she may offer or suggest some child care services that he or she thinks the parent/s and children need. You may also see child support agreement form samples.

Parent-Provider Child Care Agreement Form

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This sample form above is another example of which an agreement is made between the parents and the care provider to take good care of the child for the meantime. Thus, in this agreement form, the rights and responsibilities in the ongoing care agreements for the child are specified clearly. Nevertheless, the following information below should be found in the form:

  • The name of the child
  • The date of when the child was born
  • The name, address, and contact number of the parent/s or guardian
  • The name, address, and contact number of the care provider
  • The specifications of the standards of care
  • The specifications of the fees, vacations, sick days, holidays, and paid time off for care provider
  • The trial period given by the parents to the provider
  • The details or specification of when the agreement for care shall be terminated
  • The terms of agreement that both parties should take heed of
  • The signature and date signed by the parent or the guardian
  • The signature and date signed by the care provider

At the end of the term of child care agreement, the parent/s or guardian may complete a child care evaluation to ensure that the services provided are sufficient to the child or children’s needs.

Parent-Provider Transportation Agreement Form

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Legal Service Agreement Form

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Another example of an agreement of which parents could utilize for their child or children is the transportation contract agreement sample form above. Thus, the form specifies the conditions that the parents have set for the care provider. Found in the form are the following information:

  • The child care program
  • The name of the parent/s who is/are giving his or her permission
  • The name of the care provider who is permitted by the parent/s
  • The name/s of the child or children who are under the care of the provider
  • The event/s, reason/s, or purposes of why the child or children should be transported
  • The specifications and statements of the agreement
  • The signature of the parent/s or guardian/s
  • The signature of the care provider, head or the director of the child care program
  • The complete provision of these information in the agreement form will help the care provider ensure that you get quality child care services for your child or children.

Basic Tips for Legal Agreement Forms

An agreement is a negotiation made between two parties. By means of negotiation, it is understood that both have agreed on each term, condition, and statement that are written in the agreement form. Therefore, it is important that both parties see to it that they are aware of these following tips and general statements.

1. The agreement should be discussed accordingly and appropriately.

2. Both parties should be aware of their responsibilities and obligations as they become part of the agreement.

3. Any clarifications should be made first before the signing takes place.

4. The date of when the agreement shall take effect should be specified in the form.

5. Renegotiation could be made between the two parties, as discussed and agreed by both.

6. The information of the agreement terms and conditions should not be discussed or disclosed to a third party, unless permitted or consented by the other party.

7. Both parties should be aware that some of their properties and/or confidential report information might be disclosed to each other.

8. All terms and conditions must be taken heed of, otherwise, the agreement will be terminated.

9. All information shall be written in the ample spaces provided in the form.

10. For any event of a dispute wherein both parties cannot resolve, both should agree to refer the matter to an arbitrator or any independent person who is officially appointed to settle or resolve a dispute.

11. Both parties should agree to indemnify the other against any claims arising from the infringement of the agreement caused by the other party.

12. Both parties should be informed whenever there are changes that are or should be made in the contract agreement form.

13. Upon signing the agreement form, it is understood that both have read and agreed on whatever is written in the agreement.

These are few of the basic tips for an effective agreement with another. Take time as you go over each statement in order to be guided. You may also go through the sample forms that are provided for you in this article. And for more detailed information, you could also refer to the contract agreement forms in PDF.

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