Personnel management is one of the most important thing that a business organization should ensure of. This is to make sure that each and every employee or personnel is kept monitored, in terms of their performances. Yet, the performance appraisal of an individual employee is not basically with regards to his or her skills in getting the job done but also based on his or her tardiness and willingness to report for work. One thing that could be utilized in making sure that each employee’s sign in and out for work are tracked is the employee time sheet form.

Employee Time Record Template

Employee Time Sheet Template

The Uses of Employee Time Sheet Forms

These time tracking sheet forms are mainly used as the basis of the following:

  • The number of hours that the individual employee has worked
  • The number of hours for the overtime
  • The employee who was on duty at that time when some circumstances are encountered, such as incident reports, customer complaints, etc.)
  • The employees who reported for work on that particular day
  • The employees who have made absences for three or more consecutive days (this is checked when the daily time sheets are compiled and compared)
  • The employees who have lots of tardiness

These are the few things that we could derive from using the employee time sheet. This is only used to track the time of when the employee times in and out, not the performance. Now, in order to track of the employee’s performance, you need to require them to submit their daily reports at the end of the day. By doing this, you can make sure who among the employees are performing their job accordingly during working hours and who among them are not.

Employee Work Schedule Template

Employee Daily Sign In Sheet Template

In completing the form, you only need a few basic information for your employee time sheets. These are the following:

  • The current date (month, day, and year)
  • The list of names of the employees
  • The time in and time out of each
  • The signature of each employee for timing in (start of shift) and for timing out (end of shift)
  • The remarks or comments (if there are any, such as on leave or absent)
  • The signature of the supervisor at the end of the day

These are just few of the following information that are often necessary to be included in the form. If in case that the employee forgets to time in, he or she is marked absent, unless there is a valid reason that the business management considers.

Employee Sign In Sign Out Sheet Template

The behavior of an employee who is always late or absent for work should not be tolerated. The reason for this is because his or her job is going to be affected, by causing delays in performing his or her job. This would also result to low productivity for his or her daily report. Therefore, there should be appropriate disciplinary actions to be implemented in correcting this poor behavior. Review each of these samples for employee time sheet forms to make sure that you know what these are for and what should be included in it.

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