In every company or any organization, it is mandatory for each and every member to be oriented with what the organization or company is all about, what they do, and what their goals, purposes, and policies are. All these information are projected in a form of a handbook or a manual. This is in order for each and everyone to be oriented with the practices that are done or made in the organization. Therefore, the business management sees to it that all members or employees are aware of the things that they are supposed to be reminded of.

Acknowledgment of Modified Terms Template

acknowledgement of modified terms template

Acknowledgment of Obligations Form Template

acknowledgement of obligations form template

Basic Manual Acknowledgement Form

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Employee Manual Receipt Acknowledgement

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What Is in an Employee Manual?

  • The safety precautions and safety measures that are needed to be taken note of before, during, and after work.
  • The step-by-step processes and/or the procedures in undertaking a particular task. This is in order to make sure that each employee produces a high quality product output by the end of the day.
  • The rules and regulations to be taken heed of during the business operations. This ensures that employees are responsible enough to follow these when they are within the premises of the company.
  • The instructions in using the different equipment issued by the company.  This is to avoid accidents or any defects to these equipment or machines used in everyday operation.
  • The step-by-step process for risk assessment to prevent any distraction of the company and its people. Thus, preventive actions are included in the manual.
  • The guidelines when different circumstances, such as chemical contact or any hazard reports, natural disasters, and other emergencies are encountered.
  • The company policies with regards to the equipment damages made in the company, and the specifications of the contract agreement and consequences when a situation like this arrives.
  • The guide in utilizing the different business forms or those HR forms used by employees (such forms for leave application, employee suggestions, and other employee forms) that can only be utilized during their employment.

These are just few of the information that are included in the manual or handbook issued for each and every employee. These are often provided for the individual employee upon the start date of their work in the company. This is for the reason that employees are mandatory to undergo an orientation with regards to the company practices and policies as they become part of it. You can also see employee promotion forms.

Importance of Employee Manual Acknowledgment Forms

These employee manual acknowledgment forms are basically utilized for the following:

  • To ensure that employees are oriented with the company or organization’s policy reviews, rules, regulations, etc.
  • To certify that employees have fully understood everything written in the manual and that there are no employee complaints or violent reactions with regards to it.
  • To make sure that the management did not fail to orient their employees with this important matter.
  • To have a basis that employees agreed to the standards set by the company for them.

Manual Policy Acknowledgment Form

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Wrapping it all up, these manuals or handbooks of the company are fundamentally presented and well-explained to the employees. These basically become their guide during their employment in the company. And in order to make sure that everything is clear between the business management and the employees, the signatures from both parties should be affixed in the acknowledgment form that certifies the mutual understanding between the two.

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