employee termination checklist

A company who wishes to terminate an employee must have a basis to refer to. This is for the reason that the business management cannot just terminate an employee without a valid reason. Therefore, there should a step-by-step process that needs to be taken heed of. Otherwise, the termination would be left unjustified. And it would be too unfair for the employees if there are not enough basis for this kind of termination. Thus, a checklist for the employee termination must be utilized. Here in this article, you will find few form sample templates for termination checklist. You may download the form(s) that you find useful or helpful for your needs.

Employee Termination Meeting Checklist

employee termination meeting checklist

Termination Checklist for Employees

termination checklist for employees

The Step-by-Step Process for Employee Termination

The checklist for employee termination is basically a guide for the management, particularly the human resource department. This is to make sure that all the required steps in terminating an employee is being done. Technically, this checklist helps the company to keep their management system formal. Here below is a list of what you should include in the termination checklist, in no particular order:

  • Notification of the human resource department.
  • Utilize an employee termination checklist to be guided with the process.
  • Conduct a meeting with the managers or the supervisors in order to talk about the issue.
  • Ask for an employee feedback regarding the management and during his or her stay at the company.
  • The documents submitted by the employee to be compiled in his or her personal file.
  • Conduct an exit interview with the employee to further understand the reason behind the poor performance or the reason behind the intolerable act/s committed such as violation of company rules and regulation.
  • Cancel or disable all the accounts used by the employee during his or her stay in the company. This is to make sure that he or she cannot access them anymore.
  • Provide an employee clearance form in order to make sure that the employee is cleared from the different departments. And that he or she has returned all the equipment issued by the company during his or her employment contract period. Also, by means of this, the damages made or committed by the employee can be paid.
  • Paying out of employee or worker’s compensation/s to make sure that the employee is paid accordingly and has no more balance to pay in the company.
  • Assign an employee as a replacement for those who have recently been terminated. This is to make sure that your business operation continues, and that you will not lose any customers or clients.
  • Have the terminated employee sign every document that is required to be submitted, such as the clearance form, the exit interview, and the payment for compensation.

Employee Termination Checklist Template

employee termination checklist template


Fillable Employment Termination Checklist

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Sample Employee Termination Checklist

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These are the main things that should be written or included in the checklist. Make sure that you do not forget to obtain this form during the termination process because this serves as your master list. Another thing that you should be reminded of is that you have to be professional in handling different kinds of employee termination. Ensure that you and the terminating employee are in good terms. Also see to it that he or she understands the reason(s) why the termination of his employment status is necessary.

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