what is employee feedback form

Feedback can be very helpful, especially for companies and organizations that need to know the quality of the service that they provide. A good example would be through these use of training feedback wherein the participants of the training rate the different aspects of the session.

But the kind of feedback that benefits businesses the most is feedback regarding their own customers. Customer feedback can help businesses understand more on what their customers want. If a company were to receive the results of a design feedback form which was based on how well a customer was provided with a particular logo design, they can use these results to help them know what could be improved or what was satisfactory.

How to Write Employee Feedback Forms

If one needs to write up any Employee Feedback Forms, then the following information must be included:

  • Name of the employee
  • Employee’s position and department
  • Name of the supervisor
  • Supervisor’s job title
  • Date of when the employee started
  • Date of when the feedback was made
  • A proper rating system
  • Qualities of the employee to be rated
  • Comments on the areas the employee must develop more on

So in the event that you would like to write any employee feedback forms, be sure that all information above is included to ensure that your feedback form can be properly accepted.

What Is an Employee Performance Feedback?

Employee performance feedback is something that is done by every employer in which they assess how well their employees are in terms of handling the responsibilities of their respective positions. Every different position has its own goal, which is why these forms help see whether or not these employees are meeting the desired goals.

It is very similar to using Interview Feedback Forms in the sense that both look into the information gathered to see whether the person is fit for the position, or requires further development.

Why Is Employee Feedback Important?

When employees receive the results of their feedback, then it is an opportunity for them to learn about all of their strengths and weaknesses. By knowing these, the employee can understand which of their aspects have a quality that they must keep consistent, as well as knowing what their problems are and make solutions that can solve them.

These feedback forms can also help employees see the goals that they must achieve. These goals are another opportunity in which the employee may ask for advice from their supervisors on how to achieve them,  thus forming a stronger relationship between both the employee and the superior.

What are the Guidelines of an Employee Feedback Form?

If you would like to make use of forms such as any of the Sample Client Feedback Forms wherein you assess how employees are able to provide their service, then follow these guidelines:

  • When providing feedback with these forms, properly state the purpose of the feedback.
  • If the employee has issues, use these forms to address them as soon as possible.
  • When praising your employee for certain achievements, do so in a manner which shows praise regarding how they achieved it.
  • When addressing an issue the employee has, be sure to also offer solutions to let the employee know that you actively care.
  • Make sure that you end the feedback form with something positive. By letting an employee know about the positives, it gives the employee confidence which may just push them to achieve better results.

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