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As humans, we are often time better in improving our performance or actions by simply receiving comments and suggestions as to how we should approach the task we are performing which will often time aid us in our goal of self-improvement. There are a number of different ways to provide comments, but the most common ways are either by means of providing feedback through feedback forms, or the usage of complaints through complaint forms.

Now, the reason for requiring someone to use either a feedback form or a complaint form when submitting their comment would be to allow a written account of the actual comment as well as a means of reviewing the comment over and over to confirm its meaning. Another reason why anyone would use these types of a document would be that it can be used as a type of evidence in certain cases and issues.

What is Feedback?

Feedback can be determined as a type of response to a certain request made by a person to another person that would typically be used as a means of motivating or evaluating the self-esteem of the person. This is to ensure that they will be able to manage and maintain their productivity when it comes to working. Feedback is often completed on specialized forms called feedback forms.

Feedback is often classified as two types, these types being positive feedback and negative feedback. Positive feedback is a type of feedback that is commonly considered as a compliment to the performance of the person. On the other hand, negative feedback is a type of feedback that is typically associated with the term criticism.

This is because negative feedback is a type of feedback that is typically used as a means of correcting the action of a person to allow them to become more productive. A great example of a feedback is an employee feedback form where the purpose of the employee feedback form would be to provide comments regarding an employee’s productivity in regards with their assigned task.

What are Complaints?

Complaints are often classified as a type of disagreement between two parties typically due to the fact that one party has either created, acted or said something that offends the other party in some way. This is typically in direct relation to an argument in the sense that a complaint does relate to an argument by means of showing discontent over the actions of another person.

A complaint is typically associated with certain legal issues due to the fact that complaints are often filed against organizations or other people of higher or similar ranking. This is because complaints are only most often made between an organization and a person.

One example of this would be a hotel complaint form where the purpose of the complaint form would be to issue a protest against the hotel for any number of reasons such as poor customer service, rooms are in bad conditions or for any other number of reasons. By filling out this form, you are able to convey your dissatisfaction to the management.

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