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Hotels are establishments where events and occasions can be held, and where the guests of an event can stay in for the night in order for them to have a well-accommodated rest during the period of the event. It is essential that the hotel guests are able to receive the perfect treatment during their stay and they will be able to use the amenities of the hotel. And regardless if a guest is happy with his stay or not, a hotel feedback form must be offered by the hotel staff. This document allows the guest to give out his thoughts and opinions of either how the hotel can improve their services or what the hotel’s best assets are.

Hotel Customer Feedback Form

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What Is a Hotel Feedback Evaluation Form?

A hotel feedback evaluation form is a document which is handed to the guests and clients of a hotel establishment. This simple document is essential to be filled out by the guests especially if there are any concerns and issues that he faced during his stay at the hotel’s premises. By presenting the feedback evaluation form to the guests, the hotel staff and the business itself is implying that they see the guests’ thoughts with great value for them to achieve their business success. However, if the guest prefers to not fulfill the request of the hotel to provide a feedback, the staff must not insist and let the guest leave or continue with his stay. This protocol will prove the hotel’s respect towards their guests even if the guests are not that participative towards the hotel’s feedback gathering procedure.

Hotel Conference Meeting Event Evaluation Form

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Why Are Hotel Feedback Evaluation Forms Important?

Hotel feedback evaluation forms are important to be used because it is a document that records and opens a communication bridge between the hotel guests or clients to the hotel establishment and the staff running the hotel’s business operation. Other reasons why this form is important are enlisted below:

  • Helps in marketing the hotel. If a guest is able to send a positive feedback to the hotel, it is more likely that he will be spreading the news to his colleagues and friends about the hotel. This will then help the hotel a boost in their market especially if the guest’s feedbacks were posted on the hotel’s website and in other advertising materials of the hotel. Moreover, a hotel feedback evaluation form can also be formatted with designs of the hotel’s brand logos and their sponsors. This will then be another tactic which promotes the exposure of the brand and their association with the hotel where the guest had a great stay.
  • Determines the public’s perception regarding the hotel. In most events held inside hotels, the guests do not stay and book rooms in the premises, however, their feedbacks are all still significant. By giving out feedback forms at the end of the event or at the reception area of the hotel, the guests will be able to speak out about their experiences and how the hotel must have done to conduct a better event. The hotel’s public perception is essential for the success of the hotel. Nevertheless, the hotel must not only focus on gathering the feedback of their clients and guests but also from their staff members and hotel employee or workers. The feedback of the staff often focuses on the benefits that they acquire and the salary that they receive working in the hotel as well as how the management treats them in their individual job roles. In the event that the hotel staff and employees have given out a positive feedback, the hotel can expect that they will be fragrant in the noses of potential job candidates that will play a role in their business’ success in the future.
  • To build customer and client loyalty. Building loyalty to any person, especially customers and clients, is not an easy task to accomplish. This is due to the factor that people are built to trust only those that they have been influenced into whether it’s their friends, ancestors, or the rest of the society. Also, in the hotel business industry, a lot of aspects will affect a hotel’s compatibility with a client since there are tons of different hotel establishments that offer various promotions and amenities. For instance, one hotel offers a discount of fifty percent to their clients while the other may not have offered yet has been known to have better services and luxurious rooms. Nonetheless, the decision depends on the client and he must clearly state in the hotel feedback evaluation form his thoughts about the hotel and whether or not he will be returning and booking for the hotel’s services in the future or not. By documenting the client’s preferences and views in the feedback form, the hotel will be able to have a guide of how they can serve the client better to acquire the client’s loyalty everytime he visits the location and plans to stay in a hotel.
  • Opens opportunities for business and service partnerships. In a feedback form, the user or the giver of the feedback is expected to give out thoughts and suggestions that will aid the hotel or the company. Although seldom, there are clients who provide referrals to other companies whom they deem are worth to supply services in the hotel. The suggestions, however, will remain as suggestions until the hotel board members and owners decide to take the leap. In addition, there are also clients who are business owners themselves and may end up giving a business proposal to the hotel management if they see the hotel’s potential in conducting business with them. This is why it is extremely significant to incorporate the hotel’s contact information below the feedback form to allow potential business partners have the phone and office details of the hotel.
  • Expand engagement to the people involved in the hotel. With the use of a hotel feedback evaluation form, the hotel is documenting the expanded range of feedback that they will be receiving from the customers, the staff, and even the business partners and sponsors.

Hotel Feedback Form Sample in DOC

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Format to Use for Hotel Feedback Evaluation Forms

Although the aforementioned examples show only two different formats for the hotel feedback evaluation form varieties, there is another format that can be considered by hotel owners and feedback form document-preparers. This format is known as the spreadsheet format which is associated with different extension names such as “.XLS”, “.XLSX”, or “”.ODS”. Regardless of the extension names to be chosen by the maker of the form, it is still the same format which can be done with the use of a software application containing tables and formulas.

A hotel feedback evaluation form in this type of format allows the document-preparer to incorporate formulas which can compute the hotel’s overall rating from the feedback of the guest. Also, the form can be accompanied by codes and other functions which can allow the hotel management in immediately collecting the feedback of the guest with less hassle and with just a few clicks of a button using a computer.

Along with the aforementioned format, a hotel feedback evaluation form can also be made simple by using a word document format or “.DOC” and be converted or be created in a portable document file format or in “.PDF”. A form in “.PDF” format provides ample security to the hotel’s feedback form to not be tampered with or be changed by the person giving out the feedback or anyone who is using the form. On the other hand, a hotel feedback evaluation form is “.DOC” format allows the document-preparer to easily construct the feedback form since this type of format can be used with the simplest software applications that can open text-based documents.

Hotel Site Inspection Feedback Evaluation Form

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How to Create A Simple Yet Effective Hotel Feedback Evaluation Form

Creating a hotel feedback evaluation form requires the document-preparer to know and list what the hotel will be needing from their customers, guests, and clients. Also, the document-preparer should be aware of the hotel’s design preferences ranging from the color-scheme that the hotel aims for, and the layout that they want to be present in the document. After drafting what items to be included in the form and choosing the right theme layout for the hotel, the steps below can be followed by a document-preparer for him to be able to create the form effectively and with ease:

Step 1: Name the form and the details of the hotel business company.

The title or the name of the form should be located at the topmost portion of the document layout which will then be followed by the name of the hotel, their address, and their contact information. Other than the aforementioned details, the hotel’s fax number and electronic mailing addresses can also be included which will be beneficial for clients or guests whose main tool of communication is not through mobile phones or calling the hotel.

Step 2: State a thank you note for the guests or the person who will be using the feedback form.

The thank you note or gratitude statement is optional however is also important for sending a message to the users of the form that the time they spent in filling out the document is well-appreciated by the hotel management. In the thank you note, the hotel can also state that they are grateful for conducting business and servicing the client in the duration of an event or the vacation. Moreover, the thank you note can then be followed by a set of instructions that will help the user of the form how the document can be completed, where it must be sent after its completion, and what the ratings meant if the feedback form has an area where the user will be answering numbers to rate the hotel.

Step 3: Incorporate data entry fields for the gathering the information of the user.

The general information of the user or the person giving the feedback should be stated in the form. The reason for this is to ensure that the one giving the feedback is indeed associated with the hotel either a guest, a client or a staff member. The pieces of information to be disclosed in this section of the form will be for validating and verifying the identity of the feedback provider.

Step 4: Enlist questions with enough spaces for the answers of the person giving the feedback.

The questions to be enlisted in the feedback evaluation form should only focus on the services, goods, and the amenities of the hotel. In addition, if the feedback evaluation form is to address the thoughts of the guests in a hotel event, then the program of the event and other factors which are related to the event should be included as well. Nevertheless, the questions will depend on what the hotel wants to know from their guests and how they can improve their services. Additionally, questions can be accompanied by rating scales as well rather than blank spaces for the narratives and suggestions of the feedback provider which will then be totaled at the end of the form.

Step 5: Add an optional contact information section.

The main reason why a contact information section is optional is that not every client, guest, or any feedback provider wants to be reached out by the receiver of the feedback after they accomplish the feedback evaluation form. Also, the contact information of any individual must be kept private unless they give an informed consent to the one who will be using their information. In addition, there is also a common fear that the contact information disclosed in the feedback evaluation form will be used improperly by the staff of the hotel beyond the purposes of the hotel’s business.

With the aforementioned steps, a hotel will be able to have its own hotel feedback evaluation form in time for the opening of their hotel doors and the arrival of their guests. All completed feedback forms must also be kept in the archives of the hotel business and be documented properly.

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