what is a training feedback form

Using feedback forms are a great way for people to show exactly how they feel when it comes to any product or service that they encounter. While there may be many different types of products and services, it is important that they are given feedback so people are able to show what they are particularly satisfied with.

Which is why there are forms such as Customer Feedback Forms which can help businesses determine what needs improvement or what issues need to be fixed to please their customers. Feedback can also be given to not only see what parts of certain products and services must be improved on, but this can also be used to provide an assessment on a person’s qualities and skill level. And one of the forms that can do just that is through the use of training feedback forms.

What is a Training Feedback Form?

Training feedback forms are used by both the participants and the trainers to provide how they felt about certain aspects of the training session or program. These feedback forms can be used by the trainee to rate certain parts of the training, or the trainer to rate how well the participants of the training are performing. In any case, both can provide information which may be very beneficial.

The information provided with the feedback can help the organizers of the training take the necessary actions to ensure that their participants acquire the skills and knowledge that should be gained from the training. If you would like to know more about training feedback forms, then there are Training Feedback Form Examples that you may choose to view.

 How to Fill a Training Feedback Form

If one were to provide fill out a training feedback form, then the following information must be included:

  • Name of the trainee
  • Name of the trainer/s
  • The type of training session or program
  • Statement of the purpose of the training feedback
  • A proper rating system
  • Different aspects of the training that must be properly rated

If you would like to know more on how to fill up any training feedback forms, then there are many  samples of Training Feedback Forms which you can view to help you obtain the information you need.

Purpose and Benefits of Training Feedback

The point of providing training feedback is to ensure that the trainees are gaining something from the training session. It is very similar to using Employee Feedback Forms wherein you gather all information from specific people, and based off the information you are able to determine certain problems that these people have found.

A good example would be that the trainee has a problem with the way that the trainer is handling the other participants. Using these forms can easily correct these issues to improve the session for current and future participants.

These forms can also point out the positives of the training so that the organizers are able to constantly maintain the quality of those positive aspects.

10 Tips On Creating Training Evaluation Forms

  • Make the evaluation form short and simple
  • The questions must be related to the goals of the training session
  • Make questions about parts of the training that the participant think should be changed
  • Create response questions to give the participant an easier time
  • Close ended questions must remain at a minimum of three or maximum of five as to not confuse the participant.
  • Make a question which asks the participant an action they are willing to take to help you gain other participants.
  • Give them the opportunity to provide their specific comments by placing an open question.
  • The evaluation form must be completed only after the training
  • State that you would like honest feedback as it benefits both them and you.
  • Allow the participants to have an option to remain anonymous which can provide more truthful feedback.

These tips can also  be useful when creating Sample Customer Feedback Forms for when one requires the feedback on how a customer felt about a certain service provided.

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