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Embark on crafting the perfect Internship Recommendation Letter with our all-encompassing guide. This essential document plays a pivotal role in unlocking opportunities, serving as a testament to an intern’s skills, achievements, and suitability for future roles. Our SEO and NLP-friendly guide, enriched with examples, will walk you through creating a compelling Recommendation Letter that significantly boosts an intern’s prospects. Including tips for incorporating essential elements and tailoring your letter to serve as a powerful Job Recommendation Letter, this guide is your ultimate resource.

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What is an Internship Recommendation Letter?

An Internship Recommendation Letter is a document written by a mentor, manager, or academic professional endorsing an intern’s abilities, performance, and character. It’s crucial for advancing careers or further educational pursuits, providing insight into the intern’s potential, work ethic, and suitability for new opportunities. This letter bridges the gap between experience and aspiration, serving as a significant asset for interns stepping into the professional world or academic advancements.

Internship Recommendation Letter Format


Your Name
Your Position
City, State, Zip Code
Phone Number


Recipient’s Name
City, State, Zip Code


Dear [Recipient’s Name],


Introduce yourself and your relationship with the candidate. Mention how long you have known the candidate and in what capacity.


Professional Skills and Achievements

Detail the candidate’s relevant skills, work experiences, and professional achievements. Emphasize skills pertinent to the internship.

Personal Attributes

Describe the candidate’s personal attributes, such as reliability, creativity, and teamwork abilities. Provide examples.

Potential for Growth

Discuss the candidate’s potential for growth and how the internship aligns with their career aspirations.


Endorse the candidate for the internship. Summarize their strengths and potential contributions to the host organization.


[Your Name]

Sample Letter of Recommendation from Internship Supervisor PDF

Access a comprehensive Sample Letter of Recommendation from Internship Supervisor PDF that embodies a Personal Recommendation Letter nuances, tailored to spotlight an intern’s achievements and learning curve during the internship period. You also browse our Sample Letter

Internship Recommendation Letter Template

Our Internship Recommendation Letter Template is a versatile tool, providing a structured format that captures the essence of a Teacher Recommendation Letter, adaptable for any intern’s evaluation, emphasizing skills, performance, and potential. You also browse our Internship Appraisal Form

Recommendation Letter for Intern from Employer

Crafting a Recommendation Letter for Intern from Employer becomes straightforward with our guide. This document serves as a Recommendation Letter for Student, highlighting the intern’s contributions, skills, and how they’ve applied their academic knowledge professionally. You also browse our Cover Letter for Internship.

Letter of Recommendation for Internship from Professor

This guide on creating a Letter of Recommendation for Internship from Professor mirrors the supportive nature of a Recommendation Letter for a Friend, focusing on the intern’s academic prowess, dedication, and suitability for professional growth. You also browse our Internship Review Form.

More Internship Recommendation Letter Samples

Internship Recommendation Letters – PDF

File Format
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Size: 48KB


Internship Recommendation Letter Example

File Format
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Size: 29KB


Internship recommendation letters vary according to the field that you’re in. They share the same purpose in describing why the student should be accepted into the company. Here we will look at some of the types of internship recommendation letters. You also browse our MBA Recommendation Letter.

Engineering Internship Recommendation Letter

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 16KB


Engineering is a broad course so the content you put here will depend on the engineering course you’re teaching. For your sample letter, you will need to mention some of the soft skills that your student has such as their team spirit, willingness to take on projects, and time management. You also browse our Internship Evaluation Form.

Architecture Internship Recommendation Letter

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 48KB


For an architecture internship recommendation letter, you will need to list down the projects that the student has completed and any notable awards that they have achieved, especially if it’s a contest. You also browse our Internship Application Form

Medical Fild Internship Recommendation Letter

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 273KB


For this kind of internship recommendation letter, you need to inform the company of how long and in what capacity you have known the student who is applying. You also need to outline a detailed assessment of the student’s abilities and summarize why you recommend the student. You also browse our Internship Feedback Form

Graphic Design Internship Recommendation Letter

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 847KB


When making a graphic design internship recommendation letter, you need to state your student’s notable achievements as well as their skills in relation to the company’s job requirements. You also browse our Graduate School Recommendation Letter Document.

How do I write a letter of recommendation for an internship?

  1. Start with the Basics: Begin your Recommendation Letter Format by addressing the recipient properly, introducing yourself, and stating your relationship with the intern.
  2. Highlight Achievements: Discuss the intern’s key accomplishments, skills, and attributes, making sure to tailor these to the internship’s requirements.
  3. Use Specific Examples: Provide concrete examples of the intern’s work or projects to illustrate their capabilities.
  4. End with a Strong Endorsement: Conclude by reaffirming your recommendation and offering to provide further information if needed. You also browse our Sorority Recommendation Letter.

What documents are required for an internship?

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  1. Resume or CV: Outlines the candidate’s educational background, skills, and experience.
  2. Cover Letter: Expresses interest in the internship and highlights how the intern’s goals align with the program.
  3. Academic Transcripts: Shows the student’s academic performance.
  4. Recommendation Letters: Including a Student Recommendation Letter, these documents vouch for the candidate’s abilities and character.

Why do internships ask for references?

  1. Verify Information: To confirm the accuracy of the information provided by the applicant.
  2. Assess Qualifications: References provide insights into the candidate’s skills and qualifications.
  3. Evaluate Character: Through a Character Reference for Court Recommendation Letter or similar, references can attest to the applicant’s personal qualities.
  4. Predict Performance: Past behavior is often a good indicator of future performance in a professional setting. You also browse our Physician Assistant Recommendation Letter

How do you write a conclusion and recommendation for an internship report?

  1. Summarize Experience: Recap your internship experience, focusing on what you learned and achieved.
  2. Evaluate Learning: Discuss how the internship contributed to your professional growth.
  3. Provide Recommendations: Offer suggestions for future interns or program improvements.
  4. Express Gratitude: Conclude with a Thank You for a Recommendation Letter or acknowledgment to those who guided you during your internship.

Is recommendation letter important for an internship?

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  1. Provides Credibility: A Recommendation Letter for Scholarship or internship adds authenticity to your application.
  2. Showcases Your Background: It presents your previous accomplishments and work ethic.
  3. Personal Endorsement: Acts as a personal endorsement of your skills and character.
  4. Sets You Apart: A strong letter can distinguish you from other candidates. You also browse our Internship Report Form.

How do you write a strong letter of recommendation?

  1. Know the Recipient: Understand the purpose of the letter, whether it’s a Medical School Recommendation Letter or another type.
  2. Personalize the Letter: Tailor it to highlight the applicant’s strengths relevant to the opportunity.
  3. Be Specific: Use specific instances and achievements to illustrate the candidate’s abilities.
  4. Conclude Positively: End with a strong statement of recommendation and offer to provide more details if necessary.

How do you write a letter of recommendation for a student?

  1. Introduction: Begin by stating your relationship with the student and the length of time you’ve known them.
  2. Academic Achievements: Highlight the student’s academic accomplishments and potential for success in higher education.
  3. Personal Qualities: Mention personal qualities that make the student a good candidate for the program, such as a Character Reference for Immigration Recommendation Letter.
  4. Conclusive Endorsement: Finish with a strong endorsement of the student’s candidacy and your contact information for follow-up questions. You also browse our Registered Nurse Recommendation Letter.

Do internships require recommendations?

Yes, many internships require recommendations to understand an applicant’s work ethic and capabilities. A Cooking Recommendation Letter could showcase skills relevant to culinary internships.

Should I ask for a letter of recommendation at the end of an internship?

Absolutely. Requesting a letter at the end of an internship capitalizes on your recent contributions and positive relationships, similar to securing a Tenant Recommendation Letter after a satisfactory lease term.

How do you start a good letter of recommendation?

Start with a personal greeting and a compelling opening line that immediately states your enthusiastic endorsement, akin to the impactful introduction in a Law School Recommendation Letter.

Who should you not ask for a letter of recommendation?

Avoid asking relatives, friends, or anyone unfamiliar with your work ethic or achievements. It’s similar to omitting a casual acquaintance from a Military Letter of Recommendation.

Do internships actually call references?

Yes, many internships call references to verify the information provided and gain further insight into the candidate’s performance, similar to the verification process in a Military Recommendation Letter Form.

Is it awkward to ask for a letter of recommendation?

It can feel awkward, but it’s a common practice. Approach it with the same professionalism as if requesting a Fraternity Recommendation Letter, by being polite and respectful.

What does a strong letter of recommendation look like?

A strong letter is detailed, personalized, and highlights specific achievements and characteristics, making the candidate stand out much like a Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter would in military contexts.

Crafting an Internship Recommendation Letter that resonates with potential employers or educators is an art. This guide, equipped with samples, forms, and insights, empowers you to write letters that highlight an intern’s best qualities and experiences. The ultimate aim is to pave the way for their professional journey, much like a Paralegal Recommendation Letter would do for someone in the legal field. By carefully selecting anecdotes and achievements, you create a compelling narrative that supports the intern’s aspirations and potential contributions.

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