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Organizations have to capture every detail pertaining to Employees at all point of time to limit their exposure to their liabilities towards employees. Exit Interview Forms helps the organization to achieve the same while an Employee his services with the organization. While Interview Evaluation Forms and Interview Questionnaire Forms track the details about employees when he joins the organization, Exit Interview Forms helps the Management track the details pertaining to Employees when they leave the organization. You may also see Interview Consent Forms.

What is Exit Interview Form?

An Exit Interview Form is a structured questionnaire used during the offboarding process of an employee. It aims to gather feedback about their experience working in the organization, reasons for leaving, and suggestions for improvement. This form typically includes questions about job satisfaction, workplace environment, management, and overall company culture. The insights gained are valuable for identifying areas of improvement and enhancing employee retention strategies. You may also be interested in our best forms.

What is the best Sample Exit Interview Form?

The best Sample Exit Interview Form effectively combines comprehensive questions with a user-friendly format to gather insightful feedback from departing employees.

Exit Interview Form

  • Employee Information

    • Name: ________________________
    • Position: _____________________
    • Department: ___________________
    • Date of Exit: _________________
  • Reason for Leaving

    • New Job Opportunity
    • Career Change
    • Relocation
    • Personal Reasons
    • Retirement
    • Other: _________________
  • Job Satisfaction

    • What aspects of your job did you find most satisfying?
    • What aspects of your job did you find least satisfying?
  • Work Environment and Culture

    • How would you describe the work environment and culture?
    • Any suggestions for improvement?
  • Management and Support

    • How effectively do you feel your supervisor managed and supported you?
    • Suggestions for management improvement:
  • Training and Development

    • Were the training and development resources adequate?
    • Suggestions for improvement:
  • Overall Experience

    • How would you rate your overall experience with the company?
    • What changes would have influenced your decision to stay?
  • Additional Comments

    • Please provide any additional comments or feedback:

Note: This form can be customized to suit specific organizational needs and ensure comprehensive feedback collection.

10+ Sample Exit Interview Forms in PDF | MS Word

Employee Exit Interview Form

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 110 KB


Exit Interview Form for Employee is a format that is issued by the Human Resource Department in the organizations to be filled in by Employees who are leaving the services of the same.

Exit Interview Questionnaire Form

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 150 KB


Exit Interview Questionnaire Form is a format that poses a set of questions to be asked to the Employee who is exiting the organization and his Manager relieving him from the services. You can also see Interview Evaluation Forms.

Free Student Exit Interview Form

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 71 KB


Student Exit Interview Form is a format that captures the students as well as the Teacher’s feedback at the time when the student exits from the education institution he is studying in.

Example of Exit Interview Checklist Form

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 6 KB


Exit Interview Checklist Form is a format that gives a checklist to be filled in the Employee who is exiting the organization. This needs to be filled in by the Managers also.

Job Exit Interview Form in Word Format

File Format
  • Doc

Size: 18 KB


Job Exit Interview Form is a format that has set of questions. This needs to be filled by the exit Employee as well as his Manager who is relieving him. You can also see Interview Questionnaire Forms.

Printable  Termination Exit Interview Form

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 49 KB


Termination Exit Interview Form is a format that captures the Employee and his Manager’s feedback about the employee who has been terminated from the services of the organization.

Sample Exit Interview Letter

File Format
  • Doc

Size: 9 KB


Sample Exit Interview Letter is a format that displays a sample Exit interview letter to be filled in at the time of exiting. It is a simple customizable Exit Interview format

Volunteer Exit Interview Form

File Format
  • Doc

Size: 179 KB


Volunteer Exit Interview Form is a format that captures a volunteer’s Exit Interview feedback. It is a simple format that can be customized by users to suit their needs

Staff Exit Interview Form in PDF

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 110 KB


Staff Exit Interview form is a format that needs to be filled in by the staff of an organization when they decide to leave the services of an organization.

Downloadable Transfer Exit Interview Form

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 146 KB


Transfer Exit Interview Form is a format that captures the exit interview feedback of Employees when they are transferred from one location to another within an organization for operational reasons

How to Use Exit Interview Form?

Exit Interview Forms must be used by organizations that track every happening in a qualitative manner. Exit Interviews Forms must be used by organizations to capture the feedback of employees who leave the organization. The feedback provided by them must be assessed by the Management to make improvements internally so they do not lose value adding employees who are real assets to the organization. Exit Interview Forms can also be used for ascertaining the attitude and approach of Managers toward people reporting to them. You can also see Interview Feedback Forms.

Who Benefits From Exit Interview Forms?

Right from the exit Employee or student to the Managers to whom the employee reports to, everyone benefits out of the Exit Interview Forms. The Management of every organization benefits out of Exit Interview Forms since they pave for assessing Managerial level people and paving way for future developments. Exit Interview Forms acts as legal and statutory requirements in cases that may be problematic and works in safeguarding the interests of the Employee as well as the organization. You may also see Interview Assessment Forms.

Exit Interview Forms are available for free download by organizations and HR Departments in organizations. Download these simple formats for free. Customize them to use them in your organization. Plug in your requirements so it becomes an important document for your organization limiting its liabilities towards exit employees.

What to include in an Exit Interview Form?

In an exit interview form, it’s important to include:

  1. Employee Information: Name, position, department, and duration of employment.
  2. Reasons for Leaving: Specific reasons for the employee’s departure, such as career advancement, personal reasons, or workplace dissatisfaction.
  3. Job Satisfaction: Questions about the employee’s satisfaction with their role, responsibilities, and the work environment.
  4. Management and Supervision: Feedback on the employee’s relationship with their manager and the management style.
  5. Training and Development: Insights into the effectiveness of training programs and opportunities for professional growth.
  6. Work Environment and Culture: Employee’s perspective on the company culture, work-life balance, and the overall work environment.
  7. Company Policies and Benefits: Opinions on company policies, benefits, and compensation.
  8. Suggestions for Improvement: Any recommendations the employee may have to improve the workplace or processes.
  9. Overall Experience: A general assessment of the employee’s overall experience with the company.
  10. Signature and Date: For validation of the information provided. You also browse our Exit Interview Questionnaire.

This form helps organizations understand the factors contributing to employee turnover and identify areas for improvement.

How to Document an Exit Interview?

An exit interview is a crucial process in the employee offboarding procedure. It provides valuable insights into the work environment, culture, and processes of an organization. Documenting an exit interview effectively is essential for leveraging this information to improve organizational practices and employee satisfaction. This guide outlines the steps to document an exit interview comprehensively.

Step 1: Prepare the Exit Interview Template

Create a Standardized Form

  • Develop a template that includes key areas such as reasons for leaving, job satisfaction, management feedback, and suggestions for improvement.
  • Ensure the form is structured to capture both qualitative and quantitative data.

Step 2: Conduct the Exit Interview

Choose the Right Environment

  • Conduct the interview in a private and comfortable setting to encourage openness.
  • Ensure the conversation is confidential to build trust.

Effective Questioning Techniques

  • Use open-ended questions to gather detailed feedback.
  • Avoid leading questions to ensure unbiased responses.

Step 3: Document Responses Accurately

Record Key Points

  • Note down significant comments and observations during the interview.
  • Focus on specific examples provided by the employee.

Maintain Objectivity

  • Document responses without personal bias or interpretation.
  • Capture the employee’s perspective accurately.

Step 4: Analyze the Information

Identify Patterns and Trends

  • Review multiple exit interviews to identify common themes.
  • Look for recurring issues or suggestions.

Evaluate Feedback

  • Assess the feedback in the context of the organization’s goals and culture.
  • Consider the potential impact of the feedback on current practices.

Step 5: Report Findings

Prepare a Summary Report

  • Compile the data into a comprehensive report.
  • Highlight key findings and possible areas for improvement.

Share with Relevant Stakeholders

  • Present the report to management and HR teams.
  • Ensure confidentiality of sensitive information.

Step 6: Implement Changes

Develop Action Plans

  • Based on the feedback, create strategies for improvement.
  • Set clear objectives and timelines for implementing changes.

Monitor Progress

  • Regularly review the impact of the changes made.
  • Adjust strategies as necessary based on ongoing feedback.

Documenting an exit interview effectively is a strategic tool for organizational growth and employee engagement. By following these steps, organizations can gain valuable insights, identify areas for improvement, and enhance their workplace environment. Remember, the key to a successful exit interview documentation lies in thorough preparation, effective communication, and actionable analysis. You should also take a look at our Company Exit Clearance Forms.

How do I conduct an Exit Interview?

1. Prepare in Advance

Before the interview, prepare a set of questions that cover various aspects of the employee’s experience. Tailor these questions to gather constructive feedback.

2. Create a Comfortable Environment

Ensure the interview setting is private and comfortable. This encourages openness and honesty.

3. Explain the Purpose

Begin by explaining the purpose of the exit interview. Emphasize that the goal is to gain insights for organizational improvement.

4. Ask Open-Ended Questions

Use open-ended questions to encourage detailed responses. Focus on the employee’s experience, reasons for leaving, and suggestions for improvement.

5. Listen Actively

Listen attentively to the employee’s feedback. Show empathy and understanding, especially if the feedback is critical.

6. Maintain Professionalism

Regardless of the reasons for departure, maintain a professional demeanor. Avoid defensive reactions to negative feedback.

7. Discuss Career Growth and Opportunities

Inquire about how the organization supported their career growth and areas where it could improve.

8. Seek Feedback on Management and Culture

Ask for their perspective on management effectiveness and company culture. This can provide valuable insights into areas needing improvement.

9. Address Specific Concerns

If the employee mentions specific issues, discuss these in detail to understand their impact.

10. Keep it Confidential

Assure the employee that their feedback will be kept confidential and used constructively.

11. Thank the Employee

Conclude by thanking the employee for their time and contributions to the organization.

12. Use the Feedback Constructively

After the interview, analyze the feedback for patterns or recurring issues and consider how to implement changes for improvement.

Conducting an effective exit interview can provide critical insights into your organization’s work environment and culture, helping to identify areas for growth and improvement. You can also see fillable blanks.

What are the Objectives of an Exit Interview?

Exit interviews aim to gather feedback, improve workplace culture, identify areas for improvement, and maintain positive alumni relations.

What is the Function of Exit Interview in HR?

In HR, exit interviews function to collect honest feedback, understand employee turnover reasons, and develop strategies for better retention. Our Exit Clearance Forms is also worth a look at.

Why is Exit Interview Form Important?

An exit interview form is crucial for systematically capturing departing employees’ insights, aiding in organizational growth and employee satisfaction enhancement.

What are the Top Tips for Exit Interviews?

Top tips include being prepared, encouraging honesty, focusing on improvement, maintaining professionalism, and using the feedback constructively. In addition, you should review our printable forms.

Who Benefits from an Exit Interview?

Both the organization and departing employees benefit from exit interviews through shared constructive feedback and insights for mutual growth and understanding.

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