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A termination is basically defined as bringing something to an end, such as a contract for some restaurant agreements. This could also mean dismissing or separating someone, particularly a worker or an employee from his or her employment. Either of these two common definitions, termination has never been easy for the supervisors, the human resource managers, or even to anyone who has the right to terminate a contract or a person. Yet, if there is a need for such termination, it should be done as soon as possible. This is in order to avoid the possible circumstances that could worsen the situation.A common example of this is when an employee has been working with poor performance at work. The manager should be able to warn this employee of what his current performance would result to. The number of warnings or notices that an employee should be given is no more than three. And if there is still no progress after these warnings/notices, the said employee could be terminated. Another factor that could lead a restaurant employee to an employment termination is the intolerable behavior or misconduct during work operations or when inside the company premises. In response to this or in order to resolve this, the management should implement the appropriate disciplinary actions for the employee.Refer below for further reasons that often result in employment termination:

  • In line with the poor performances of the employees at work are their attendances or absences, and tardiness.
  • The employee could be separated from his current department and be transferred to the other. This usually takes place when the employee is promoted, and/or transferred in order to replace an employee.
  • Another possible reason would be due to the company’s downsizing or staff reduction, and cost-cutting due to lack of profits or loss of a line of credit.
  • The company or the establishment is either shutting down to restructure, relocate, or protect itself from bankruptcy.
  • When the company is bought by another or if both companies have merged their establishments. This creates a great impact not just to the management, but also to the employees or the workforce.
  • Due to technological progress or advancement, the company may terminate or reduce their employees when their new technology or machine may drastically change the revenue that the company is making.

The following list above are often the common reasons why companies terminate the employment contract agreements. Moreover, there are two common types of termination: voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary termination is basically when the employee willfully or intentionally files and submits a resignation letter, whereas involuntary termination is when the management decides for the employee to be terminated for cause, depending on the circumstances. The decision for such termination could be final and can neither be modified nor be reversed.

Restaurant Employee Termination Letter


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Restaurant Employee Termination Form

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The Importance of Restaurant Termination Forms

Termination forms are not necessarily given to the employees or the person to whom the termination form is addressed to. Yet, to some companies or business entities, these are mandatory due to the following reasons:

  • In order for the management to have a basis, a proof, or an evidence that the employee is not eligible for employment.
  • For the restaurant management to be able to discuss the reasons why an employee should be terminated.
  • For the company to have a document or file in case of any legal issues that may arise, thus, ensuring the company’s protection.
  • To keep things formal in the management by obtaining the forms that are needed for the documentation of different confidential reports and information of the company.

Termination forms are not only designed to specify the termination of the contract for an employment agreement. This could also be used when terminating the following;

For the different kinds of restaurant agreement forms, the lease agreement is an example. The restaurant lease agreement is terminated if the restaurant management fails to comply with the requirements given by the lessor. Examples of these are the payments of the bills, the monthly rentals, and other miscellaneous fees. Another example is when a company has availed the catering services offered by the restaurant. The agreement form could be canceled by the client or the company. Yet upon cancellation, there are some consequences. These consequences are up to the restaurant manager on what he would want to specify in the agreement form. Moreover, the restaurant proposals, plans, or any scheme may also be terminated or rejected if the authorities or officials have found some illegal or unethical plans that the restaurant wishes to transpire, or if the owner of the restaurant had a number of criminal or misdemeanor records.

Restaurant Lease Termination Agreement

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Restaurant Termination Form in Word

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Informing the Employee about Termination

The following below are some basic tips that you may find helpful in informing the employee with regards to his or her termination. Take time to construe each statement provided.

Inform with a warning notice

First and foremost is that you need to inform the employee with regards to the matter (for instance, the poor performance) and inform what could this possibly result to (which is termination). Thus, informing the employee should come with a warning notice that serves as a corroboration of the matter.

Conduct performance evaluation

Conduct a performance review or evaluation within a specific period of time in order for the employee to improve his or her performance. This is done to give him or her a chance to improve and make progress. You could also conduct an employee observation in order to monitor the employee’s performances and behavior at work.

Review evaluation reports or results

Take the time to review or evaluate the results thoroughly and identify the areas that the employee is in need of improvements.

Discuss identified areas or factors needed for improvement

Once these areas or factors that are needed to be improved are identified, conduct a confidential meeting between you and the employee so that you could discuss these areas or factors, together with the results. It is an advantage that you inform the employee with regards to this matter because employees who are interested would really make it up to enhance and develop and grow together with the company. Thus, you will be able to identify who among your employees are committed to their job or work.

Reach out to your employees

If the employee’s performance assessment reports or results are low, give him or her another chance. This is in order for your employees to know that you do not just care about the business’s reputation but also each of them and their performances. Nevertheless, reaching out to your employees is done by knowing what are the factors that they find difficult. By doing this, you are able to know what you are to improve as an employer or trainer.

Decide for the final action

If in case that there are still no improvements and that multiple warnings or notices have already been given, conduct another meeting with the employee and confidentially discuss what decisions should be made. Such decisions could be the termination of employment.

Secure company properties from the employees

During the termination process, the employee is asked to return all the things or properties that are issued by the company during his or her employment.

Obtain the employee clearance form from the employees

The employee is asked to fill out an employee clearance form in order to ensure that the employee is cleared of any damages or any lost company’s properties. This also confirms that all company properties have been returned to the company.

Conduct an exit interview

After the employee has complied with the requirements for termination process, an exit interview is conducted. This interview also comes with a form that the employee is asked to fill out. This exit interview form could be with regards to what the management should improve in terms of their personnel management.

Discuss the confidentiality agreement

In addition, the confidentiality agreement with regards to the confidential files and reports of the company should be discussed and reviewed with the employee.

With all the discussions or meetings you conduct with the employee, make sure that you are straightforward or direct to the point. This is in order for your employees to know exactly what and how they will adjust to improve their current performance with the expected performance outcome or results.

Sample for Restaurant Termination Form

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Employee Termination Warning Notice

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Laying Off Restaurant Employees

A layoff is somehow similar to separation or termination—the involuntary type, to be specific. This could be announced by the manager to their selected employees, with or without a notice. Nevertheless, the decision for such layoff should be finalized after the management has undergone various of plannings and meetings with regards to the valid and justified reasons. The cause/s or reason/s behind laying off an employee is/are not necessarily due to the individual’s performance at work. Hence, this usually is the result of some circumstances that the company or the establishment has been facing. Examples are due to company’s bankruptcy, closure, restructure, relocation, cost-cutting, etc. On account of these common reasons, layoffs are often referred to a temporary separation of the employees from their current employment. Nevertheless, refer below for some tips that you could take note of when preparing termination layoff forms or letter for the employees.

Preparing Restaurant Termination Layoff Forms or Letters

It takes thorough plannings and discussions when you prepare for a layoff in your company. Hence, there are a few steps that you should be aware of. Therefore, refer to the following below in order to be guided.

Plan who to layoff

You need to plan carefully on who among your employees you need to layoff. Technically, those employees who make a great progress remain, whereas the employees who somehow do not make any differences are laid off.

Contact an attorney and/or lawyer 

It is mandatory for your management to have an attorney and/or lawyer to review your layoff intentions or plans. This is in order for you, your management, and your company to avoid the possible risks that are most likely to occur. Hence, it is necessary for you to know what are your rights and responsibilities, as well as your employees’.

Conduct a meeting with workforce

It is important that you conduct a meeting with your employees or workforce with regards to what circumstances the company has been facing. In this way, you will be able to gather some ideas from your employees and you will be open with all of them. This meeting will be a perfect timing or a good opportunity for you to discuss and explain the possible outcome (such as laying off some employees) which could result from the different circumstances. Thus, enabling each of your employees to understand the situation.

Have a formal announcement to all

When the decision is final, it is important that you keep your employees updated with regards to this important matter. Nevertheless, you have to get yourself ready for the different responses or reactions that each of your employees has.

Perform the layoff

In performing the layoff, have a talk with the selected employees individually. Provide a basis for the employee with regards to the reasons why each of them is being laid off from their employment. Make sure to discuss and explain this thoroughly in order to avoid an outrage of each employee. Better yet, provide them a good reference in order for them not to have a hard time in starting over or in looking for a new job.

Discuss the severance pay and benefits

Employees who are selected to be laid off are entitled to a severance pay which is often given during the discharge or dismissal of an employee from his or her employment. In addition to the severance pay are the benefits that the employee has, such as the remaining leave payment and other insurances. Thus, the date of when the employees could claim these should be specified.

Deal with the change

Welcome the change that resulted from the layoff. This is the only way you and your employees can get over with it. It is important that you meet with your employees to know what they think about the ways on how to embrace the change that both of you are facing.

Therefore in performing the layoff, you have to make sure that all these steps listed above are performed. These are in order for you to have an effective way to layoff employees, thus, making you achieve a win-win process wherein both the management and your employees have understood the situation.

The Parts of Restaurant Layoff Forms/Letters

Moreover, refer to the following below for the information that a layoff form or letter should be composed of:

  • The employee’s information
    • The employee’s full name
    • The employee’s job title or position
    • The department assigned or work location
    • The start and end date of employment, as specified in the employment contract
  • The layoff details of an employee
    • The date of when the form is given
    • The date of when the layoff goes into effect
    • The specification whether the layoff is a permanent termination or just a temporary layoff
    • The justified reasons why the company needs to layoff a number of employees
  • The pay and benefits that are receivable by the employees
    • The amount of the employee’s total severance pay
    • The other benefits that the employee is entitled to, such as the remaining leave payment, the health care benefits or insurances
    • The specific date of when the employees may claim their individual severance pay and other benefits payment
    • The number of days for how long shall the health care benefits and insurance will remain in effect
  • The valuable things or properties that are issued to the employees and are needed to be returned to the company
    • The list of company properties (examples are the vehicle keys, laptop or any gadgets, ID badge, etc.)
    • The given date or specific period of time to return all properties
  • The contact information of the human resource staff or anyone to contact in cases wherein the employees have some clarifications
    • The contact person’s name
    • The contact person’s job title or position
    • The contact number
  • The affirmation of the managers and the employee
    • The name and signature of the manager
    • The name and signature of the employee
    • The name and signature of the human resource manager

These are often the information that you usually see in a layoff form or letter, which can also be found on the termination forms for employment. One way for you to ensure that your employees do not divulge any confidential information that belongs to the company is by attaching the document or contract of the confidentiality agreement. This agreement is made sure to be signed by the employees during their employment period in the company.

Restaurant Termination Form in PDF

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Restaurant Unfair Dismissal Sample Form


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General Restaurant Employment Termination Form

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Basic Tips for Restaurant Termination/Layoff

Provided for you below are few of the tips that you may refer to when performing a restaurant termination or layoff. Take the time to peruse each statement and take note of what you need to add to your checklist.

  • Be sure to schedule the dates for your meetings or discussions with your employees and that they are always informed ahead of time.
  • You need to be professional in handling your employees with different personalities. Though each of them has different responses or reactions with regards to the termination or layoff, obtain your professionalism and handle each concern formally.
  • If in case that the employee is terminated due to his or her performance at work, make sure to discuss as you identify the areas or the factors that are needed for the employee to improve. This is in order for each individual to be aware of these.
  • Do not forget to inform your employees with regards to the termination and/or layoff. Always provide a memo or a warning notice to those employees whom it is addressed to.
  • In order for both the management and the employees engage themselves in an understanding connection, make sure that you create an effective communication. By doing this, you are able to reach out to your employees.
  • Ensure that you show your employees the basis or facts, and state the reasons why termination or layoff is necessary to be made.
  • Though your employees’ responses are not what you expect to hear, never raise your voice or tone. Remain calm and take time to listen.
  • Let the employees talk and have their say about the current situation and explain to them the whole situation afterward.
  • Be sure to follow the proper and legal process of terminating or laying off your employees. This is in order for you to avoid any legal issues that may arise.
  • Give some recommendations to the employees in order for them not to have a hard time looking for a job and for them to start over.
  • Ask some assistance from the people who could help you decide with your termination or layoff plans. Such people to approach are the lawyers and/or attorneys.
  • Make sure that all information or details that you need are noted using the restaurant termination form.
  • Allocate enough day and time for the plannings, meetings, and discussions for the termination and layoff process.
  • Do not be afraid to handle or deal with the changes that could result from the termination or layoff.

These are few of the basic and common tips that you could use when undertaking termination or layoff at the restaurant. Nevertheless, you may refer to the restaurant form templates for more samples for restaurant forms.

Summing it all up, termination is done either by voluntary or involuntary means. It is involuntary when the employee is laid off from his or her employment due to certain reasons. Thus, laying off is also known as a temporary discharge or dismissal of an employee from employment. On the other hand, voluntary termination is when an employee decides on his/her own, or by mutual agreement with the employer, to quit the company. Whether an employee is terminated or being laid off, or has resigned, the employee’s employment status is updated in the individual personnel action form.

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