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A growing business company would definitely need an influential write-up that advertises their business to its potential customers, clients, or its target market. Therefore, the business management should be able to know what they need to write on their business cover. Write-ups are often with regards to the distinction that the management proudly has. Technically, these are the information that makes them unique and different from the other businesses, which is particularly about what they offer to their potential customers or clients.

A write-up can be written by the management, an employee, a customer, or even by an anonymous person. This is for the reason that the write-ups are not only referred to the introduction or information that publicizes your business, but also the reviews that could break your business’s reputation. However, write-ups are not always about the criticisms from random people but are actually considered as constructive feedback that could help you and your business grow, as a means of receiving some random negative comments. You may also see sample employee warning notice forms.

Nevertheless, write-ups are more about the experiences of the individual during their stay at your business company. Either they have purchased some of your goods or products, and/or by availing some services that you offer to them. Further below are pieces of information that could help you better understand what write-ups are usually for. You may also see restaurant operation forms.

Employee Written Warning Notice Form

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Employee Written Warning Discipline Notice

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What are Restaurant Write-Ups?

A write-up is said to be a written record or a document that could be pertained to the following:

1. The Written Experience of the Restaurant Management

This is with regards to the background history before the business was introduced to the public. Therefore, this is basically about those struggles when the management has decided to start with the business or restaurant plan and operations.

2. The Written Experiences of the Customers or Clients

This write-up basically focuses on the different experiences of the customers or clients during their stay at the restaurant. Thus, those interested should refer to the online reviews that could serve as the guide of the individual with regards to what they should be expecting in the business before they visit the place. Therefore, this often focuses on how the customers are treated with the quality services.

However, this written experience from random customers or clients depends on how each was handled and how they were being treated by the restaurant employees. Therefore, in order to receive the same positive feedback from your customers or clients, the employees should be trained well and should ensure that all customers are treated impartially.

3. The Judgment or critical reviews

The write-ups could also be about the negative feedback with regards to the management flaws that were found. This could be coming from the customers, clients, or random people. These are often referred to the online reviews that they write on your restaurant or business website. These could help both the management and the customers or reviewers. You may also see restaurant training forms.

4. The Disciplinary Issues

The write-ups referred to these issues are with regards to the employee performance reports. Thus, appropriate disciplinary actions are given in order to correct or resolve the insufficient performance or behavior issues of the individual employees. This is in order to ensure that the employee is aware of the different violations of the employment policies.

5. The Working Conditions or Procedures

The write-up with regards to this working conditions is with regards to the ones in which the management has been found doing wrong. An example for this is when an inspector has found that the food wastes are not disposed of properly. And, without an immediate response to this condition, this could lead to any food-borne illnesses or food contamination. Therefore, this write-up should be able to pinpoint what are the specific working conditions that should be corrected, thus, helping the management to create awareness with regards to the different procedures to be conducted. This could be done by conducting a risk assessment and safety statements in the company.

The Importance of Restaurant Write-Ups

These write-ups are helpful in different ways. And, these are beneficial, depending if that is how you see them. Therefore, refer to the following below in order to know what made these write-ups important.

  • These write-ups help you promote your business, making it known by means of using these write-ups as one of your restaurant marketing strategy.
  • These write-ups help you obtain a record or a document with regards to the different working issues that you have in the business.
  • These help your employees create awareness for the violations that they have committed lately. And, by means of signing the form, they are acknowledging that they have fully understood these violations and the consequences that result from these. You may also see restaurant order forms.
  • The write-ups are also beneficial for each and every customer who do online research of the business as they read both positive and negative reviews.
  • The write-ups also help the management to correct, implement, or establish new rules or policies that could help better promote the safety and security of each and every customer. You may also see restaurant schedule forms.

Employee Warning Notice Form

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Employee Notice of Discipline Form

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Employee Discipline Form Template

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Restaurant Disciplinary Action Form

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These employee write-ups are referred to those violations that the employees are responsible for committing. Therefore, it should be specified in the form the following information for the completion of each. You may also see restaurant contract forms.

  • The date of when the written disciplinary or warning notice is given.
  • The employee information such as the name, position, and employment status.
  • The number of warnings given.
  • The specified reason/s for the write-up or the violation/s.
  • The description of the violations committed.
  • The disciplinary actions made.
  • The corrective actions to be taken.
  • The name of the supervisor or manager who gave disciplinary action/s.
  • The additional comments or remarks of the supervisor or manager.
  • The statement of the employee.
  • The supervisor’s information such as the name and the position.
  • The signature and date signed by the supervisor.
  • The signature and date signed by the employee.

These write-up forms for employees are mandatory due to the fact that these are used as proofs or evidence regarding the employees’ current behavior and actions. Therefore, it is important that all details are provided, such as the date of when the warning has been given. It should also be specified on the form how many warnings were given to each individual employee. Furthermore, in order to better understand what are the occurrences, the specific date, and place of where the violations were committed should also be included, as well as a brief description of the events. In addition to this, the disciplinary actions could either be the following:

  • Oral reprimand
  • Written reprimand
  • Suspension for a few specified days (without pay)
  • Recommendation for termination

The corrective actions that are needed to be taken are referred to those actions that would prevent the same situation or incident. Thus, these actions should apply to all the employees. Moreover, the employee’s statement of facts should also be indicated. This is in order to know and understand his or her point of views.

Upon filling out all the essential information, the last but never the least that should be done is affixing the signatures. By means of signing the form, it is clearly understood that both parties (the supervisor and the employee) have read and agreed with all that is written in the form. However, there are some employees who refuse to sign the document for some reasons such as the following:

  • They do not agree with the description of the violations that were accused to them.
  • They believe that they did not commit the alleged or supposed violations.
  • They do not agree with the disciplinary actions that should be taken.

In such cases such as these, the management or the supervisor may refer to the following tips below.

  • Have a one-on-one talk with the employee and ask why he or she refuses to sign.
  • Explain briefly, yet concisely, what was/were the violations that was/were committed and what are the consequences that these resulted to. This could be done by stating the facts and not own opinions.
  • Give chance for the employee to talk and speak to defend his or her side.
  • Take the time to listen as the employee speaks for his or her opinion and point of view.
  • Discuss what could possibly happen if the employee still refuses to sign.

These are few of what you could do in handling the employees’ refusal to sign the form. However, there should be a witness that would testify that the employee refused to sign. When the form is completely filled out with the required information, the department or manager head is then asked to sign in order to acknowledge and confirm that the disciplinary action has been noted.

The Basic Tips for Restaurant Employee Write-Ups

For an effective process for the different employee write-ups, the following basic tips must be observed.

  • The notice or warning should be given and submitted within the given period of time.
  • Make sure to specify the important details with regards to the violations or disciplinary acts that are conducted.
  • Make sure that you stick with the objectives and not on your personal opinions and issues with the employee.
  • There should be a follow-up meeting with the employee in order to know if he or she has learned from the experiences. Therefore, schedule the next meeting with the employee. You may also see restaurant opening checklist forms.
  • Ensure that the employee affixes his or her signature in the form in order to verify that everything in the form has been discussed and explained well.
  • Explain to the individual employees of what are the consequences if they have repeated such behavior/s.
  • Always ask the employee if he or she has any questions or clarifications with regards to the warning notice.
  • These employee write-up forms should be compiled and documented together with the other personnel records or files of each individual employee.

These are the basic tips you could always refer to in order to be guided on how to handle employee write-ups. For further details, do refer to the provided samples for employee write-up forms. You may also see restaurant survey forms.

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