restaurant customer dissatisfaction

Indeed, there are times when you are not only unable to satisfy the needs of the customer, but also the preferences of the individual. However, there are some circumstances that could be resolved. Therefore, refer below to the following common causes of customer dissatisfaction and the ways on how to resolve each of them. You may also see sample restaurant survey forms.

1. The Seat Vacancies

This often happens when the restaurant is fully booked or pre-occupied with a great number of customers or clients. Yet, there are some cases wherein the reason behind customer dissatisfaction in this matter is that upon entering the restaurant, they would find themselves roaming around as they look for vacant seats. One possible reason for this is due to the fact that customers, regardless of how many they are in a group, can sit wherever they want. One of the few ways on how to resolve this is by designating an employee to assist all customers coming in the restaurant, escorting them to the table with the exact number of chairs that can accommodate each one of them. There are, in fact, some restaurant employees who usually stand at the entrance and ask the customers of how many they are to dine in.

2. The Restaurant Services

This is referred to how fast the restaurant operations or services are. There are those times wherein customers complain about the slow service, most especially in serving their orders. Few of the common reasons why this happens are:

  • When there are multiple orders in the kitchen.
  • When the time is not managed accordingly during the food preparation and production.

These cases could be resolved when all the restaurant and kitchen staffs are trained enough with how to handle work under pressure. And, in order for each and every customer to be aware of how long it will take for their orders to be served is to inform them with regards to the cooking time. And in cases wherein the kitchen is full of pending orders, the staffs should inform the customers ahead of time. You may also see restaurant loyalty customers.

3. The Customer Services

This is referred to the relationship of the management and staffs with the customers, making them want to come back to the restaurant, to either purchase some of the offered items, avail some offered services, or simply dine with their friends, families, colleagues, and/or relatives. You may also see restaurant form templates.

Nevertheless, having a great (rather than good) customer-management relation gives you a “without a doubt” repeating customers visiting your place over and over. You could be sure of this when your restaurant employees have undergone enough training evaluation with regards to the different standard operating procedures on how things should be handled in the restaurant, starting with themselves—particularly with their hygiene, behavior, and physical appearance—followed by the management, for their commitment and diligence to work, and finally the customers, with their friendly approach and communication skills.

4. The Facilities Maintenance

One of the things that could dissatisfy the customers is the poor maintenance of the restaurant facilities such as the comfort room, the handwashing area, the tables, and chairs, so on and so forth. The particular events that could dissatisfy the customers are as follows.

  • When the comfort rooms are out of order.
  • When the handwashing area is uncleaned from the leftover food.
  • When comfort rooms lack toilet papers.
  • When handwashing areas do not have soap or soap dispensers are empty.
  • When the tables and chairs could not accommodate a number of customers.
  • When there are no serving spoons for the main courses and/or soups.

You need to keep in mind that customers come looking for a place where they could unwind as they spend their precious time chitchatting with their companions. But, their expectations could turn into a disappointment if they find out that they will not be able to experience this at your restaurant. Therefore, in order to make your customers satisfied, everything in the restaurant operations and services must be well-maintained, to such extent that the proper maintenance and quality services are retained every day and every time customers visit and revisit the place.

5. The Menu Availability

Due to the fact that customers often come to the restaurant to satisfy their hunger and/or taste preferences, your restaurant menu should be kept up to date. However, customers could be disappointed if what they have ordered is out of the menu. The reason for this is not because you do not offer what specific kind of food they are looking for, but because of putting it on the menu when it is unavailable or out of stock. Therefore, this should be monitored from time to time by assigning an employee to keep the menu updated. Aside from having a stock or product inventory, another thing that could resolve this matter is the management’s proper menu planning.

6. The Odor and Cleanliness

The odor and the cleanliness are one of the factors that could disappoint the customers. The place could stink due to either of the following:

  • The unpleasant smell from the comfort room.
  • The mixed odor of food prepared and cooked from the kitchen.
  • The odor from the air fresheners placed in every corner of the restaurant.

One of the most effective ways to avoid the different kinds of unpleasant smell is by placing an exhaust fan in the comfort room, as well as in the kitchen, thus, keeping the odor away from the dining hall or area. You may also see restaurant schedule forms.

7. The Hygiene and Appearance

A restaurant could also be recalled or remembered when the employees or staffs are properly dressed, presenting themselves in a professional way with the uniform or suit that distinguishes them from the customers. By means of this, it is easier for the customers to identify who among the people in the restaurant could be approached with their concerns. In addition, the hygiene and appearance of the employees or staffs could bring the customers into a realization that the restaurant management also values their employees and that they are welcomed as part of the restaurant business.

8. The Proper Behavior

This behavior is with regards to the conduct of the employees and staffs that could dissatisfy the customers. This is due to the employees’ misbehavior, which their work could be affected. Such cases for this matter include the following:

  • When employees use their gadgets during serving the customers and it may lead to unsatisfied customers.
  • When employees talk with each other regarding some personal matters that may distract the customers.
  • When employees are being too jolly or playful to the point that professionalism is no longer observed.
  • When employees lose their temper due to the demanding nature of the customers.

These could be resolved when employees are given strict rules that each of them are required to comply with. This is in order to ensure that employees are trained enough to be professionals in their work. You may also see restaurant evaluation forms.

9. The Customer Concerns

This is referred to those times when you fail to satisfy the customer complaints or concerns. Indeed, all of us would want to be given the right answer the moment we demand it. But, in such cases wherein you cannot satisfy customer concerns, be ready to find an alternate solution for this. As much as possible, never ever leave a customer hanging with an unanswered question or unsettled situation.

Therefore, all employees or staffs should be able to handle and settle different kinds of circumstances on their own. Yet, in cases that the situation cannot be resolved by one or two employees, they should seek some assistance from the manager. The best way to get out of this situation is to ask the customers of their suggestions on how the situation could be resolved. This is by means of providing a customer feedback or complaint form in order to know what the management or the employees have been doing wrong, and that a better way of serving the customers could be implemented.

The following statements above are just a few of what you usually encounter in your daily business operation in the restaurant. All of these common reasons or causes for customer dissatisfaction or disappointment could be resolved when you prioritize the welfare and well-being of your customers or clients. One best way that you could do is to start making a restaurant checklist that would cater all the restaurant services and operations. Or if you already have one, you should conduct a double-check on what you have missed or failed to include. Nevertheless, these different restaurant opening and closing checklists should be updated on a regular basis by means of conducting some follow-ups with your restaurant employees.

Another way in order to ensure that your restaurant business is doing good or making some progress is by conducting a monthly meeting or briefing with all the managers and the employees. The reason for this is in order for you to identify what are the different circumstances encountered in the restaurant. And, to find an effective solution in order to resolve each of these, you could also ask for some suggestions from your employees, and even from your customers so that they can be served better.

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