restaurant schedule forms

Restaurant schedule forms are basically made in order for the management to have an effective and efficient time scheduling for the different restaurant operations and services. Nevertheless, these restaurant schedule forms may pertain to either of the following below:

  • The shifting schedule of the employees or staffs. With this scheduling form for the different shift of the employees, everyone will be guided with regards to what time they should report for work, thus, making things in order most especially in keeping the business operations running efficiently. Nevertheless, the shifting schedule of the employees may change on a regular basis, depending on the management. However, employees can make a request by filling out the schedule requisition form.
  • The schedule for the cleanings, work orders, repairs, and/or maintenance of the restaurant. This schedule form for restaurant cleaning is basically to keep things in order, thus, assigning employees to perform the tasks that are necessary for the day, in keeping things under control. Nevertheless, the tasks should be distinguished depending on the priority level of each. In addition, the management should be able to create a cleaning checklist on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This is in order to ensure that different dilemmas in the restaurant business can be resolved immediately. Moreover, this scheduling form for restaurant cleaning could pertain to the restaurant checklist forms.
  • The business operation days and time. This schedule form for daily business or restaurant operation is often constant. This is modified only when there are some circumstances that require the restaurant business to be temporarily closed. An example for this is due to the natural calamities. Nevertheless, this scheduling form changes depending on the management. The possible reason why is because the restaurant is under construction or under renovation. However, the time or the daily schedule for business operation changes without prior notice.
  • The event bookings or arrangements made. This restaurant schedule form for all the event bookings is often efficacious mostly during peak seasons. During Christmas season, for instance, a lot of people come to the restaurant with their family and loved ones. Therefore, it is sufficient for the restaurant management to create a schedule form in order to determine what are days vacant for more bookings and what are those days for when they are fully booked. By doing this, it is easier for them to handle the different bookings of their customers. An example is when a couple had made an agreement with the restaurant manager to have their wedding anniversary held at the restaurant. The specifications of this arrangement should be written in the restaurant event agreement form.

The following are often what the restaurant schedule form is provided or generated for, thus, helping the restaurant manager to administer and monitor the different time schedules that are needed to be kept in mind.

Basic Restaurant Shift Schedule Form

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 32 KB


This blank schedule form is basically with regards to the shifting schedule of the employees. As specified in the form, the schedule is divided into two shifts: the morning shift (AM), and the afternoon shift (PM). The form also has eight columns wherein the first one is filled with the employees’ positions or job titles such as the cashier, the kitchen 1 and 2, and the dishwasher. While the other columns are remained blank for you to fill the schedule of your employees.

This shift schedule form serves as the employees’ reference in order to know what time each of them should be ready for duty. Referring to the form, the two different shifts (morning and afternoon) are distinguished with the use of two colors used to fill the columns and rows. Feel free to download this basic restaurant shift schedule form. You may also have yours printed with the same concept and style similar to this provided form for you.

This form for restaurant employee work schedule is basically designed for the individual employee. This technically serves as an individual guide for their daily work schedule at the restaurant. The parts that often complete the schedule form are the following:

  • The week for this scheduling form
  • The time or hours of work (the start until the end hour)
  • The days in a week (Monday to Sunday)

In reference to the provided form above, the first column is filled with the hours, while the rest of the columns to the right are the days in a week. The differences between this employee work schedule and the basic shift schedule form are the following:

  • Employee work schedule form pertains to the individual employees’ schedule during the week. This could serve as the personal copy of the individual employee. Hence, this form could also be used for the employee to take note of the tasks that he or she has accomplished during the specific day and time.
  • Basic shift schedule form is basically designed for all the employees with shifting schedule. This form guides each and every one of them, thus, their shifting schedules should be specified on the spaces provided under the different days in a week.

Nevertheless, the restaurant schedule for the employees’ shifts or work could be changed by the management weekly.

The Importance of Restaurant Schedule Forms

With these restaurant schedule forms, you are able to allocate the time satisfactorily. Thus, allowing you to have less hassle or trouble in administering the different operations done in your business. Therefore, having an effective schedule makes all operations at ease.

These schedule forms for restaurant also keeps all your employees guided, as well as disciplined when it comes to reporting on time. In addition to this, creating this scheduling form helps you designate your people to the appropriate shifting schedules for work. Furthermore, refer to the following below for more reasons why restaurant schedule forms are important.

For the employees

  • Each employee is guided with regards to their shifting schedule
  • The employees are being disciplined as they are required to strictly follow their time schedule for work.

For the management

  • The manager or the person in charge will be able to designate or assign the employees accordingly.
  • The employees’ availability is being monitored regularly.
  • Employees are monitored as well during their shift schedule.
  • Identifying who among the employees are on duty during the specific period of time is made easier by referring to the schedule form.
  • The effective and efficient allocation of time schedule for the different important matter is successfully managed or administered.

For the restaurant business

  • All restaurant operations are kept under control in terms of scheduling the staff shifting, the restaurant and kitchen cleaning, the event bookings, so on and so forth.
  • The business reputation is obtained to its expected level due to the effective administration or management performed in the restaurant business.

Those are the following statements that could help you identify the importance and understand the reason why you should create a schedule form for your restaurant business.

Daily Schedule for Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

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  • PDF

Size: 47 KB


This kitchen checklist is scheduled daily in order to ensure that the restaurant kitchen maintains its cleanliness. And by means of this, the food storage or preservation, preparation, and production are far from being contaminated.

All these tasks written on the checklist are basically to promote discipline for all kitchen staffs and employees, making everything in the kitchen management at ease. As you refer to the form sample above, this is composed of a list of tasks that the employee in charge during the day or the shift schedule should take note of. Technically, this list is to monitor and maintain the cleanliness of the following:

  • the eating utensils
  • the cooking utensils
  • the food preservatives
  • the kitchen equipment and utensils
  • the kitchen appliances or machines
  • the different areas or counters in the kitchen (such as the food preparation area, the kitchen counters, etc.)

This checklist is usually completed by the end of the day. This is to keep things in order and make it easier to have a great start to the next day. Therefore, this checklist is mandatory to be prioritized. Hence, the restaurant manager should be able to monitor this by conducting a double-check of everything during the end of the days. This not only to makes sure that the employees are performing the task they are assigned to but also to ensure that the business operations are under control.

In completing this daily schedule for kitchen checklist, the general information that often completes the form are the following:

  • the specific date for when the checklist is for
  • the list of the tasks that should be performed
  • the initials or signatures of the employee to specify that the tasks are completely done

Daily Schedule Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 99 KB


This checklist is designed to keep everything at the restaurant and the kitchen management well ordered and organized. This is by means of following each of the tasks that the employees are required to accomplish within the day.

Referring to the form above, the checklist is divided into two: for the front-of-house and for the back-of-house. The front-of-house is referred to the restaurant’s dining hall or room, where the food is served. Whereas the back-of-house is referred to the restaurant’s kitchen, where the food is prepared. In this checklist, the restaurant manager may appoint two or more employees in order to complete the tasks. Similar to the kitchen checklist, this daily restaurant cleaning checklist should be completed by the end of the day.

Factors That Could Affect Restaurant Schedules

There are such circumstances wherein your restaurant schedule forms are not effectual due to various reasons such as the following below.

Daily schedule for the business operations

  • Due to a natural disaster, the restaurant business operation is required to be temporarily closed.
  • The restaurant management needs to undergo a renovation to ensure the safety of everyone.

Restaurant schedule for event bookings and other arrangements

  • The clients or customers cancel their event bookings at the restaurant on a short notice.
  • The management and the clients are in a dispute due to some misunderstandings with regards to the event agreement, resulting in delayed payments.

Restaurant and kitchen schedules for cleaning and maintenance

  • The restaurant facilities are insufficient in order to get the maintenance work orders done.
  • There is not enough budget in order to replace the damaged facilities of the restaurant and the kitchen.

Restaurant employee shift schedules

  • The sudden absences of the employees
  • The working student/employee has a different daily time schedule for his subjects, making it hard for him to adjust.
  • Employees resign and/or are terminated due to some reason.

These are just a few of the common and possible reasons that often result in inefficient restaurant scheduling. The sudden absences of the employees, the natural disasters and the client’s sudden change of mind are somehow inevitable. Yet there are some ways on how you could lessen these kinds of circumstances. Refer to the following statements below in order to resolve the different situations.

  • Though the natural disasters are uncontrollable, you could at least promote health and safety assessment by prioritizing the safety measures and procedures. This is a great help for you and your employees to be always prepared when different natural disasters are encountered.
  • In order for you and your clients to be engaged in an explicit accord, you need to ensure that you discuss all the terms and conditions comprehensively. This is in order to prevent any dispute with regards to the restaurant contract agreement. Yet, in worst cases wherein both of you find yourselves in a dispute, seek help from those authorized people who could help, such as an arbitrator.
  • In order to ensure that nobody in your restaurant is at risk or is threatened, you need to prioritize the maintenance of your facilities. Thus the budget allocation for it should be included in the restaurant plan forms. Doing so will keep your business in progress. You may also perform a risk assessment in order to identify all the possible threats that are found in your restaurant business.
  • Your employees’ absences are one of the most unpredictable cases, unless they file a leave request for the specific date/s. Yet, there are also times wherein the reason for employees’ absences is due to their working schedule. For the student/employee, if he cannot manage his time properly, you can give an option. Allow him to file a schedule request form in order for him to specify the day/s and time/s of his availability. In this way, he is able to choose his own schedule that is convenient for him.

The following are the simple ways on how you could resolve the common possibilities that often make your restaurant schedules ineffective. You may refer to the following forms that are downloadable provided for you.

Restaurant Employee Schedule Availability Form

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 170 KB


Employees are often asked with regards to what time they prefer to report for work, giving them the chance to make their own schedule. Yet, it is not always guaranteed that the manager can approve this due to some reasons. However, this employee availability form helps the management to be aware of the individual employee’s availability by specifying it on the form. Who knows, they might make some considerations with regards to this. Nevertheless, this availability form helps them create and generate an effective employee work or shifting schedule for work.

In the form, the general pieces of information that are necessary to complete this are the following:

  • The employee name
  • The employee’s job title or position
  • The availability time from and to (under the specific day/s)
  • The manager’s initials or signature
  • The date signed by the manager
  • The employee’s signature
  • The date signed by the employee

Furthermore, this employee availability form is also designed for the individual to specify the changes of their availability time. With the spaces provided, each individual may indicate the new availability time from and to. In addition, they are also to indicate a note(s) or explanation(s) with regards to their availability change request. Nevertheless, the changes that are made must undergo a review by the manager.

Restaurant Employee Schedule Request Form

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  • PDF

Size: 44 KB


Due to some circumstances, there are times when employees need to attend to some errands, thus affecting their work or shifting schedule. In resolving this, the individual may acquire a schedule request form from their managers. In filling this form, there is no guarantee that employees’ requests are always approved by the management, unless their reasons for such requests are considerable. The important thing here is that the management is aware of what schedule their employees would prefer.

The form is completed by filling it out with the following general information:

  • the name of the employee
  • the date of when the form is filled out
  • the specification of the availability (morning and afternoon time from and to)
  • the signature of the employee and the date signed
  • the signature of the manager and the date signed

Affixing the signature of the manager does not necessarily mean that the request is approved. Rather, it means that the request has been received or reviewed. Moreover, this employee schedule request form should be submitted within the given deadline or period of time. This should be submitted to the employee’s head, supervisor, or manager.

The possible reasons why requests for schedules are not approved are the following below:

  • there is no other vacant time for the employee to swap his shift to
  • there are no employees to shift the other’s schedule with
  • the employee’s performance is insufficient at the time requested
  • the time requested does not meet the business needs

 Restaurant Schedule Form in Excel

File Format
  • XLSM

Size: 30 KB


This restaurant schedule form shows you a list of employees. This form is often utilized to generate a weekly report with regards to the number of hours each employee had worked. In the form, the pieces of information are as follows:

  • The list of employee names
  • The number of hours worked for the whole week
  • The specified hourly rate
  • The pay amount
  • The specific hour/s or time/s each employee had work from Monday to Sunday

This form could also be used as a reference for the employee’s weekly payroll form in Excel. However, this form only shows the schedule that each had reported for work.

Basic Tips for Restaurant Schedule Forms

In order to have an effective scheduling for your restaurant operations and services, you need to know how to manage the time. Indeed, one of the key factors that could lead your business to success is what we call time management. With this, you are able to ensure that business operations are running accordingly most especially when things are done timely. Furthermore, refer to the following below for more tips that you might find helpful.

For the employee’s shift schedule:

  • Ask your employees or staffs if they have any concerns with regards to their schedule, a day after you post it. This is in order for you to make the changes immediately. There are times wherein the business operations are affected due to the schedule of employees.
  • Inform your employees or staffs whenever you are to change their shifting schedule. As much as possible, modify the shifting schedule on a weekly or monthly basis, not on a daily basis. This is because your employees might not be able to cope up with the different daily schedule.
  • Always review the new schedule before implementing or announcing it to your employees.

For the restaurant and kitchen schedule for cleaning:

  • Ensure that you have assigned an employee or two to complete all the tasks in the cleaning and or maintenance work order checklist.
  • Either you or another employee should secure or check whether everything on the checklist has been accomplished by the employee/s in charge.
  • Make sure that the tasks included on the checklist are to keep the food from contamination, as well as keep everyone away from the possible risks and threats that are found in your place.

For the event bookings:

  • Secure a booking confirmation from your clients with regards to their reservation. You may send an email or a text message. Do not forget to include some words of appreciation, for they have chosen your restaurant.
  • Make sure that you obtain a list of all the event bookings, this is in order for you and your employees to be reminded of when the restaurant should be exclusive. In addition, this scheduling form will also keep you aware of how many days you still have to prepare for the booked event.

For all restaurant schedules:

  • The changes in the different restaurant schedules (either for your employees’ shifting, restaurant and kitchen cleaning or maintenance, restaurant business operations, and restaurant event booking) should be made soon as possible. This is in order to have a less impact in the near future.
  • See to it that the changes in the schedules are reviewed thoroughly. Otherwise, you will end up having inconsistent scheduling in our restaurant operations.
  • Make sure that all requests for the different changes in schedule are documented in the form. This is in order for you to justify the reason/s why it is necessary to be changed.

These are the few things that you need to be aware of in order to ensure the effectivity of your different restaurant schedules. Nevertheless, these schedule forms make all your business operations and services manageable. This is by means of referring to these as your guide for your daily, weekly, and even monthly basis. Therefore, refer to the different restaurant schedule forms provided for you and utilize what you find that are convenient to use.


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