There are certain dangerous situations wherein somebody’s life could be at stake, especially at those companies who would require their employees to do different kinds of hard work that are dangerous. An example for this kind of job is at construction sites for buildings and establishments.

And in order to be safe than be sorry, the management should conduct a risk assessment to ensure everyone’s safety. One thing that they could do is by using various safety statements such as manuals and user guides in order for each and every employees to be aware on what is most likely to happen if they do not practice or apply them for their work.

Another way to avoid such danger situations or circumstances is by conducting a performance appraisal in which all employees should undergo in order for the management to see if they are all capable of doing such dangerous work. This is to see if they are physically and mentally fit.

What Is a Risk Assessment?

A risk assessment is the determination and identification of all the possible threats that are found in the company or in any organization. This is done or conducted in order to ensure everyone’s safety, as well as the company and business. This is mandatory to be taken place in the given specific time and day. Risk assessments need to have a thorough evaluation in order to better understand the nature of each possible hazards that are found in the area.

A risk assessment is effective when it is collected and documented in the risk assessment form. This is in order for the company to compare their current findings to their previous one. In this way, all the latent hazards will be identified and ranked in accordance of its level of danger. Ranking the risks that each hazard contains will help and guide the company or the team to prioritize what they will be eliminating or reducing.

The Importance Of Risk Assessment and Safety Statements

By conducting risk assessments, the management is not just ensuring the life of their people, but also the safety of their business or company. This also helps the management promote safety and security of each and everyone since by conducting this, a thorough inspection of the workplace is done. This is to identify latent hazards and formulate ways, situations and processes in order to eliminate them and reduce their level of risk.

Risk assessments also build a strong communication between each member of the assessor team. Since these activities are conducted monthly, annually or when necessary. They make them work as a whole and solve together whatever circumstances they encounter in the company. In analyzing and evaluating the hazards that are found, the team would come up with better ideas or better solutions, thus making them create such preventive actions or plans. These actions are done in order to avoid the occurrence of the different circumstances that would likely be resulting from the hazards.

There are also those kinds of inevitable situations wherein the plans for control risk assessments are not effective. And when this happens, corrective actions or plans are formulated right there and then in order to avoid the recurrence of the specific situation.

Technically, risk assessments are done in order for everyone in the place to be aware regarding the possible threats and what would cause them in the near future. That is why risk assessments are conducted before these hazards worsen and cause destruction to everyone.

How To Conduct a Risk Assessment

By conducting a risk assessment, here are few of the following that you should take note in reducing the risks.

  • Conduct regular meetings and have them reviewed monthly.
  • Have a regular morning briefing with the team.
  • Analyze or examine the risks of hazards thoroughly in order to better understand what are the possible effects they could result to.
  • It is also mandatory that you conduct an employee training assessment in order to make sure that training to be conducted is appropriate for your employees or applicants.
  • Keep track or monitor the operations from every departments.
  • Be open to all suggestions and recommendations from your team.
  • Conduct a business appraisal to make sure that your business has all the necessary documents that are needed in order to make it legal.
  • Have a list of all the procedures that are needed for each and everyone to be reminded.
  • Do not take risk assessments for granted since the safety of everyone lies in this activity.
  • Practice and promote safety and security of everyone by giving them safety and security precautions.
  • Also, conduct a health assessment for everybody in order to make sure that no one contaminated with any airborne contagious diseases.
  • Make safety statements in the form of handbooks, booklets, etc. where employees or applicants can read anytime.
  • Prioritize safety and security and make sure that there is a complete set of tools for safety, such as medical kits.
  • It is better if you implement the pre-employment assessment for each applicant for various reasons, and one of these is in order to make sure that they do not have any past criminal records.
  • Make sure that your business or company is properly equipped with the appropriate equipment that is used in day to day business operations.
  • Have a proper maintenance of each and every piece of equipment of the company and see if there are any defects that are needed to be replaced or worked on immediately.
  • Also maintain your workforce or your employees by conducting a performance evaluation from a series of training that is necessary.
  • Know how to prioritize things and situations in order to find immediate solutions before these become the reason of the downfall of your business.
  • Create different kinds of action plans in response to the different circumstances that might be encountered.
  • Allow other people, such as customers or employees to give their customer or employee feedback in order for you to be aware about things you were not able to catch the first time.

These are just few of the ways on how you could conduct your risk assessment in your workplace. Follow these in order to have an effective and efficient management and control of the risks in your day to day business operations.

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