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Assessment forms are a type of tool that allows organizations to prosper simply by having the organization assess all of its assets and property to help determine what type of approach they should go on with in terms of managing resources. Simply put, it is a method to help with the process of improvement.

Assessment forms share some similar traits to that of an evaluation form and is sometimes interchangeable, but they do have a clear difference. Even though they are both means of estimating certain objects, the difference between an assessment form and an evaluation form lies in the actual purpose of both the assessment form and the evaluation form.

These differences being that an assessment form is, as stated, a tool used as a means of improving the object being assessed, while an evaluation form is a means of determining the value of the object being evaluated.

As you continue reading through this article, you will begin to notice the different uses of assessment forms, as well as how some of the assessment forms will help you in promoting or developing the content retention of a person. In addition to this, you may learn a new thing or two as well to expand your knowledge, and possibly improve your own content retention.

Five Assessment Methods That Promote Content Retention

Now, there are actually more than five types of assessment forms that a person can use as a means of promoting content retention, but we will be focusing on the five most common assessment forms that are used for the purpose of improving content retention.

Take note that content retention is a term most commonly used as a way to describe the learning process of the students. So the five types of assessment forms are not your conventional assessment forms. but rather, they are examination forms where the usage of notes and textbooks are allowed.

These examinations that can be taken anywhere allow the students’ fellow classmates to make exams, encourage project making and allow exams to be retaken. Let us begin describing in greater detail how these assessment forms can help promote content retention. Let us begin with:

Examinations where the usage of notes and textbooks are allowed. Examinations that allow the usage of notes and textbooks are actually a great way to help develop a students ability to retain content information, because being able to answer a question quickly while using notes or textbooks will require you to have at least a basic idea of where the answers will be, and will make you more prone to remembering things.

Examinations that are allowed to be answered anywhere. Contrary to what most educators believe, permitting students to take their examinations anywhere aside from the classroom will actually allow the students to feel a more serious form of independence. This is due to the fact that they must keep track of when and where they must submit their completed examinations, and allows them to be more aware of completing and studying the answers. This type of assessment form is actually considered as an unorthodox method of assessment.

In most cases, people are actually more prone to remember something if they are allowed to relax instead of being exposed to a serious and stressful situation.

Allow the students’ fellow classmates to make exams. Having the students classmate may seem like an unorthodox method of having the students ability for content retention to improve, but it is actually an effective method. This is because having the student’s classmates make the question can do two things. One, it puts pressure on the student, by having them create the questions to make it more challenging due to the expectations of the teachers, and two, the students answering the questions will need to study and learn more to avoid flunking.

Project making and presentation. This is a common way of making the students improve their content retention skills by having the student memorizing the facts and details that they would need to present during the presentation, as well as passively make the student learn about their project by personally making it. Meaning, they would know a lot about the thing they are presenting provided that the topic they are presenting is a topic of interest.

Allow exams to be retaken or having mock exams. Having the student retake the exam that they just failed may seem pointless, but it actually does help improve their ability to retain information by means of having the student fail and learn again. And by answering the exam again, it will actually require the student to perform better compared to their previous exam grades.

Now, these types of assessment forms may not appear to be an actual assessment form, but rather a type of guide on how to improve your content retention ability. This is because each instruction does help the student learn more and learn faster with less effort, compared to more traditional means of improving content retention.

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