Interview assessment forms are necessary as they help in knowing certain aspects of the interview as well as to know the interviewer. The form can be used by people who have observed the whole interview session or for the person who has experienced the interview (the candidate). These papers will let the authority know about the interview sessions and what improvements can be done. The assessment forms are often sent to the interviewee in case they failed the interview.  You may also see Self Assessment Forms

Interview Assessment Form for Managerial Position

interview assessment form for managerial position

The people who need to do interview assessment for people taking interview for a managerial position should have to use this form. The forms are quite easy to use and need to be filled up with an objective mind. These forms will be helpful, both for the interviewer and the interviewee.

Interview Assessment Form for Senior Positions

interview assessment form for senior positions

Interview assessment may take at every level. This is the reason there is an assessment form for interviews for a senior position. The forms act as tools for any kind of improvement that is required in the interview process. These forms are available easily on the website for download.

Technical Interview Assessment Form

technical interview assessment form

For assessing a technical interview, this form can be used. The forms are a valuable source of information for the interviewee and the interviewer so that changes are done accordingly. The strengths and weaknesses can be discussed with the interviewer. If required, the form is sent to the interviewee as well so that he/she gets to know why they failed.

Applicant Interview Assessment Form

applicant interview assessment form

The candidates who have applied for the interview are assessed thoroughly. Their personality, body language, confidence, past experiences are evaluated. These forms are then submitted to the person concerned so that further discussion takes place. The assessment must be done in an unbiased way.

Basic Interview Assessment Form

basic interview assessment form

To improve an interview process, a third person observes the interview and makes an assessment report. Through this assessment, a proper discussion is done for changes like questions to be asked, time taken, voice, friendliness etc. This form may also be useful for the interviewee to let them know how they did.

Behavioral Interview Assessment Form

behavioral interview assessment form

To assess the behavior of the interviewer or the interviewee, this form will be of great use. The forms note down the pros and cons of the interview session. It is after a thorough evaluation that a proper discussion is held so that the required modification is done.

Driver Interview Assessment Form

driver interview assessment form

The driver interview assessment form will be done after an interview is done. A driver’s and the interviewer’s evaluation is done in a methodical manner through this form. The driver can be assessed based on their driver skills and knowledge and the interviewer can be assessed based on the questions they asked and the time they took for each interview. 

Group Interview Assessment Form

group interview assessment form

A group interview is needed to be carried in a very careful way because you are judging 4-5 or event up to 10 people at one go. The evaluator makes an observation about the whole interview session and based on that the remarks are written. These can be related to the interviewer, whether he missed anyone in the group or time taken for each group, the behavior of the interviewer etc. this can also be used for the assessment of the group interviewees.

Internship Interview Assessment Form

internship interview assessment form

To assess an interview for an intern, this form may be useful. The interns are evaluated based on the questions and body language.  The interview assessment is also done based on past experiences and educational background. In case the interviewee fails, this sheet is sent to the person to let them know why.

Mock Interview Assessment Form

mock interview assessment form

Interview assessment is done even if it is a mock interview. The form is easy to fill. These assessment forms are analyzed properly and a plan is made for any improvements.

Job Interview Assessment Form

job interview assessment form

The interviewee is assessed through the job assessment forms that tell about the person’s overall performance in the interview. The interviewer or a third person makes a note of all the things that are required to be observed. The fields are filled up so that there is a clear picture of how it went. The forms are an important tool for any job interview taking place.

Standard Interview Assessment Form

standard interview assessment form

Professional Interview Assessment Form

professional interview assessment form

Why Use Interview Assessment Forms?

A supervisor or the recruitment department uses this form in order to evaluate how well are the interviews been taken.

These forms can also be used by the interviewer so that a clear idea is known for staffing purposes. The form is easy to read so that a quick decision is taken regarding the recruitment.

These forms are excellent for record purposes as well so that references can be made in future to call a person. These forms are generally very effective as it takes lesser time to take decisions about rejecting or appointing a person. Useful Training Assessment Forms

Tips and Facts About Assessment Forms

  • The form can let the candidate know why they were rejected or accepted by the recruiter. The forms can be used for letting the interviewee know where they stand and why they were rejected. This will help the person on various levels and he or she can improve on the flaws for the next interview.
  • The person has to make sure all the fields are answered while filling this form.
  • The forms must be filled without any bias in mind. It would be good if one uses the forms in an honest and useful way.
  • The forms are secretive and confidential. Hence, one does not have to worry about your identity being disclosed by others.
  • The forms must be used by interviewers in an honest way. If in any way it is known that the interviewer used unfair means to recruit a person may be in trouble. They can be penalized or even dismissed as well, depending on the law of each country.
  • The forms have different rating scales that have to be understood and then filled. Without the basic understanding, the forms can be misjudged and hence they become useless for recruitment.

Some companies direct these feedback forms to the person in question for being transparent regarding the recruitment process. It can be sent by email or post subject to whichever source the company uses.

Want to Know Some Interview Tips? Here are Some of Them

The forms are used for the purpose of recruitment of probable candidates. Failure in an interview does not mean that you would not get jobs anywhere else. This is just the start. By studying these assessment forms, a person can improve on their strengths and work on their weaknesses, for next interviews. Some candidates request for a feedback personally by mail to know why they weren’t accepted. A copy of this form must be kept in the establishment as well.

For the interviewer- To select a person, the interviewer must know the purpose of it. They should not differentiate between any candidates.

For an interviewee- he/she must not go unprepared. Candidates must also not ask about holidays or questions that are not directly related to the job. They should show eagerness and have an objective in mind so that they fare well in the interview.

Where to Get These Forms? – Online Availability of Sample Forms

You could now get these forms on our website in just one click. A person who needs such a form just has to hit the download button. You would acquire the forms either in the Adobe Acrobat reader or Microsoft Word document format. The forms are created very intricately to suit your needs. You can get these forms in a matter of seconds so that you can edit and print them out. All of the forms out here are fault free and have a great success rate. You can be certain about the compatibility of the files, as they are available in both lower and higher forms. We assure you that you get the best out of our website and for that if you also need additional customization of the forms, we will do so for you, happily. You can also see Student Assessment Forms

The forms are quite important for evaluation purposes. Forget the hassles of buying the forms physically and download from the safe website where we provide many other forms as well.

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