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A Performance Evaluation Form is a type of form that is typically used by organizations that would like to monitor the progress of a certain individual or group. It is a means of analyzing and suggesting improvements to the performance of the evaluated individual.

It is a great way of making members of an organization perform better.The importance of having a performance evaluation from within the organization is without a doubt high. This is because performance evaluations are typically linked to motivating the employee to perform better so as to avoid being removed from the organization. Creating evaluation forms is actually a simple task if you know what to do.

What Is the Purpose of An Employee Evaluation?

The main purpose of an employee evaluation would be to motivate the employees. This is done by giving them a standard to work up to. If after the training period they have not yet reached the standards of the organization they are working for, they may either be fired, or be moved to another position that is within their abilities to perform.

If you can take a look at some of the Performance Evaluation Samples, you may notice that they are all focused on the performance of the person. One common type of evaluation form would be Sample Self-Evaluation Forms that are commonly used to gauge the person’s trust in their abilities for completing the task.

Goals of Employee Performance Evaluation

An employee’s performance evaluation can be completed with either a standard evaluation form, or an Employee Self-Evaluation Form, but either way, they both have a set of goals to achieve when completing the employee performance evaluation. These goals include:

  • Determining the employee’s ability to handle the task assigned to them. This is actually the main purpose of an employee evaluation.
  • Helping the employee develop new and more useful skills by having them comply with the standards set by the evaluation. Which at most times will cause the employee to begin performing better so as to avoid being removed from the organization.
  • To prove whether the employees are actually dedicated to reaching the standards of the company.
  • To determine whether to promote the employee or not.
  • Determine rankings of the employee.

How to Conduct the Annual Performance Evaluation

An annual performance evaluation is a type of job performance evaluation done every year as a means of determining the company’s overall annual performance for the fiscal year, (fiscal year is a term used in companies to describe (365) Three hundred sixty five working days, and often doesn’t follow the standard earth year) To begin an annual performance evaluation you will need to:

  • Begin by using a Job Performance Evaluation Form to save some time in creating the forms that you will use later to gather information for your annual performance evaluation.
  • Develop a method of rating employee performance. So as to determine the employees raking and level of progress.
  • Interview each employee you have under your employment. Do this by interviewing them in person when they are not working so as not to interrupt the daily productivity of each employee.
  • Monitor how each employee performs their task, as much as possible avoid interfering directly so as to have accurate and detailed information on their actual work outputs.
  • Begin analyzing all the data thoroughly and determine the ratings for each employee.
  • Determine areas of improvement for the employee or search for alternatives to the current employee’s efficiency.

What is a Performance Improvement Plan?

A performance improvement plan is an employee’s second chance to continue working for the company. It is the result of an employee’s Performance Evaluation Form having a negative output, or a low performance ranking.

In any case, a performance improvement plan is a plan used by some companies as a means of having the employee be given another chance to work up to the standards of the company. However, there is a catch, the employee’s past history will still be used as a reference to their current productivity. Meaning, the employee must try even harder to work up to the standards of the company so as to average their past rating.

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