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In ensuring the safety and security of each and everyone in a workplace, the management is responsible to prioritize the identification of hazards and risks. Hazards pertain to anything that could cause harm, while risks are pertained to the percentage or chances of how the hazards could cause harm to individual.

Identifying the sensible measure to control the risks is termed as risk assessment. To have an effective risk assessment, a risk assessment form is used to further jot down notes in assessing the level of risks. There are different kinds of assessment forms, just like self-assessment forms used in assessing individual’s performance, and an interview assessment form for interviews.

Five Steps to Fill In a Risk Assessment Form

The main objective of risk assessment is to determine the measures that are required to reduce the level of incidents or accidents that might take place. In doing a risk assessment form, here are five steps to help you:

  • Identification of the hazards: depending on what type of work is done, be accurate in stating the facts on what could possibly cause harm
  • Identify who could be affected: whose lives are at stake or what department
  • Evaluation of risks: understand the nature of each risks. identify the level of risks or simply rank to what needs to be prioritized
  • Record significant risks: write the risks briefly and the activities conducted to reduce level of risks
  • Review assessment: should be reviewed regularly, most especially when new equipment or new projects are executed

How To Complete a Risk Assessment Form

In completing a risk assessment form, there are fields provided for the assessor to fill up. These fields are the following:

  • What are the Potential Hazards?
  • Who is/are at Risk?
  • List all existing control measures
  • Risk rating
  • Preventive measures
  • Conducted activities or responsibilities

You could download and print Risk Assessment Forms in PDF to get started with your risk assessment. You could also refer to Management Risk Assessment Forms for more reference.

Tips For Writing a Risk Assessment

In writing a risk assessment, the steps should be followed precisely and carefully. All hazards and risks should be ranked according to its priority or level of risk. Once these hazards and risks are ranked, it is easier to identify what are needed to have immediate actions.

Just make sure that the precautions are reasonable enough. If ever the risks are low, take simple precautions in order to avoid the worsening or the increase of risk level. Because ignoring even these low level risk might even cost you a lot more. See Free Risk Assessment Forms to start writing in your own risk assessment.

The Purpose of a Risk Assessment Form

The use of risk assessment forms will help any management to protect their workforce and their business. This is also for everyone in the company to be aware on things that might cause them harm and what are the risks that they will be facing. Risk assessment forms are used to record and document each and every hazards and risks that the company has encountered. This could be their reference and reviewer if there happens to be some changes in the future.

Risk assessments are not only done to business organizations or companies. These are also done in schools or universities to ensure the safety and security of everyone within the school premises. See School Risk Assessment Forms to know how they do risk assessments.

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