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Incidents are inevitable. Yet, the same incident could be prevented from happening for the second time, only if there are some actions made to prevent them. These actions could also be written in the preventive action forms in order to document them and to have a basis or reference in the future. The specific details of the incident should also be documented using an incident physical report form in order to know who is at fault or what are the causes of such incident that has taken place.

Remember that the less threats are treated, the more victims that could get affected. There are different benefits of incidents reports that people are most likely to encounter everyday. Whether you are just staying at home, at your workplace complaint, or just about anywhere, there are various kinds of incidents that could happen at any time when you least expect them. The most common type of incident is a physical injury. A good example for this is the work at a construction site. If workers do not follow the proper procedures or the safety report precautions, incidents are most likely to occur.

And what’s worst is that it could turn into a terrible accident. Another basic example for an incident is when a customer information accidentally slid on a wet floor inside a grocery store while buying some stuffs for her house. In this situation, the store is held accountable for this incident due to the fact that negligence of their staffs or employees had taken place. In order to solve the problem, the utility or the store maintenance action should place a sign in the particular area. The signage should notify everyone who passes by that the floor or area is wet. But solving the issue does not just end there. The utility should also be able to identify the cause of the incident in order to treat it and prevent it from happening again.

The actions that were taken upon treating the matter is called a corrective action. And after correcting the mistake, there comes the preventive actions that were formulated in order to help the management avoid the same occurrence of the same incident. These given examples are the most common types of incidents that are often faced in our day to day lives. There are further more incidents that could be prevented from happening again if only they are treated immediately. Further are some basic tips, steps, and benefits in filing an incident using the incident report form.

Filing an Incident Report

In filing an incident report, you have to make sure that all the necessary details that are needed in completing the form are indicated or provided. These details or information are mandatory in order to better identify and understand the nature or type of the incident that has occurred. Thus, investigating the issue will be made easier since complete information is given. Refer here below for the essential contact information that are often needed for filing an incident report.

The basic information of the incident report form

  • The date of when the form is filled out with the necessary details of the incident
  • The person to whom the form is submitted or the incident is reported

The personal information of the person filling out the form

  • The full name
  • The occupation
  • The position of title
  • The contact information (email address and contact number)
  • The department or company

The specific details and general information of the incident

  • The specific date and time of when the incident has occurred
  • The place or location of where the incident has taken place
  • The people involved in the incident (the victims and the witnesses)
  • The type or nature of incident
  • The factors or the causes of the incident
  • The damages to the person or the property
  • The brief proposal summary or description of the incident

The type or nature of the incident could either be the following:

  • Physical or illness injury
  • Hazard or threat (such as chemicals)
  • Property damage
  • Near miss (pertains to no damages or injuries made, yet has the potential to harm people)

The incident actions or solutions made to solve the incident

  • The actions taken during the occurrence of incident
  • The corrective actions formulated
  • The date of when actions are implemented
  • The person who implemented the corrective and preventive actions
  • The outcome or result after actions are made (following up after the occurrence of the incident)

The authorized people’s information

  • The signatures of each authorized personnel
  • The position or title of each
  • The date of when each has signed the incident report form

Benefits of Using Incident Report Form

Incident physical report forms are used to document the incident that has happened. Thus, using these kinds of forms play an important role, most especially in investigating the issue. These forms give you the exact details of the occurrence. Thus, making it easier to investigate the nature and the cause of the incident. Once all information are provided, the incident is most likely prevented from happening for the second time if correct decisions were made in implementing corrective action forms. Otherwise, the same incidents occur constantly.

Another reason why incident report forms are beneficial is that information are written in detail. This is due to the fact that the form is organized or layered with all the necessary information that could help the investigator identify and determine the type of incident. The only thing to do is to provide the details in the spaces provided. The filled out form could also serve as a reference when the same occurrence is encountered another time. Incidents could occur again if actions taken in the past did not work or solve the issue. These compiled and documented report forms, will help in determining what are those personnel actions.

Basic Tips When Incidents Occur

When incidents are encountered, here are few tips that you could refer to in order to better evaluate or examine the situation.

  • Incidents should be reported immediately in order to have an immediate response.
  • All the information release or the details should be provided to have a better investigation of the incident.
  • The person in charge should be responsible enough in handling different kinds of incidents. Thus, he or she should be able to make decisions in a timely manner.
  • Incident service reports should be written or documented using the appropriate form. These could serve as references in the near future, most specially when the same incidents occur again.
  • There should also be an interview of the witnesses or the victims in case that there are some information missed to be written. Thus, the additional information gathered form the interviews should be written in the report form.
  • The corrective and preventive actions should not be forgotten, for these help maintain the safety and security of each and everyone.
  • Every company, university or organization should have a safety precautions or guidelines for every one in the place to be aware. These could also help prevent incidents or accidents occur.
  • All incidents reported should be prioritized for these contain threats that harm people.

These are just few of the tips that you may refer to whenever you encounter various kinds of incident performance reports. Make sure to secure all the information that are essential in solving an incident, and use incident report form in order to have a formal basis of the happenings. Remember that incidents happen at the least you expect it to occur. Make sure that you know what you are dealing with. And one way to do so is by the use of the incident report forms.

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