Problems between colleagues may arise quite often. The reasons may vary but the work is hampered. If employees feel that they need to raise their voice against a particular staff member or colleagues who makes them feel uncomfortable, Employee Complaint form would come to your rescue. These forms are for those who want to voice their discomfort to the work head or HR department so that stringent actions are taken. There are different types of Employee Complaint forms. Some of them are-  You may also see Employee Information Form

Employee Complaint/Concern For>employee complaint concern form

This form can be for a problem with you or is affecting another co-worker as well. The department of Human Resources encourages the workers contact the Employee relations office I there is any difficulty that you face. For this reason this form is supposed to be filled in and submitted within five days.

Sample Employee Complaint Form Download

sample mployee complaint form download

The employee complaint form is to be filled up by the employee so that the company can investigate into the matter and solve the issue. The sample form can be downloaded online to make things easier for the user. There is a possibility that the identities may have to be disclosed.

Employee Complaint Form Template Word

employee complaint form template word

Employee complaint form template word The employee complaint forms is used for complains of the workers against a person or group of people. Things like place of complaint, nature of the problem, name and address of the person. The forms are to be filled in and submitted to the respective department for further actions.

CRA Employee Complaint Form

cra employee complaint form

A Canada Revenue Agency presents employee complaint form that requires the employees to give their own details in it. They then need to write down the details of the employer with the information that they are in touch with them to solve the situation. Signature of both parties must be present.

Federal Employee Complaint Form

federal employee complaint form

Discrimination is a universal problem in every country one goes to. Having been treated like that is not permissible in many work places and strict actions are taken against it. The discrimination may be of color, sex, race, religion, nationality, disability, age, nationality, genetic information or pregnancy. All of the reasons are valid if you are working for a federal government. This form is used privately.

Generic Employee Complaint Form

generic employee complaint form

A basic employee complaint form is for all employees who need to collect information about the person they are going to complain and fill it up in this form. The employees are allowed to write their experience and submit to the respective department for further actions. These forms are available online so that you do not have to that extra mile.

Standard Employee Complaint Form

standard employee complaint form

Employee Return Complaint Form

employee return complaint form

Uses and Purpose of Employee Complaint Form

Workplace retaliation has become very common these days. The point of this form is to make the department alert about certain employees or staff in a workplace. If an employee or a group of co-workers are getting affected because of another employee(s) behavior then they need to fill up this form. This complaint can be discriminative, misconduct; careless about work etc. The grievance form goes up to the higher authority for verification and investigation. The investigation may also lead to a case in court if needed. Useful Employee Review Forms

Preventing Workplace Harassment/Retaliation

To prevent and correct problems related to employee’s complains, companies can use the following steps-

  • Create rules and regulation- There must be some set rules in the company to deal with such problems. Policies that help to solve the problems and those policies must specify the situation.
  • Complaints must be taken seriously- some workplaces do not take these complaints seriously. This should not be done. Not taking actions will create undue problems which will hamper work efficiency. It is better to handle them. If there is a solution, remedy to the situation, it must be implemented without any delay.
  • Confidential complaints- keeping the complaints as a private issue would be a wise act. This is in respect to the employee’s benefit and also the company’s/workplaces’. The investigation is the organizations headache. The organization must also let the employee know that there is no harm in complaining. It will not hamper their career.
  • Keeping records- there should be a process in place where all the documents and records, from the initial complaints, from the investigation to the conclusion. It is important that employees document the process for future legal proceedings of any kind.
  • Lawyer- Having a lawyer for the company and the employee would be a good idea if the case has gone out of the organization’s hand. This will be a feasible option too.

Unintentional Retaliation

Several employers get caught in an unintentional retaliation against an employee. For instance- an employee complains to employer that a supervisor always makes derogatory jokes and comments. The employer, with good intentions, shifts the employee in a different office till the investigation goes on. But the separation does not help the employee after they are relocation is seen retaliatory. In this case the employer becomes liable to the workplace.

The problem in the above situation was that the employer focused on the complaining employee rather than the wrong doer. The problem may have been solved by firing the wrong doer. Can also use Employee Status Change Form

Types of Complaints in a Workplace

Different types of complaints need different approaches. Here are a few common complaints-

  • Harassment- Speaking to the person who has been harassed and then interview the suspect would be advisable. Depending on the type of offense, actions would be taken. If suspension or firing is necessary, it can be done.
  • Theft- When someone notices few things out of order or something is missing, this is a sign of something going wrong. This can only happen if few people are involved inside the office. After the root cause is found, additional prevention must be taken to avoid such situation.
  • Discrimination- This kind of problem is quite stressful mentally. Employees being harassed for their sex, caste, religion, pregnancy and many other issues face severe tensions. This affects their work as well. Hence, putting up a complaint against such acts would be a good idea. Punitive actions must be taken if needed.
  • Violence- Incidents of violence must be immediately taken care of. This is a harmful act and may affect not just one but the whole work area. This is a more delicate situation than the other ones because of potential explosive results. Depending on the level of violence, the authority may have to take help of the law and add some extra security. If a staff member has an outside person has direct violent connection with the staff member/employee, like a domestic abuse) then the employer of that person have the power to put a restraining order against them for the safety of the work environment.

Handling Such Situations

Being prepared for such situations are very important. It is best that the employer becomes transparent with the employee and talk face to face. Transparency in terms of the complaint, to educate the person of the consequences is needed. The perpetrator should know about the process of such situations so that he does not create the same mistake again. This will be beneficial for everyone. An employee complaint form comes handy in these situations for keeping a record too.

Facts about Employee Complaint Form

  • Forms must be filled by the employee only with full conviction about the problem. These forms must not be used for any other reason than workplace harassment. Employees should not use this form for their own personal benefit with false intentions.
  • These forms can be shown as proof in court for the problems that occur in the workplace. The have the power to put someone’s career to end as well. So think before you put up a false complaint.
  • All the information must be present in the form. Missing information would not be accepted.

Availability of the Employee Complaint Forms

Before, when there was no internet in the world, forms were bought manually and filled in accordingly. But today, that is not the case. The different types of forms are available online as per your requirements. These forms are offered in PDF or Word document format. The forms can be custom-made as the buyer’s need and it is available in print as well. The success of these templates is quite extraordinary so you can use it without any tension. The documents can be found in different versions so there shouldn’t be any problem for you. May Helpful Employee Declaration Form

If any client still needs some variations in the form, we will surely help them customize it according to their necessities. You are just one click away to get these forms as fast as possible.

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