Before we can begin discussing what social media complaints are, it is important to understand what social media really is. In layman’s terms, social media is a term used to define a type of social interaction that does not necessarily require the individuals involved to meet or interact in person but instead, is performed online via social media applications and websites.

Social media is an ever growing industry which is directly influenced by the actual population of people who are able to connect online. Now, social media complaints is a term used to identify any issues such as online disagreements as well as slandering, and other similar acts of offenses which would lead to complaints.

Complaint forms are a common tool to use nowadays simply because of the fact that there is no such thing as a perfect world where everyone gets what they want when they want it. Rather, in this imperfect world, there will be that one person who will want to do things differently, or has a separate opinion compared to the general public which will always spark disputes and conflicts which would lead to complaints.

What Causes Social Media Complaints?

In order to understand how to prevent social media complaints, it is important to know what causes social media complaints. In general, any number of topics could be used as a reference as to what causes social media complaints in order to begin with the process of learning a few things that would cause these types of complaints.

Let us begin the list with:

Racial or Offensive Comments

This is the most common reason why there are social media complaints. This is because there will be times where a person will not be able to think before posting a comment or a status update which will sometimes be offensive, or contains disrespectful words or sentences.

Obscene or Inappropriate Images

Often times these types of issues with social media complaints are often caused due to the lack of either a photography consent or a media consent form. The reason for the complaint is often times because of the lack of actual consent either from the site manager or by the person in the image.

Illegal or Excessive Advertisements and Broken Links

This is another issue that people tend to complain about in social media is because there will be times where someone will intentionally spam advertisements that would lead you to sites that would contain harmful elements to your device.

How to Prevent Social Media Complaints

Let us begin the discussion of how to prevent social media complaints. Note, we will be using the three issues stated in the previous paragraph above as a frame of reference on how to prevent those three issues from occurring. These three issues being:

  • Offensive comments
  • Inappropriate images
  • Advertisements and links

We will be discussing ways and solutions on how to prevent, or at the very least reduce the frequency of these issues. We will start with:

Offensive Comments

This issue can be reduced simply by adding a type of filter system that could be used to block and prevent someone from adding comments that seem offensive. Another way would be to have each registrant of the social media site comply with or agree to a type of contract agreement that would indicate they will not post any offensive comments for fear of being banned from the site.

Inappropriate Images

The best way to prevent this would be to limit what type of image is allowed to be posted by having a mandatory screening process that will have either a person or a program view the image before allowing the person to post the image. Another way to prevent this would be to require that the posted images have an attached media consent form.

Advertisements and Links

Now, it is important to know that social media applications and websites are often free to use, but often contain advertisements. This is simply because those ads are a means of gaining revenue to improve the site better. So the only issue here is to screen all of the ads being posted on the site before allowing them to be posted.

Final Tips for Preventing Social Media Complaints

Now, these methods of preventing or counteracting social media complaints may seem effective, but you need to keep in mind that the best way to prevent social media complaints would be to increase your vigilance on every activity occurring on your site.

In addition to this, it is recommended to schedule mandatory performance evaluations and feedback to be answered by the users of your social media site or application to identify means of improving your site, as well as to give the users a type of customer service response to any issues they may have with the site.

This is simply because users would like to have a chance to grade the effectiveness of your evaluation forms to see if you are actually putting effort into your social media sites.

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