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Globally, there are only a few people who are granted a certificate form that signifies their acquired security clearances. Employees in the field of information technology, crime investigation, as well as those who are in their managerial roles use a specific level of security clearance for them to be granted an access with varieties of information in their company. Government employees who are assigned to protecting their country’s information and preventing illegal entities from grabbing the sensitive database systems of their country also need the representation of a security clearance to supply an evident proof that the employee has been granted with the right range of access for his job position.


The job application process for positions that demand a security clearance may not be as easy as other positions in the industry as there are numerous steps and procedures required before an applicant will be chosen and hired. One of the known procedures is the in-depth security and background screening to be done by the employer or the hiring agency. The purpose of this action is to provide a reliability and standard check for determining if an applicant is claiming a legit identity. Questionnaire forms may also be used by the agencies during this step to gather more details about the applicant and to know his interest in the position.

As varying jobs will need different sets of requirements, an applicant must be sure that he will be submitting the right security clearance certificate for the appropriate job position where he will apply. A secret security clearance form is the most common type of security level to be granted by the security officer. Analysts and technicians are some of the professionals who are required to submit the aforementioned clearance level certificate.

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Another type of security clearance is a top secret level which is the highest and the toughest certificate to acquire. This will only be granted to those who are responsible for protecting and handling information which will cause an immediate and great damage to a company or a country once it will be breached to outside parties. Job positions that deal with communications intelligence and nuclear weapons are two known areas that will require an applicant to obtain a top secret security clearance level.

Jobs which will demand an individual to head out and inspect varieties of locations or branches may need the representation of a site access clearance form. This is another type of clearance level. However, it will only allow the holder to have an access to stated sites and places, not on classified information or database systems.


It is essential that the applicant must reveal what is requested by the higher authority especially whenever he is interviewed during the job application process to promote a faster investigation and to allow the authorities to determine the trust level that they may hand to him. Lastly, when an applicant has been granted with the right security clearance for his job, he will then undergo a security briefing to inform him about the limitations and obligations associated with the provided range of access.

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