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If you ever had to ask permission to go anywhere at all, that is what a clearance is in its most basic form. A clearance is what allows you access to certain areas or allows you to proceed to the next step of an operation. Clearance can also be defined as the level of access a person has in a structure or could possibly mean jurisdiction as well. The most common type of clearance would be the security clearance form commonly found in restricted access areas of a facility where the person who wishes to access it must present some requirements to gain clearance for access.

Even in some companies, they restrict certain employees access to sensitive areas of a company where only certain employees are allowed to have access to that area. In order for an employee to gain clearance, they will need to request for clearance from either the manager or the HR manager of the company which usually leads to the filing of a clearance form for employees, then the processing of the form than a notice to the employee whether the request was accepted or not.

The Importance of a Clearance Form

The importance of a clearance form can be summed up in these few words. a clearance form is a necessary step to ensuring security and to limit the number of people accessing an area that cannot hold that many people.

This also ensures that whoever does gain access to the area will have the necessary skill set and experience to function in that restricted area, due the fact that the processing of the clearance form is directly related to the person having completed all of the necessary requirement and skills that you have to complete.

The need for clearance forms can also be branched out to medical needs in the sense that a Medical Clearance Form is needed if ever the patient will be released.

The Purpose of Having an Exit Clearance Form

One unpopular type of clearance form would be an Exit Clearance Form where the purpose is to allow the employee to leave the organization formally and properly.

The idea of having to submit requirements before leaving an organization may seem strange, but it is a common practice for companies to have the employee submit all of their access codes, company information and sign a few documents before they can be fully allowed to leave the company.

This is done to ensure that information is not leaked and that the employee will no longer be affiliated with the company. Some Sample Clearance Forms have been used to even ensure that the person requesting clearance is allowed to leave or enter another area.

Tips for Writing a Clearance Form

When writing a clearance form of any type says a company clearance form it is important to note some guidelines whenever you are going to make one, these guidelines being:

  • Review your organization’s rules and requirements regarding giving someone clearance to access an area of the organization.
  • Determine whether you should use the Clearance Form in PDF or Word Format.
  • List down all of the necessary clearance that must be submitted and identify which of the requirements you have already received.
  • Identify the individuals whose signature you must acquire in order to authorize the processing of the clearance.
  • Once processed, you are now cleared for access.

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