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A safe place where babies and kids can be left during the parents’ working hours is the daycare center in a state. Other than having a safe and secure place, enrolling a child in a daycare institution will open up chances for the child to learn and gain new skills. Nonetheless, the parents of the child must assure that the daycare center is legitimate and legally registered under the regulations of the state, being able to present legal forms to prove their legal business.

It is common that business and child care licenses are the documents which should be mandated in a daycare center. However, these forms will only be for proving that the business has been fully registered and allowed in the state; not to indicate that the staff in the center are eligible for their roles. With this, a set of medical forms and processes must also be observed for the staff to comply in order to make sure that the staff knows their job and that they are promoting a healthy well-being to the kids or will not be spreading diseases to the people in the daycare.


A medical clearance is a process which will aid the authorities in determining if an individual is qualified for serving in the medical industry. A series of physical medical examinations will be undergone by the individual, conducted by a licensed physician in a medical center. The need for having a medical clearance exam in daycare centers is to assure that the staff in the premises are knowledgeable, healthy and well-rounded for granting a variety of services to the children.

What’s Included in a Medical Clearance Examination for Daycare?

As the body mass index may matter in the examination, the individual or the caregiver applicant must assure that he or she does not have any communicable diseases such as common coughs and colds that can infect the children in the center. An evident illness can become a reason to fail the examination and may hinder the job opportunity of the applicant.

Additionally, in the form that will be used for stating the doctor’s notes and observations, the individual will be distinguished as to whether he or she will be applying for a childcare service provider: as the person who will lift and carry the child, if he will be communicating with children or if he is involved in the food preparation served for the children during snacks and lunch hours. This specification is to properly determine his or her roles, and the type of medical examination and tests that he or she will need to be a qualifier for the childcare provider position that he or she will be applying.

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Aside from a physical examination, the individual is also required to submit his or her medical history, and sign a medical disclosure statement to allow the assigned physician in investigating his or her background. It is essential to provide sufficient data about an individual’s health to sustain the eligibility standards, as well as the sanitation standards in a daycare center. If an individual has successfully undergone the clearance exam without any further issue and concern from the examiner, then he or she will be sent to the corresponding daycare center to file his or her job application, and start his or her work whenever he or she will be hired.

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