A security clearance is a type of clearance that is used as a means of limiting individuals from accessing sensitive areas of an organization or deny individuals certain information that is only allowed to be shared to specific people.

This type of document is commonly used in organizations like companies and businesses, but is more commonly used in terms of the military and military intelligence. This is because the military is a type of organization that is required to function effectively in terms of keeping information secure, as well as limiting access to areas that would be potentially dangerous and or harmful to the person.

If this description seems familiar, that is because in a way, you could compare the military to that of a security clearance form. This is simply because the military is, at its most core basis, is a set of instructions and procedures, as well as a set of objects to protect and secure the nation.

The process of completing a security clearance form is pretty straight forward. Typically ,when you are going to complete a security clearance form, you are required to submit ahead of time a type of request form which will be used as a means of formally starting the process of acquiring a security clearance form.

Contents of a Security Clearance

We stated earlier that a security clearance form works as the military forces of any nation in terms of the function of securing and protecting information. This is because of the components and contents of the military forces.

In a similar way, a security clearance form is required to contain certain contents and formats to allow it to function to its purpose. These contents are as stated below:

  • The security clearance form should contain means of identifying the person requesting clearance, or a type of request form if you must. This is to begin the process of identifying the person, as well as providing means of contacting and locating the person should the need ever arise to contact or locate them.
  • A security clearance form must also contain a list of requirements to be submitted to the necessary officials so as to be able to comply with the requirements.
  • Add in areas that would indicate clear and precise instructions as to how to prepare the requirements. This step serves to avoid any confusion and mix ups during the processing of the security clearance forms. This portion of the security clearance form is without a doubt necessary so as to guide the applicant on how to deal with the clearance form.
  • Another portion of the security clearance would be the area where the signatures of the necessary officials must be affixed so as to complete the clearance form and to provide legal authorization.

Process of Completing the Security Clearance

The process of completing a security clearance form is rather simple, yet at the same time complex. This is due to the fact that the security clearance process is required to prevent access to certain information, while allowing others to access the information, provided they are able to do so.

To better understand as to why the process is simple yet complicated, we will be discussing the different steps into completing the request for security clearance. To start the process you will need to:

  • Begin by requesting a security clearance form from the person in charge by submitting a request form so as to inform them that you are indeed requesting a security clearance and to give some level of self-identification to the security personnel.
  • After submitting the request form you are required to wait for a brief amount of time before the security personnel will return with the blank security clearance form that you will need to complete and submit.
  • Receiving the security clearance forms will require you to acquire and complete all of the necessary documents and signatures that are listed as requirements in the instructions. This will often be subjected to the most thorough review in order to identify if you really have complied with the necessary requirements and fields.
  • After compiling all of the requirements, you will be required to submit them inside a large envelope and submit it to the security personnel as they will begin to do a thorough background check on you.

What Are the Levels of Security?

It is sometimes easy to forget that there are different levels of security in terms of information sharing. To be exact, there are at least three levels of security with each level having access to a greater deal of information than the last.

This is simply because each level of security will require you to submit a greater deal of requirements and documents before you can be granted access to the higher level of security areas. This is basically a cause and effect scenario where the more information you give about yourself and your connections, the more information you are entitled to.

As we stated earlier, there are three levels of security available, these being: confidential clearance, secret clearance, and top secret clearance levels.

Security clearances are a necessity simply because of the fact that they allow for the restriction of confidential information, as well as to prevent unnecessary personnel who need to be kept in a need to know basis in regards to knowing otherwise sensitive information that they are not supposed to learn of.

It can sometimes be said that security clearance forms are basically a type of authorization form that is made as a means of identifying the individuals who are to be kept up to date.

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