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Embarking on crafting a Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter? Our comprehensive guide is here to navigate you through this essential career step with ease. Including a variety of Sample Letter examples, we delve into the nuances of drafting a resignation letter that maintains professionalism and respect. Whether you’re moving towards new opportunities or simply closing a chapter, our guide ensures your transition is seamless, setting a positive tone for your departure.

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Download 2 Week Notice Letter Bundle

What is 2 Week Notice Letter?

A 2 Week Notice Letter is a formal communication informing an employer of your decision to resign from your position, effective two weeks from the date of the letter. It’s a standard professional courtesy that allows for a smooth transition of responsibilities, ensuring both you and your employer can prepare for your departure. This letter should be thoughtfully written, expressing gratitude for the opportunity and detailing any necessary information about your final working days.

2 Week Notice Letter Format


  • Include your contact information at the top, followed by the date, and then the recipient’s details.


  • Address the recipient formally.
  • State your intention to resign and your last day of work, ensuring it’s two weeks from the date of the letter.


  • Express gratitude for the opportunities and experiences gained.
  • Offer to assist with the transition, whether through training successors or completing outstanding tasks.


  • Reiterate thanks and well-wishes for the company’s future.
  • Sign off with a professional closing and your signature, if submitting a hard copy.

2 Week Notice Letter Template Word

Download our 2 Week Notice Letter Template Word to professionally navigate your resignation. Tailored for those who prefer Microsoft Word, it ensures a Formal Letter structure for a seamless transition. You should also take a look at our Teacher Resignation Letter.

2 Week Notice Letter Template Free

Access our 2 Week Notice Letter Template Free for a no-cost solution to resigning gracefully. It’s designed to help you express your departure intentions clearly, without the hassle. You should also take a look at our 1 Week’s Notice Resignation Letter

Two Week Notice Letter

Crafting a Two Week Notice Letter signifies a respectful notification of resignation, ensuring a positive relationship end. Use our guide to balance gratitude with the formality of a Complaint Letter, focusing on positive communication. You should also take a look at our Nursing RN Resignation Letter.

2 Week Notice Letter Simple

Our 2 Week Notice Letter Simple template offers a straightforward approach to resigning, ideal for those seeking to convey their message succinctly. It’s as direct yet courteous as an Example Cover Letter, ensuring clarity and professionalism. You should also take a look at our Retirement Resignation Letter Doc.

Resignation Letter 2 Week Notice


File Format
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Get this resignation letter sample downloaded to if you want to send 2 weeks notice period to your company. Available in PDF format that can be customized easily. Download now. You should also take a look at our Board Resignation Letter.

Sample 2 Week Notice Letter

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Formal 2 Week Notice Letter

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Check out this formal 2 weeks notice letter sample that is ideal for you if you are planning to quit the job with 2 weeks notice period. This sample helps you in creating a notice letter in seconds. You should also take a look at our Police Officer Resignation Letter.

2 Week Notice Letter For Job

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Use this notice letter sample if you want to provide a 2 weeks notice letter to your employer to resign from your job position. You can customize this easily by editing text. You should also take a look at our Official Resignation Letter.

2 Week Notice Letter for Daycare

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  • Doc

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Do you work in a daycare and want to resign from the job? Utilize this 2 weeks notice letter sample especially created for daycare employees. It speeds up your letter writing work thus making your task much easier. You should also take a look at our Email Resignation Letter.

2 Weeks Notice Letter Medical Assistant

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Here is a perfectly created 2 weeks notice letter for medical assistants to help them send a resignation letter to their employer in a formal and professional way. Just get downloaded and customize with your own details.

Simple 2 Week Notice Letter

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Size: 1.4 MB


How do you Write a 2 Week Notice Letter?

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Writing a 2 Week Notice Letter involves a few key steps:

  1. Start with a formal greeting: Address your letter directly to your supervisor.
  2. State your intention: Clearly indicate that you are resigning and include the effective date, adhering to the Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter standard.
  3. Express gratitude: Thank your employer for the opportunities you’ve had during your employment.
  4. Offer support: Suggest assistance during the transition period, whether it’s training a replacement or wrapping up projects.
  5. Conclude professionally: End with a courteous sign-off and your contact information. You should also take a look at our Employee Verification Letter.

How to Give a 2 Week Notice Letter

Giving a 2 Week Notice Letter respectfully:

  1. Prepare your letter: Follow the Resignation Letter format to draft your notice.
  2. Schedule a meeting: Request a private meeting with your supervisor to discuss your resignation personally.
  3. Present your letter: During the meeting, hand your letter to your boss as a formal gesture.
  4. Discuss your departure: Explain your reasons for leaving in a positive manner, if appropriate.
  5. Stay professional: Maintain a professional demeanor throughout the conversation.

What to Say in a Two Weeks Notice?

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In a Two Weeks Notice:

  1. State your resignation: Begin by stating your decision to resign.
  2. Specify the date: Clearly mention your last working day.
  3. Express appreciation: Acknowledge the growth and opportunities provided.
  4. Offer transition help: Propose your support in finding and training your replacement.
  5. Include a brief reason: Optionally, share a concise reason for leaving, ensuring it’s positive and constructive.

What do I Say to my Boss when I Give Two Weeks Notice?

When giving Two Weeks Notice to your boss:

  1. Be direct but respectful: State your decision to resign clearly.
  2. Express gratitude: Thank them for the opportunities and experiences.
  3. Mention the notice period: Confirm your last working day.
  4. Offer support: Propose assistance with the transition.
  5. Stay positive: Keep the conversation constructive, focusing on the positive aspects of your tenure.

How do I Write a Formal Resignation Letter with 2 Weeks Notice?

Writing a Formal Resignation Letter with 2 Weeks Notice:

  1. Format correctly: Use a Letter of Intent for a professional layout.
  2. Declare resignation: Start by stating your intention to resign and when.
  3. Thankfulness: Include a section expressing gratitude for the opportunities given.
  4. Transition support: Offer to help with the handover process.
  5. Professional closure: End with a formal closure and your signature.

What Happens if you give Two Weeks Notice and they Ask you to Leave?

If you give Two Weeks Notice and are asked to leave immediately:

  1. Understand your rights: Consult your employment contract or employee handbook for policies regarding notice periods.
  2. Negotiate your exit: Attempt to discuss terms of your departure, including pay for the notice period, using a Legal Confirmation Letter as a reference.
  3. Secure your benefits: Inquire about remaining benefits or payouts.
  4. Document the conversation: Keep a record of the discussion and any agreements made.
  5. Leave professionally: Ensure you exit the company gracefully, returning any company property and thanking your colleagues. You should also take a look at our Insurance Termination Letter.

What is the Best Time of Day to Put in Your Two Weeks Notice?

The best time to submit your Two Weeks Notice is in the morning, allowing your manager to process the information and plan for a smooth transition throughout the day. You should also take a look at our Contractor Termination Letter.

How do I Resign Gracefully?

To resign gracefully, write a formal Letter of Resignation, express gratitude for the opportunity, offer to assist during the transition, and communicate your decision in a personal meeting with your supervisor.

What Should a 2 Week Notice Say?

A 2 Week Notice should clearly state your intention to resign, your last working day, express appreciation for the opportunity, and offer help during the transition period. You should also take a look at our Appeal Letter Format

Do You Need to Give a Reason for Resignation?

No, you’re not obligated to provide a reason for your resignation in your Termination Letter. However, offering a brief, positive explanation can maintain good relations with your employer.

How Do You Survive a Two Week Notice?

To survive a Two Week Notice period, remain professional, complete all pending tasks, assist in the transition process, and say goodbye to colleagues through a Farewell Letter.

What is a Valid Reason for Immediate Resignation?

Valid reasons for immediate resignation include severe health issues, unsafe work conditions, significant ethical concerns, or urgent family matters, necessitating a Lease Termination Letter-like immediate exit.

In summary, a 2 Week Notice Letter serves as a bridge to your next professional endeavor, ensuring you leave your current position with dignity and respect. Through our guide, complete with Sample, Forms, Letters, and practical advice, you’re equipped to write a letter that mirrors the professionalism of a Lease Termination Letter, marking the end of one lease and the beginning of another on your career path.

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