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two weeks notice resignation letter

Embarking on a new chapter and need to craft a Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter? Look no further! Our complete guide provides everything you need, from essential tips to polished sample letters. Whether it’s for a  Resignation Letter scenario, our resource is packed with content to help you compose a letter that’s respectful, professional, and clear. Find the perfect Sample Letter to communicate your departure smoothly and maintain positive relationships with your current employer.

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Download Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter Bundle

What is Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter?

A Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter is a formal notification that you plan to leave your job, given to your employer at least two weeks before your intended last day. This courteous gesture allows for a smoother transition, enabling your employer to prepare for your departure by finding a replacement or redistributing your responsibilities. It’s a professional standard that helps maintain positive relations and a good reputation in your industry.

Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter Format


  • Your Name
  • Your Position
  • Your Address (optional)
  • Date


  • Dear [Manager’s Name],


  • State your intention to resign.
  • Mention the effective date of resignation.


  • Thank your employer for the opportunities given.
  • Briefly mention the reason for leaving (optional).
  • Offer to assist with the transition.


  • Express gratitude for the experience gained.
  • Look forward to your remaining time with the company.


  • Sincerely,
  • [Your Name]

Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter Template Free

Access our free template for a Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter, seamlessly blending professionalism with personal tone, perfect for all, from Letter of Resignation scenarios to specific job roles.

Two Weeks Notice Letter Short and Sweet

Craft a concise, impactful Two Weeks Notice Letter that gets straight to the point. Ideal for those preferring brevity over complexity, similar to crafting an Immediate Resignation Letter, but with a two-week courtesy.

2 Weeks Notice Letter Copy and Paste

Use our ready-to-go 2 Weeks Notice Letter for a hassle-free resignation process. It’s designed for ease, mirroring the straightforwardness of a Nursing RN Resignation Letter, ensuring you leave on good terms.

Simple Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter

A Simple Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter provides a clear, no-fuss way to announce your departure, catering to situations ranging from a standard exit to a Retirement Resignation Letter Doc, emphasizing clarity and respect.

Two Week Resignation Notice Letter Sample

File Format
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Size: 21KB


Polite Resignation Notice Letter

File Format
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Size: 12KB


Two Week Notice Resignation Letter Due to Personal Reasons

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Size: 29KB

Resignation Notice Letter Due to Relocation


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Size: 24KB


Resignation Notice Letter For Better Opportunities

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Size: 17KB


Resignation Notice Letter Due to Health Reasons

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Size: 44KB


Two Week Resignation Notice Letter Due to Hostile Work Environment

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Size: 55KB


How do I Write a 2 Week Resignation Notice?

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Writing a 2 Week Resignation Notice involves a few key steps to ensure a smooth transition:

  1. Start with a Formal Greeting: Address your letter to your direct supervisor or manager.
  2. State Your Intention: Clearly mention that you are resigning and specify the effective date of your resignation, aiming for a two-week timeframe.
  3. Express Gratitude: Thank your employer for the opportunities and experiences you’ve had during your tenure, similar to the sentiment in an Official Resignation Letter.
  4. Offer Support for the Transition: Indicate your willingness to help with the transition, perhaps by training your replacement or finalizing projects.
  5. Conclude with a Professional Closing: Sign off with a formal closing, such as “Sincerely,” followed by your name.

What Happens if You give Two Weeks Notice and They Ask You to Leave?

If you give two weeks notice and are asked to leave immediately:

  1. Remain Professional: Keep calm and professional, regardless of the situation.
  2. Clarify Final Pay and Benefits: Discuss how your final paycheck, accrued vacation time, and any benefits will be handled.
  3. Request a Letter of Employment: Ask for a letter confirming your employment and resignation date, akin to an Employee Termination Letter.
  4. Return Company Property: Ensure you return any company property, similar to the protocol in a Police Officer Resignation Letter.
  5. Document Everything: Keep records of all communications regarding your resignation and departure.

Should you Put Reason for Leaving in Resignation Letter?

Including your reason for leaving in a resignation letter is optional and depends on your situation and comfort level. If you choose to include it, keep the explanation brief and positive, focusing on future opportunities rather than negative experiences. This approach can be especially relevant if transitioning to scenarios requiring a “Board Resignation Letter“where context might support understanding.

What do You Say in a 2 Week Notice Email?

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In a 2 Week Notice Email:

  1. Subject Line: Clearly state your intention, such as “Resignation – [Your Name]”.
  2. Greet Your Employer: Start with a formal salutation using your manager’s name.
  3. State Your Resignation: Concisely inform them of your decision to resign and the effective date, following the format of an Email Resignation Letter.
  4. Express Appreciation: Briefly thank your employer for the opportunity and highlight any positive aspects of your job experience.
  5. Mention Transition Support: Offer your assistance in making the transition as smooth as possible.
  6. Include Contact Information: End with your personal contact information for any further communication.

How do You Politely give a Two Weeks Notice?

Giving a two weeks notice politely involves:

  1. Choose the Right Time and Place: Inform your manager in person if possible, choosing a private and appropriate setting.
  2. Be Prepared and Concise: Have a written “Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter” ready, keeping your message clear and to the point.
  3. Express Gratitude: Acknowledge the opportunities and experiences you’ve had, similar to expressing thanks in a Lease Termination Letter.
  4. Offer Transition Assistance: Like in an Employment Termination Letter, offer to help with handing over your duties or training a replacement.
  5. Stay Positive: Keep the conversation positive, focusing on the future and maintaining professional relationships.

Should I Give My Two Week Notice on a Friday or Monday?

Giving your Two Week Notice on a Friday allows your employer to process the information and plan accordingly, similar to the consideration given in an Insurance Termination Letter.

Is it OK to Write a Two Weeks Notice Letter?

Yes, writing a Two Weeks Notice Letter is not only acceptable but recommended. It formalizes your intent to leave, mirroring the professionalism of a Contractor Termination Letter.

When Should You Not Give your Two Weeks Notice?

Avoid giving Two Weeks Notice if facing unethical work conditions, similar to situations necessitating a Patient Termination Letter, where immediate departure is justified.

Does a 2 Week Notice have to be Exactly 2 Weeks?

A Two Week Notice does not have to be exactly 14 days but should align with professional norms and the specifics of your Contract Termination Letter.

Can you Use your PTO Before you Quit?

Yes, you can use your PTO before quitting, but policies vary by company. It’s advisable to check with HR, akin to clarifying details. You should also take a look at our  Two Week Notice Letter.

Do You Send Resignation Letter to HR or Manager?

Send your Resignation Letter to both your manager and HR to ensure proper processing, similar to the distribution approach. You should also take a look at our Farewell Letter

Crafting a Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter is a crucial step in your professional journey. It signifies your intent to move on with respect and professionalism. Using our samples and forms can guide you in creating an effective letter that serves as a proper Termination Letter, ensuring a graceful exit from your current position. Remember, the way you leave a job can be just as important as how you started it.

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