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Requisition Slip Form – Complete Guide with examples – Dive into the world of Requisition Slip Forms with our detailed guide, designed to streamline your procurement and inventory management processes. This essential resource blends practical examples with in-depth insights, focusing on both the Requisition Form and the nuances of Purchase Requisition Form. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the field, our guide offers valuable strategies to enhance your procurement efficiency, ensuring you’re equipped with the knowledge to effectively manage your organization’s resource allocation.

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What is Requisition Slip Form? – Meaning

A Requisition Slip Form is a simplified document used within organizations to request specific goods, services, or inventory. It acts as a streamlined version of a more comprehensive Requisition Form, allowing departments to quickly communicate their needs to the purchasing or procurement department. Essential for efficient inventory management and procurement processes, these slips typically include details such as item descriptions, quantities, and the requesting department, streamlining the approval and acquisition of necessary resources.

Requisition Slip Format

Requisition Slip No.: [Unique Identifier]
Date: [Current Date]

Requester Details:

  • Name: [Requester’s Name]
  • Department: [Department Name]
  • Contact: [Phone Number, Email]

Item Details:

  • Item Name: [Item Requested]
  • Quantity: [Number]
  • Description: [Brief Description]

For Use In: [Specific Area/Project the Item is Required For]
Date Required: [Date]


  • Requested By: [Requester’s Signature]
  • Approved By: [Approver’s Name and Signature]
  • Date of Approval: [Date]

Requisition Slip Form PDF

Easily download and distribute Requisition Slip Form PDFs for streamlined procurement processes, ideal for Stationery Requisition Form requests, ensuring quick access and efficient use across departments.

Requisition Slip Form Template

Customize your procurement with Requisition Slip Form Templates, perfect for creating a tailored Test Requisition Form that meets your specific healthcare or laboratory needs efficiently.

Printable Requisition Slip Form

Utilize Printable Requisition Slip Forms to simplify the request process for any goods, making it perfect for Job Requisition Form submissions, allowing for easy, on-the-spot requests.

Free Requisition Slip Form

Access Free Requisition Slip Forms online to manage your procurement needs without cost, ideal for small-scale or urgent Material Requisition Form requests, enhancing your resource management strategy.

More Requisition Slip Form Samples

Requisition Slip Form Sample

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Photocopy Printing Requisition Form

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Types of Requisition Slip Forms

There are various types of requisition slip forms which can be used by companies and organizations for their requisition procedures, and these are as follows:

Certificate Requisition Slip Form – This is the type of requisition slip form which is used by educational institutions for their students who would want to acquire a certificate fee receipt. The information which will be collected in this type of requisition slip would be the name of the requesting student, the student’s course and branch information, payment details, and the purpose of the receipt. In addition, the form will also have to be filled out by the office staff of the institution who will execute the needed actions in lieu of the request. The details that the office staff must state should include the issue date of the certificate or the receipt. After the form is completed by the office, it should be signed and dated by the requesting student specifically for an acknowledgment of receipt to indicate that he was able to receive what he requested. You may also see Food Requisition Form

Certificate Requisition Slip Form

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Cheque Book Requisition Slip Form – Employees or managers of a company organization should only use checkbooks that the organization itself provided when conducting transactions payable by cheques. In the form, the name of the requestor will need to be stated along with the details of the financial account where the cheque’s payment will be acquired. Furthermore, the form must then be signed by the requestor with the date when he signed the form, his full name, and his full address. You may also see Petty Cash Requisition Form

Cheque Book Requisition Slip Form

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Clothing Requisition and Issue Slip Form – Basically, a requisition and issue slip form is for documenting the requisition details and the information of when the requested items are issued to the requestor. In lieu of this, a clothing requisition and issue slip form will collect the specific clothing items requested by the requestor including its unit price and quantity. The form will also document whether or not the request was approved along with the requirements and instructions to be followed by the requestor for submitting a requisition slip. You may also see Employment Requisition Form

Clothing Requisition and Issue Slip Form

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Size: 276 KB


Payment Requisition Slip Form – As compared to the aforementioned forms, this type of requisition slip is only to be used when the item to be requested is monetary as payment for particular expenses. The requisition date, contact person and his telephone number, the recipient of the payment, as well as the explanation of expenses, will be some of the details to state in the form. Moreover, a table which is for the details of the expenses will also have to be filled out by the requestor. The table will collect the account number, description of the item, the item’s accompanying price or payment amount, and its office or department designation. You may also see Restaurant Requisition Form

Payment Requisition Form

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Personnel Requisition Slip Form – The purpose of a personnel requisition slip form is to inform the higher level of a company about the necessity to hire new Employee Requisition Form for new job positions. Two sections comprise this type of form. The first section is allotted for the details of the position requested while the second section is for the budget information and the approval of the company. You may also see Internal Requisition Form

Personnel Requisition Form

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Promotional Items Issuance Requisition Slip Form

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Requisition and Issue Slip Form

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Store Requisition Slip Form

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How do I make a requisition form?

To create an effective requisition form, follow these steps:

  1. Header: Start with a clear header stating “Requisition Form”.
  2. Date and Details: Include the date, department, and details of the requester.
  3. Item Descriptions: List the items or services needed, utilizing a Stock Requisition Form format for inventory requests.
  4. Purpose and Justification: Explain the purpose of each item.
  5. Authorization: Include sections for managerial approval.
  6. Submission Instructions: Provide details on how to submit the form. You may also see Refund Request Form

How do you write a requisition slip?

Writing a requisition slip involves:

  1. Title: Clearly label the document as a “Requisition Slip”.
  2. Requester Information: Include the name, department, and contact info.
  3. Item Request: Specify items or services needed, akin to an Equipment Requisition Form.
  4. Quantity and Description: Detail the quantity and description of each request.
  5. Date Required: Mention when the items are needed by.
  6. Approval: Leave space for approval signatures. You may also see Payment Request Form

What are the 3 parts of requisition form?

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The three essential parts of a requisition form are:

  1. Requester Details: Information about the person making the request, similar to a Personnel Requisition Form.
  2. Item or Service Description: Detailed list of requested items or services.
  3. Approval Section: Space for signatures from the authorizing personnel. You may also see Maintenance Request Form

What does a requisition include?

A requisition typically includes:

  1. Requester’s Information: Name, department, and contact details.
  2. Item Details: Names, quantities, and specifications of requested items, much like a Lab Requisition Form.
  3. Purpose: Reason for the requisition.
  4. Budget Code: For accounting purposes.
  5. Approval Signatures: Authorization from relevant supervisors. You may also see Travel Request Form

What is the purpose of a purchase requisition slip?

The purpose of a purchase requisition slip is to:

  1. Officially request the purchase of goods or services.
  2. Ensure purchases are authorized and necessary, similar to a Payment Requisition Form process.
  3. Facilitate budget checks and financial planning.
  4. Create an audit trail for procurement activities. You may also see Change Request Form

What is the importance of requisition slip form?

The importance of a requisition slip form lies in:

  1. Streamlining the procurement process.
  2. Maintaining a formal record of requests, akin to an Office Requisition Form.
  3. Ensuring proper authorization and budget allocation.
  4. Improving inventory management and planning. You may also see Request Form

What is the purpose of materials requisition slip and job cost sheet?

The purpose of a materials requisition slip and a job cost sheet is twofold and integral to managing production and accounting within a business.

  • Materials Requisition Slip: This document serves as a formal request for materials from the storage area to be used in production. Its main purposes include:
    1. Authorization: It authorizes the release of specified materials from inventory, ensuring that materials are used properly and efficiently.
    2. Tracking: Helps in tracking the usage of materials for specific jobs or projects, aiding in inventory control and management.
    3. Cost Allocation: Facilitates accurate allocation of material costs to specific jobs or products, essential for determining the cost of goods sold and for pricing strategies. You may also see Supply Requisition Form
  • Job Cost Sheet: This document is used to compile and record the costs associated with a specific job or project. Its primary purposes are:
    1. Cost Compilation: Accumulates all costs (materials, labor, and overhead) related to a specific job, providing a comprehensive view of total expenses.
    2. Budgeting and Estimating: Helps in comparing estimated costs to actual costs, enabling businesses to budget more accurately for future projects.
    3. Profitability Analysis: Assists in determining the profitability of individual jobs, guiding business decisions and strategy.
    4. Billing: Provides the necessary details for billing clients accurately in case of job-order costing scenarios.

Together, the materials requisition slip and job cost sheet play a crucial role in the manufacturing and financial processes of a business, ensuring efficient material usage, accurate cost tracking, effective budget management, and profitability analysis. You may also see Purchase Order Request Form

How to Make a Requisition Slip Form

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Follow the steps below to create a general type of requisition slip form:

Step 1: Prepare the sheet to be used for the form.

The areas to be prepared must include the margin and the required design preferences of the organization or the company who will use the requisition slip form for their request procedures within the company. You may also see Testimonial Request Form

Step 2: Make the header.

The header would be the area where the name of the company and its logo will be indicated along with the title of the form. In addition, this is also where the address and the contact information of the company can be stated, specifically below the organization or the company’s name. You may also see Purchase Order Form

Step 3: Incorporate an area for the details of the requestor.

The general information of the requestor should be documented in the form including his position in the company and the department that he is representing or the one who will be needing the requested items. The date of when the requestor used the form can also be included in this part of the form. Entry fields must be retained blank and with labels to guide the requestor in filling out each field with the appropriate information. You may also see Apparel Order Form

Step 4: Create a table for the requisition details.

The table should be able to collect the description of each item to be requested, its quantity, price, and the overall price estimation to be considered. You may also see Supply Request Form

Step 5: Place a signature block.

The signature block must have lines for the signature, notes, and dates when the decision of the approval or requisition committee has been made. You may also see Book Order Form

After the contents are arranged and finalized, the created form should be saved in a location in the device which can be accessed by the intended users or distributors of the form. Furthermore, its file name should also be the same as the title stated in the header. You may also see Pre-Order Form

What is the purpose of a requisition?

The purpose of a requisition, such as a Service Requisition Form, is to formally request goods or services, ensuring proper authorization and documentation for procurement processes.

Who should make a requisition slip form?

A requisition slip form should be made by employees or department heads needing resources, using forms like a Staff Requisition Form to initiate the request.

Who is responsible for requisition?

The department requiring the goods or services is responsible for the requisition, typically through a Stockroom Requisition Form, ensuring accurate and authorized requests.

What is the document of requisition?

The document of requisition, like a Delivery Order Form, is an official form used to request goods or services, detailing requirements and authorization for procurement.

What is found on a requisition form?

A requisition form includes details such as item descriptions, quantities, purpose, requester information, and approval signatures, similar to what’s found on a Training Requisition Form.

What is a typical requisition form?

A typical requisition form, akin to a Change Order Form, outlines the specifics of a request, including item details, requester info, and authorization sections for managerial approval.

Who prepares a requisition?

Requisitions, including those like a Money Order Form, are typically prepared by employees or managers who identify a need for goods or services within their department.

Why Use Our Requisition Slip Form Templates?

The most common reason why organizations and companies must use our templates is that because every template we offer is free and printable. This means that there are no additional fees which will have to be paid in order to be eligible to download our Recruitment Requisition Form. Another benefit accompanying the usage of our template is that there are various formats to choose from which will suit every type of method that an organization chooses in using and distributing the form to the target audience. Moreover, the templates can also be accessed and be customized using basic tools or software application programs of varying brands such as from Microsoft and from Apple.

In conclusion, Requisition Slip Forms play a crucial role in the organized and efficient procurement of goods and services within an organization. By using these Sample Forms, Letters, and the specialized Reclassification Request Form, businesses can ensure a smooth requisition process, reducing delays and improving overall operational efficiency. These forms not only facilitate clear communication between departments but also support effective inventory management and resource planning, making them an indispensable tool in the modern workplace.

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