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Requisition Form – Complete Guide with examples – Unlock the potential of effective procurement with our comprehensive guide to Requisition Forms. This detailed overview includes everything from the basics of Requisition Slip Form to the nuances of crafting a perfect Test Requisition Form. Enhance your understanding and efficiency in handling requests within any organization. With practical examples and expert tips, this guide is designed to streamline your requisition process, making it simpler, faster, and more effective. Dive into the world of requisition forms and revolutionize your approach to resource management today.

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What is Requisition Form?

A Requisition Form is a critical document used by departments within an organization to formally request items or services. It serves as an official request to procure goods, detailing the specifics such as quantity, description, and the purpose of the requisition. This form ensures that all requests are documented, approved, and tracked efficiently, promoting a streamlined process for acquiring necessary resources. By utilizing a Requisition Form, organizations can maintain control over their inventory, budget, and overall procurement strategy.

Requisition Format

Requisition Number: [Unique Identifier]
Date: [Date of Request]

Department Requesting:

  • Department Name: [Name]
  • Manager: [Manager’s Name]
  • Contact Information: [Phone Number, Email]

Details of Requisition:

  • Item Description: [Description of the Items Requested]
  • Quantity: [Number]
  • Purpose: [Specific Purpose of the Requisition]
  • Preferred Vendor (if any): [Vendor Name]
  • Required By Date: [Date]


  • Requested By: [Name, Signature]
  • Approved By: [Supervisor Name, Signature]
  • Date Approved: [Date]

Requisition Form PDF

Discover the efficiency of Requisition Form PDFs for streamlined procurement. Ideal for any sector, including Job Requisition Form submissions, ensuring precision and ease in requests.

Requisition Form Medical

Requisition Form Medical documents are vital for healthcare operations, from Material Requisition Form needs to critical medical supplies, enhancing patient care through organized resource management.

Simple Requisition Form

A Simple Requisition Form is your go-to for quick and effective resource requests, perfect for situations like Purchase Requisition Form needs, simplifying the procurement process.

Requisition Form Template

Requisition Form Templates offer a customizable solution for various needs, from Stationery Requisition Form requests to bulk orders, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in supply chain management.

More Requisition Form Samples

Fuel Requisition Form

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 426 KB


Fuel Requisition Form – Organizations who have their own vehicle that employees and staff can use must prepare a fuel requisition form. This document is intended for recording the requests of the employee who will be using the organization’s vehicle to obtain an amount for purchasing or reloading the vehicle’s fuel. In the form, the division or sector where the employee is employed under, the name of the driver of the vehicle, the type of vehicle, the place to visit, as well as the purpose of the visit, and the fuel amount will have to be disclosed. Additionally, the approximate mileage duration to be noted by the driver will also be indicated in the form along with the allocated number for identifying the vehicle. You may also see Pre-Order Form

Church Requisition Form

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 98 KB


Church Requisition Form – This is another requisition form template variety which centers on obtaining funds, however from a specific organization which is a church group. The requisition document number along with the purchase order number, cost center name, cost center number, and the reimburse name will be the data to be stated in the first portion of the form. The second portion of the form consists of a table which is for indicating the details of the church funds and budget allocations. Lastly, the names of the church officials who requisitioned and approved the request will be indicated in the third portion of the form with the date when they gave the approval for the requisition to be executed. You may also see Book Order Form

Purchase Requisition Form

File Format
  • DOC

Size: 10 KB


Stock Requisition Form

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 88 KB


Employee Uniform Requisition Form

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 230 KB


Employee Uniform Requisition Form – Compared to the aforementioned requisition form templates which are mostly for documenting items and requests to be used by the entire organization, this requisition form is only for requesting a uniform set for an employee and not for the whole employment or staff members. The contents in this employee requisition form include the name of the employee requesting the uniform, the company address and department where he is assigned in, his uniform specifications, and an affirmation statement for documenting his payment authorization. You may also see Apparel Order Form

Material Requisition Form

File Format
  • XLS

Size: 58 KB


Food Quality Check Sample Requisition Form

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 85 KB


Transport Requisition Form

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 107 KB


Capital Item Requisition Form – The purpose of this requisition form template variety is to document the item that an organization representative wants to request and purchase using the capital or funds of the organization. The information to disclose in the form for the requisition procedure would include the description of the item to be purchased and its asset type. You may also see Purchase Order Form

Capital Item Requisition Form

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 121 KB


Cheque Cash Requisition Form – If the intent of the requesting person is to borrow or obtain an amount of money and a cheque from the organization for reasons other than purchasing items, a cheque cash requisition form must be used. This document will collect the details of the request such as the purpose and the allocation of the requested money, the date when the requisition form was used, the person filling out the requisition form, the amount required, as well as the signatures of the organization’s approval committee. You may also see Purchase Order Request Form

Cheque Cash Requisition Form

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 30 KB


Computers and Peripherals Requisition Form

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 173 KB


Computers and Peripherals Requisition Form – This requisition form is only intended for documenting the computers and peripherals request of an organization member. Educational institutions such as universities and colleges are the main users of this form. Moreover, the form contains six items which must be filled out by the requesting party. The first item identifies the department where the computers will be sent and will be used while the second item determines the financial year where the funds for purchasing the computers will be obtained. Details of the department’s budget allocation, the existing purchase, the requirement and justifications, and the recommendations of the committee will be contents of the other items of the form. You may also see Request Form

Kitchen Requisition Form

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 463 KB


Kitchen Requisition Form – Companies and organizations who have kitchen areas and pantries use kitchen requisition forms for processing kitchen-use requests of members and employees. This form not only collects the details of the request but also identifies the responsibilities of the requesting party towards maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen area. An event information section also needs to be filled out by the requesting party which is for indicating the date and time of the event to be held where food will have to be cooked and be prepared in the reserved kitchen. You may also see Travel Request Form

Personnel Requisition Form

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 148 KB


Personnel Requisition Form – For companies and employers who wants to fill in a vacant position, a personnel requisition form is a useful document to use. The form will serve as an information document that prompts the management about the need for a hiring procedure to be conducted for filling in job vacancy. Most importantly, the form also specifies the qualifications and requirements needed to be met by the candidates along with the indication of whether the job is open for full-time or part-time job seekers. Moreover, the amount of the salary to be requested and the approval of the hiring committee will also be included in the form. You may also see Maintenance Request Form

Requisition forms are important because it allows the management and the requesting party to communicate and negotiate about the request, especially if the requisition includes a change or an allocation of the organization’s funds. Also, an organization must not approve a requisition without first undergoing a verification and budgeting procedure which is for determining whether or not the requested item is relevant for the organization, and can be financially supported without dealing with financial downfalls. Lastly, service requisition forms must be documented and be recorded even after the completion of a request. The purpose of documenting fulfilled forms is to have accurate financial reports and to properly identify which items are obtained from a specific year or period. You may also see Refund Request Form

What is a requisition form in medical terms?

A requisition form in medical terms, often referred to as a Lab Requisition Form, is a document used by healthcare providers to request medical tests for patients.

  1. Identification: The healthcare provider fills out patient identification information.
  2. Test Selection: The specific tests to be conducted are selected.
  3. Purpose: The reason for the tests is documented, aiding in accurate diagnosis.
  4. Physician Details: The ordering physician’s information is provided.
  5. Submission: The form is submitted to the laboratory.
  6. Lab Processing: The lab processes the requisition and conducts the tests.
  7. Results Reporting: Results are reported back to the ordering physician for further patient management. You may also see Payment Request Form

What is a job requisition form?

A job requisition form, synonymous with Recruitment Requisition Form, is used by departments to officially request the filling of a vacant position.

  1. Position Details: Description of the job role and responsibilities.
  2. Justification: Reasoning behind the need for hiring.
  3. Budget Approval: Confirmation of budget for the new position.
  4. HR Review: HR department reviews the requisition for completeness.
  5. Approval: Senior management approves the job opening.
  6. Job Posting: The approved job is posted on relevant platforms.
  7. Recruitment Process: The recruitment process begins, leading to the selection of a suitable candidate. You may also see Testimonial Request Form

What is the importance of a requisition form?

importance of a requisition form 1024x576

The importance of a requisition form lies in its role in formalizing requests for goods or services within an organization, including Supply Requisition Form requirements.

  1. Formal Request: Initiates the formal procurement process.
  2. Approval Process: Ensures requests are reviewed and approved.
  3. Budget Management: Helps in tracking and managing budgets.
  4. Audit Trail: Provides documentation for audits.
  5. Efficiency: Streamlines ordering processes.
  6. Accountability: Establishes a chain of responsibility.
  7. Compliance: Ensures compliance with organizational policies.

What are the benefits of job requisition?

The benefits of job requisition, particularly through an Employee Requisition Form, include:

  1. Structured Hiring: Organizes the hiring process.
  2. Needs Assessment: Ensures accurate assessment of staffing needs.
  3. Budget Alignment: Aligns hiring with budgetary considerations.
  4. Approval Process: Formalizes the approval for new hires.
  5. Recruitment Strategy: Aids in developing a targeted recruitment strategy.
  6. Onboarding Planning: Prepares for the onboarding of new employees.
  7. Compliance: Ensures compliance with employment laws and policies. You may also see Supply Request Form

What are the different types of requisitions?

Different types of requisitions address various organizational needs, including Petty Cash Requisition Form for minor expenses and Equipment Requisition Form for hardware requests.

Types Include:

  1. Stock Requisition Form: For inventory replenishment.
  2. Payment Requisition Form: For processing payments.
  3. Office Requisition Form: For office supplies.
  4. Food Requisition Form: For catering and pantry supplies.
  5. Personnel Requisition Form: For staffing needs.
  6. Internal Requisition Form: For interdepartmental requests.

Additional types include Employment Requisition Form and Restaurant Requisition Form, catering to specific industry needs.

What are the 5 parts of a requisition form?

The 5 parts of a requisition form include critical components for effective request processing, such as seen in an Internal Requisition Form.

  1. Requester Information: Who is making the request.
  2. Item Details: What is being requested.
  3. Purpose: Why the item is needed.
  4. Approval Signatures: Who authorizes the request.
  5. Delivery Information: Where and when the items are needed. You may also see Change Request Form

What are the 7 steps of a requisition form?

7 steps of a requisition form 1024x576

The 7 steps of a requisition form, critical for a seamless procurement process, echo through forms like the Personnel Requisition Form.

  1. Identification of Need: Recognizing the requirement for goods or services.
  2. Completion of Form: Filling out the requisition form with all necessary details.
  3. Departmental Approval: Obtaining approval from the relevant department head.
  4. Budget Check: Ensuring the request aligns with budget constraints.
  5. Procurement Department Review: Evaluation by procurement for sourcing options.
  6. Order Placement: Procurement places the order with the supplier.
  7. Receiving and Fulfillment: Upon receipt, the goods or services are delivered to the requesting department.

What is a Requisition Form Template?

A requisition form template is a type of document which contains entry fields and sample placeholders that organizations or companies can use as a guide into creating their own requisition form. In addition, using a requisition form template can also benefit the organization especially if the template is customizable which allows the organization to re-word or edit the entire content to fit their preferences and needs. Most importantly, a requisition form template lessens the time for an organization in making a requisition form from scratch and in determining the format types and layout to use. You may also see Food Requisition Form

What are Requisition Documents Form?

Requisition documents or forms are official requests used within organizations to procure goods or services. These documents are essential for initiating purchase requisition form, requesting funding for expenses, or obtaining authorization for various needs. Here’s a breakdown of their key elements:

  1. Identification: They include details of the department or individual making the request.
  2. Specifications: They specify the exact requirements for the goods or services needed, such as quantity, size, model, or brand.
  3. Justification: They often require a justification or reason for the request, especially if the items are costly or unusual.
  4. Approval: They typically have a section for the necessary approvals from supervisors or managers to ensure the request aligns with budget and policy.
  5. Tracking: They may include a tracking or reference number for inventory and accounting purposes.

Requisition forms are crucial for maintaining organized and accountable procurement processes within businesses and institutions. You may also see Office Requisition Form

What is Requisition Form in HR?

In Human Resources (HR), a requisition form is a document used to formally request the hiring of a new employee. It is typically initiated by a department manager or supervisor who identifies the need for additional staff. The HR requisition form usually includes the following information:

  1. Position Details: Job title, department, role responsibilities, and whether it’s for a new position or a replacement.
  2. Justification for Hiring: Reasons why the new hire is needed, which could include increased workload, expansion of services, or filling a vacancy.
  3. Employment Type: Whether the position is full-time, part-time, temporary, or permanent.
  4. Salary Range: The budgeted salary or wage range for the position.
    Qualifications Required: Education, experience, skills, and any certifications necessary for the job requisition form.
  5. Approval Signatures: Sign-offs from authorized personnel, such as department heads, finance, and senior HR staff, to ensure the request aligns with organizational needs and budget constraints.
    The requisition form starts the recruitment process, and HR uses it to develop job postings, screen candidates, and eventually onboard the new employee. You may also see Payment Requisition Form

Who prepares a Requisition Form?

A requisition form is typically prepared by the individual or department manager who identifies the need for specific goods, services, or personnel. In the context of purchasing goods or services, the person responsible for managing a particular budget or project will fill out the form detailing the requirements and justifications for the request.

In the case of HR and staff requisition form, the department manager or supervisor who needs a new employee or replacement will complete the form. They will outline the job specifications, qualifications needed, and the reasons for the hire.

Once completed, the requisition form is usually submitted for approval to higher-level managers, the finance department, or the HR department, depending on the organization’s structure and the nature of the requisition. You may also see Fillable Form

What is a Requisition Order Form?

A Requisition Order Form is a document used within organizations to formally request the purchase of goods, services, or inventory. It is typically filled out by a department or team member and includes detailed information about the requested items, such as:

  • Description of Goods or Services: Detailed specifications of what is being ordered.
  • Quantity: The number of items or extent of services required.
  • Estimated Cost: The expected price or budget allocation for the order.
  • Vendor Information: Preferred suppliers or vendors, if applicable.
  • Delivery Information: Where and when the items or services should be delivered.
  • Purpose: Explanation of how the requested items will be used or the necessity of the service.
  • Authorization: Signatures or approval from supervisors or managers with the authority to approve such requests.

This form is then reviewed and approved by the appropriate personnel, often including the finance or purchasing department, before a purchase order is issued to the vendor. The Stock Requisition Form is a key part of the internal control system, ensuring that expenditures are authorized and budgeted.

What is a requisition order used for?

A requisition order, such as a Service Requisition Form, is used to formally request goods or services within an organization, ensuring proper authorization and budget alignment.

Who prepares a requisition form?

Typically, department managers or employees needing resources prepare a requisition form, like a Staff Requisition Form, to initiate the procurement process.

What is a requisition form in HR?

In HR, a requisition form, often called a Training Requisition Form, is used to request new hires or employee training, aligning staffing needs with organizational goals.

What is the rule of requisition?

The rule of requisition emphasizes proper authorization, accuracy, and completeness for requests, ensuring they align with company policy and budget, as seen with Stockroom Requisition Form.

What is the purpose of the lab requisition form?

The purpose of a lab requisition form, a key tool in healthcare, is to clearly communicate test orders, patient information, and diagnostic details to laboratory professionals.

What is the first step in making a requisition form?

The first step in making a requisition form involves identifying the need and specifying the required items or services, crucial for forms like the Delivery Order Form.

How long are requisitions good for?

The validity of requisitions, such as a Change Order Form or Money Order Form, typically depends on organizational policies, often ranging from 30 days to a fiscal year.

In conclusion, Requisition Forms, including Sample Forms, Letters, and the specific Reclassification Request Form, play a pivotal role in the structured and effective management of requests within an organization. They not only facilitate a seamless process for acquiring goods and services but also ensure that all requests are appropriately documented and approved. By adhering to this organized approach, companies can enhance their operational efficiency, maintain budgetary control, and support overall organizational success.

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