In the past few years, accidents have been evidently showing an increase in number, and one of the most common causes of an accident is recklessness. These accidents may not be avoided but a person may take some precautions to lessen the probability of being involved in this life-threatening course.

Since an accident is known as an event, though not a happy event worth celebrating, it should be reported and stated in a document for informing the authorities and knowing who will be liable for such event. Specifically, an accident report form will be used for indicating and stating the whole story of why the incident happened. Follow the steps below on how you can write and create an effective accident report to the authorities:

Step 1: Inform the others. If an accident happened in the workplace, then you should immediately head out to your supervisor or manager and tell him about the accident. Make sure that you are in a calmer manner to enable yourself in speaking properly and remembering all the necessary details that you have witnessed and got involved to. By being able to call the attention of your superior, you are not only protecting yourself but also your colleagues from getting involved in the accident. However, if the accident was on a road, head to the nearest police department or dial the police line to inform them about your situation.

Step 2: Draft the happenings. Most likely, if you have been in the accident when your adrenaline slows down, you might seem to forget some parts of the happening. To avoid this, write down the facts that you knew and get ready to create your witness statement to solve the case. The accident witness statement that you are about to create should be stated in a first person point of view.

Step 3: Do an analyzation and assessment. When the facts have been stated, do a quick analyzation of what particular situations may have lead or the cause of the accident. List down the primary cause and what areas you suspect to have contributed in the worsening of the situation.

Step 4: Start writing your report. Start by stating the company where you are in, your general information, and your position in the company. Then begin a paragraph for your detailed description of the accident which includes who you saw was with you during the incident and who you witnessed was there in the location before and after the accident happened. Lastly, write about the solution that you may suggest to the company and affix your signature on the accident report.

After you create and have submitted the report, your management must have a corrective action plan readied for the benefit of the company. This action plan will cater the safety training for the employees and employers, the list of regular maintenance methods to be done, the process of undergoing a job and workplace evaluation, and the reassessment with regards to the safety of the company premises.

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