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In the rental business, denying applicants or tenants is unavoidable whether you’re a real estate agent, a landlord or a property manager. And it is quite common to have a few questions about the proper way to reject rental applicants like all real estate professionals. A tenant rejection letter can ease your task as you can make sure you’re checking all the boxes when you reject applicants.

What is a Tenant Rejection Letter?

A tenant rejection letter is mostly used by a landlord or a property manager to notify an applicant or a tenant for residential housing that their application for renting the property is being denied. It is one of the most important landlord forms as it is important to tell the potential tenants that they have been accepted or rejected. Such rejections may take place in case he finds any doubtful information after screeing the application form. But while crafting a tenant rejection letter, the landlord needs to have valid reasons and also consist of supporting documents to support his decision.

5 Basic Tips to Write a Tenant Rejection Letter

  1. Always start your rejection letter with a positive note like you can express your gratitude towards the applicant for showing interest in renting your property among all others. You can thank the applicant at the beginning of the letter and then carry on with the main motive of the letter. This can be added in the intr
  2. Start giving valid reasons for the rejection of the application. Make sure you firmly state your regret for informing the applicant that you will not be able to rent the property to him/her due to some unfavorable reasons. You can list out the reasons in points to make it convenient to read.
  3. Do not forget to attach or add the supporting documents along with your rejection letter. Adding supporting documents will work as proof in case the tenant is not satisfied with being rejected and may demand an explanation as to why he has been unfairly treated.
  4. Do not drag the content of the letter and try to keep it brief and concise. Since a tenant rejection letter is a formal one, craft the letter in such a way that the message is being delivered without making the letter too lengthy.
  5. It needs to be signed by the entity who is responsible for reviewing the applications to make this rejection letter a formal and legal one. Generally, this entity is the landlord or an agent of the landlord who is behind making the vital decisions.

Reasons for Rejecting a Tenant

1. References:

A landlord may come to see who a person is and what others think about them by going through the references that they ask in the application. If the prospective tenant’s references are contacted by the landlord and find them unsatisfactory, then he can use those claimes to reject an application.

2. Failure to Pay the Rent:

Running a background check is a must while evaluating a tenant and in case the landlord discovers that the tenant has a history of evictions, then he can legally deny their rental application based on their probable inability to pay rent on a regular and timely basis.

3. Poor Credit Report:

A landlord can also reject a tenant if their credit report is poor, or have a significant amount of debt. These reasons indicate that they might have financial issues and may not be able to pay the rent in the future.

4. Illegal Activity:

In case the landlord finds out from the background check or personal observation that the prospective tenant has engaged in illegal activity or has a criminal history, he can deny them directly.

3+ Tenant Rejection Letter in PDF | DOC

1. Tenant Rejection Letter

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  • PDF

Size: 6.2 KB


There can be various reasons for which a tenant’s rental application can be rejected, but the main difficulty starts when you are not able to deliver this message to the applicant in a proper way. Writing down a tenant rejection letter can be a wise choice when it comes to denying the rental application. This particular tenant rejection letter template is crafted simply and it clearly explains the reasons resulting in the rejection of the application. Even though the content of the letter is basic, it is quite effective because of its pointwise explanation of various reasons.

2. Landlord-Tenant Rejection Letter

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  • PDF

Size: 12.5 KB


In case a tenant’s application is rejected by a landlord for renting the property because of his criminal records, the tenant may send a letter in response to the tenant rejection letter sent by the landlord. This particular document carries out a well-written formal letter that is sent by a tenant to the landlord after getting his rental application rejected. The reason for the rejection of the application was a criminal history. The tenant requests for a more reasonable and valid reason for the denial as he is not satisfied with the one provided by the landlord. He states the reasons why it is not valid with the help of this letter and also provides references as proofs.

3. Tenant Application Rejection Letter

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  • DOC



Sometimes, the reason for rejecting a tenant application is not stated in the tenant rejection letter. A tenant rejection letter can be written without adding the exact reason for which the application is denied. The given document is just a formal tenant rejection letter that is short and brief and is only meant to share the message to the tenant and that is to inform the tenant about the dismissal of his tenant application and add a thank you note at the end for showing interest in renting the property.

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