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A probation review form is an essential document utilized by employers to assess the performance of new hires during their probationary period. It serves as a critical tool for managers to systematically review and provide feedback on employee achievements, challenges, and overall fit within the company. Featuring both Review Form and Fillable Form formats, these documents help in making informed decisions about employment continuance or adjustments. By integrating examples and structured feedback mechanisms, probation review forms ensure transparency and foster professional growth, aligning new employees with organizational goals and expectations.

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What is a Probation Review Form?

A probation review form is a structured document used by employers to evaluate the performance and conduct of new employees during their initial probationary period. It typically includes sections for rating work quality, reliability, skills, and teamwork. The purpose of this form is to decide whether the employee’s contract will be extended, modified, or terminated. It facilitates constructive feedback and outlines expectations, helping employees understand their progress and areas needing improvement. This clear and straightforward assessment tool is vital for effective human resources management.

Probation Review Format

Employee Information:

  • Name:
  • Position:
  • Department:
  • Probation Period Start Date:
  • Probation Period End Date:

Performance Review:

  • Objectives Set at Start of Probation: List and describe.
  • Achievements: Summarize key achievements during the probation period.
  • Areas for Improvement: Discuss any areas where improvement is needed.

Feedback from Supervisors and Colleagues:

  • Supervisor Comments:
  • Colleague Feedback:


  • Conclusion: Whether probation should be ended, extended, or employment terminated.
  • Reasons for Recommendation:

Employee Comments:

  • Feedback on Review: Opportunity for the employee to provide their feedback.

Probation Review Form Template Word

Download our customizable Probation Review Form Template in Word format, perfect for conducting 90-Day Review Form efficiently and recording results precisely for employee probation periods.

Probation Review Form PDF

Access our ready-to-use Probation Review Form PDF for a seamless review process. Ideal for maintaining consistent standards akin to a Journal Review Form, this form is easily distributable and ensures uniformity in employee evaluations.

Probation Review Form for Employee

Optimize your HR practices with our detailed Probation Review Form for Employee. Incorporating elements from Peer Review Form, this template helps managers assess performance fairly and foster professional growth during the probationary phase.

Probation Review Form for Employment

Ensure comprehensive assessment with our Probation Review Form for Employment, designed to integrate smoothly into any internship review process like an Internship Review Form. This form helps in making informed decisions regarding the suitability of new hires for permanent positions.

Probation Performance

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 90 KB


Confidential Probation

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 43 KB


Probation Period Review

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 75 KB


Probation Trial Period

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 360 KB


Employee Probation Review

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 137 KB


Probationary Progress

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 96 KB


Staff Probation Supervision

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 195 KB


3 Month Probation Review

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 16 KB


90 Day Probation

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 83 KB


Mid-Probation Form

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 324 KB


Final Probation Review

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 230 KB


Simple Probation Review Form

  • DOC

Size: 32.7 KB


How to fill out a probation form?

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Filling out a probation form accurately ensures effective employee assessments, similar to completing a Restaurant Review Form.

  • Read Instructions: Understand all the criteria listed on the form.
  • Gather Information: Compile relevant data on employee performance.
  • Be Objective: Provide unbiased assessments based on facts.
  • Provide Examples: Cite specific instances of performance and behavior.
  • Review and Submit: Double-check entries for accuracy before submitting. You should also take a look at our Performance Review

What is a 3 month probation period review?

A 3 month probation period review evaluates an employee’s performance, akin to using a Salary Review Form.

  • Initial Assessment: Summarize first impressions and early performance.
  • Goal Evaluation: Review the achievements relative to set objectives.
  • Feedback from Peers: Include insights from colleagues if applicable.
  • Skill Development: Assess any progress in skills and knowledge.
  • Decision Making: Decide on employment continuation or termination.

What is a probation evaluation?

Probation evaluation is a critical HR tool, similar in importance to an Employee Performance Review Form.

  • Define Objectives: Outline what the evaluation seeks to achieve.
  • Measure Performance: Compare actual performance against expected standards.
  • Identify Gaps: Highlight areas needing improvement.
  • Provide Feedback: Offer constructive feedback for development.
  • Plan Future Actions: Recommend actions for the continuation of probation or promotion. You should also take a look at our Manager Review Form

What do I write in a probation review form?

Writing effectively in a probation review form is crucial, much like filling out a Document Review Form.

  • Employee Details: Start with basic information about the employee.
  • Job Performance: Detail the employee’s accomplishments and areas for improvement.
  • Professional Behavior: Comment on attendance, punctuality, and teamwork.
  • Future Objectives: Set goals for the next review period.
  • Final Recommendation: Suggest continuation, termination, or extension of probation. You should also take a look at our Self-Review Form

What is a Probation Review?

A probation review, similar to the performance assessment, is an evaluation of the employee’s performance throughout his or her probation period given by the company. Probation review period could be extended if the employee’s performance is unsatisfactorily and needs improvement.

Probation reviews of the employees are documented using a probation review form, and their individual personal information are viewed in their Employee Review Form.

Probation review forms contains the following information:

  • Employee’s name, job title and department
  • The manager’s name and position
  • The list of skills that are required to be met by the employees during their probation
  • Comments and recommendations of the employee’s reviewer
  • The reviewer’s name or to whoever completed the review
  • The joining date of the employee and his or  her review date You should also take a look at our Appraisal Review Form

What is the probation review process?

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The probation review process systematically assesses an employee’s job fit, similar to a Performance Review Form.

  • Preparation: Gather all necessary documents and performance metrics.
  • Meeting: Conduct a face-to-face review meeting with the employee.
  • Discussion: Discuss achievements, challenges, and feedback.
  • Documentation: Record the outcomes of the review formally.
  • Follow-up: Plan necessary actions based on the review’s outcomes. You should also take a look at our Record Review Form

How to fill a probation completion form?

Completing a probation completion form marks a significant phase in employee assessment, akin to a Training Review Form.

  • Confirm Details: Verify the employee’s personal and professional details.
  • Assess Competencies: Evaluate and document the competencies achieved.
  • Review Goals: Reflect on the goals set at the beginning of probation.
  • Make Recommendations: Recommend further development or full-time employment.
  • Sign Off: Ensure all parties sign the form to acknowledge completion. You should also take a look at our Annual Review Form

What is a 60 day probation review?

A 60 day probation review is an early assessment of an employee’s performance, essential like an Financial Review Form.

  • Performance Tracking: Evaluate how well the employee meets the job requirements.
  • Cultural Fit: Assess how the employee fits into the company culture.
  • Feedback Collection: Gather feedback from supervisors and peers.
  • Skill Assessment: Identify any gaps in skills and areas for improvement.
  • Review Outcome: Decide whether to continue, terminate, or extend the probation period. You should also take a look at our Grant Review Form

How to Manage Employees Probation Periods

Employees must be provided with a clear job description, and must be oriented with the business’ practices and procedures. Employees should also be informed when they are to report for necessary training that will help them reach and attain the requirements. It is important that the employees are informed on what basis they will be evaluated.

Of course before you could do an assessment of individual employees, you have to first identify your expectations from the employee’s performance. It is best that you conduct a meeting once or twice a week to discuss about the employee’s progress report weekly. This is for you to know and discuss the areas where the employee excels, and where they need improvement.

You, as the employer, need to be patient and understand the employee’s situation. Indeed, this is their first few months, and you can’t expect that he or she excels in just a blink of an eye. You have to realistic and offer guidance whenever possible.

Another way of assessing an employee throughout his or her probation period is by getting feedback from the people he or she is working with using a peer review form. You should also take a look at our Field Review Form

How to Best Conduct Employee Probationary Reviews

In conducting employee probationary reviews, it is best that there is handbook that serves as the basis of the employee’s requirements that are needed to be met. It is also best if the employer monitors the employee form time to time, without pressuring the employee’s performance. Because it is not right if the employee is pressured to hit the target requirements. You should also take a look at our Candidate Review Form

But motivating the employee would likely be one of the ways to help the employee regarding his or her performance. In conducting the probationary reviews, the company should first conduct Internal Review Form in order to assess their operations, programs and management.

What report do probation officers typically prepare?

Probation officers prepare a detailed Policy Review Form report, assessing compliance with probation terms and overall behavior.

What to say after passing probation?

Express gratitude and commitment to continued growth and contributions, reflecting a positive outcome akin to a Risk Assessment Review Form.

What is the 6 month probation period?

A 6 month probation period allows extended assessment of an employee’s performance and fit within the company, similar to a Manager Job Application Review Form.

How do you respond to a bad probation review?

Address feedback constructively, set improvement goals, and request support or resources as outlined in a Recruiter Performance Review Form.

What not to say in a performance review?

Avoid defensive or dismissive language; focus on solutions and growth instead of excuses, much like feedback in a Loan Application Review Form.

How to fight an unfair performance review?

Gather evidence, request a meeting to discuss discrepancies, and present your case calmly, as advised in a Monthly Review Form.

What happens at the end of the probation period?

Typically, a decision is made to extend, terminate, or transition to permanent employment, detailed in a Contract Review Form.

The probation review form is an indispensable resource for businesses, ensuring that new hires are evaluated fairly and thoroughly during their trial period. This form not only supports structured feedback but also aligns new employee performance with company standards. Using various samples and templates can streamline the process, making it easier for HR departments to administer. As part of an overall Background Check Application Form system, it plays a crucial role in the decision-making process for the continuation of employment, thereby upholding both company standards and employee morale.

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