Before we can begin discussing what an employee performance review is, we would need to identify the definition of each word in the phrase so as to fully understand the definition of the phrase. Now, just as customers are the life blood of an organization, employees are the organization’s backbone in terms of handling the task of making the organization run as smoothly as possible.

Performance reviews are a term used as a means of gauging or grading a person performance in terms of how well they are performing their task compared to the standards they set. An employee performance review is a type of performance review that is used as a means of grading and evaluating an employees performance over the set standards and expectations the organization has for each employee.

Employee performance reviews can sometimes be directly compared to an employee evaluation in the sense that both an employee performance review and an employee evaluation serve a similar function. This function is to motivate and inspire employees to perform better at their assigned task by means of comparing their overall performance within the company through a certain grading process.

Questions You Should Ask During an Employee Performance Review

We already stated that an employee performance review is a means of improving employee performance in the long run. But what makes the employee performance review capable of such a thing? What makes it capable of functioning the way it does? These are a few questions that must be present with in the employee performance review. Questions such as:

  • How well do you think you performed this year?
    • It’s important to add in this question solely because of the fact that it helps you determine if the employee is truly dedicated to their work, as well as identify if the employee is actually paying attention to their performance or not.
    • This will also set the mood of the review letting the employee know that the purpose of the meeting is to review their performance.
  • What are your current objectives?
    • This type of question would allow you to determine if the employee actually understands the standards set by the company for the employee. As well as determine if the employees truly understand what their task and job is with in the company.
  • How can the company improve your working experience?
    • This kind of question is basically used as a means of having the employee suggest ways on how they could perform better which will some times indicate ways to improve the performance of the other employees as well.
    • This type of question also passively creates a mutual agreement between the employee and employer in the sense that if the employer installs the suggested changes into the company the employee should begin to perform better at their work or assigned task.
  • What problems do you have with the work assigned to you?
    • It is important to add in this type of question to help identify if there are actual reoccurring issues that would affect the performance of not just the employee you are reviewing, but also of all of the employees inside the office.
    • This will also help you to determine ways to remove inconveniences to your employees while having them agree to perform better than their current employee review ratings.
  • Are there any issues regarding the materials given to you?
    • This type of question will help in identifying issues regarding if the employees have been given enough materials to work with. Materials such as necessary equipment’s, resources, supplies and other required materials are included.
    • This is also useful in addressing any issues involving equipment troubles and missing supplies when it comes to the employee working with in the company by reviewing the employee’s statement along with the job invoice.

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