creative ways to get customer testimonials

One way for business companies to know how they are doing in terms of their business progress and performance evaluation is by asking their customers about their experiences with the business products or services. Customers are not forced to give their feedback though, it is mandatory that companies must have these in order to monitor their productivity. If they find that there are some discrepancies, they would refer to these feedback in order to be kept on track.

Similar to customer reviews are customer testimonials. These testimonials are undeniably powerful because they can convince another person to try the business products or services. To better understand what these customer testimonials are, here below is an example:

A woman bought some cheap products at a boutique which has recently opened. There have been random rumors about the product feedback which usually discourage other people to buy at this certain store. Some would say that when you use the local whitening soap sold from this store, you will have skin allergies. While others say that the hair shampoo and conditioner will definitely make you bald. Now, upon hearing these rumors, the woman decided to give the boutique a chance to prove these rumors wrong. So, this woman decided to buy the products that she needed from this store, instead of buying them from somewhere else. After trying these products, it turns out that the rumors are confirmed to be fallacious. The woman is actually beyond satisfied with her experiences on trying the products. So, in response to the rumors, the woman made an honest testimonial about how these products satisfied her.

Referring to the situation above, a customer testimonial is a formal sworn statement given by an individual customer as proof about a certain subject. That is the reason why it is powerful. Going back to the example above, it turns out that the person who complained about being bald has a scalp psoriasis, and the person who had skin allergies turned out to have atopic dermatitis.

Creative Ways to Get Customer Testimonials

Here are few creative ways that you can do in order to get different testimonials from your customers. Refer to this list below to have some ideas on how to target your market.

  • Utilize social media sites where people from around the world are connected and communicable. As you have observed, our world is more advanced in technology nowadays. Since, social media sites are considered fast growing networks, businesses engaged themselves in conducting online marketing. It is the most convenient way to build a connection to random people around the world.
  • Mention or recognize customers’ top reviews or testimonials in recognition to the customer who have positive insights regarding your business. This can be used as a tool to increase the traffic of your company site.
  • Provide various review forms to evaluate the performance of the employees, and the business management itself. Upon distributing these forms, you are able to create a personal contact with your customers. Thus, making it easier for you to entertain their concerns and clarifications.
  • Offer some additional services. In administering a business, you have to make sure that you know your customers’ needs and wants. For that reason, it is guaranteed that the services you offer to them are availed accordingly to what they needed. Though they did not ask for it, the both of you know that it is essential to them.
  • Introduce new products or services. In introducing new products or services, it is inevitable that you encounter some customers who are not interested and usually get irritated. However, you still have to try to get their attention without being bothersome. After all, this introduction could give them information that you have those kinds of products and services that they might need sooner or later. You just have to know your limits, and try not being obnoxious.
  • Conduct a demo regarding a product or a service. By doing this, customers get to perceive the actual demonstration of how your products or services work. They could give their opinions about it using demo feedback forms.
  • Give some perks or benefits. Make your customers happy by giving them a bonus, freebies or extra credit. An example is they could get a free bag upon purchasing a certain amount of products from your store. This would probably make them recommend your business to some friends. But, make sure that the freebies or perks are worth spending that great amount for.
  • Conduct an interview. You are not going to receive testimonials without asking for it. Ask random people to share their experiences with your business company. You could ask a few questions, but never force them to answer if they don’t feel like doing so.
  • Update the testimonial page and information regarding the company. It is important that you keep all your information updated, especially those you use for marketing purposes such as online website/s, and/or brochures.

These are just few among the creative ways that you could apply to your business company to get some customer testimonials. These testimonials could either result to two things which are increase your target market, or degrade your business reputation. Either of those two, you have to know how to get back on track with regards to your business progress and productivity.

The Importance of Customer Testimonials

Here are few reasons why customer testimonials are mandatory or essential to every business company.

  • Recommendation form other people. Customers who have had great experiences with your business are most likely to advocate them to their family, friends and relatives.
  • Increases your business’ bottom line. Upon receiving different kinds of testimonials (both positive and negative), you will be able to determine what are your business flaws, and improve them soon as you receive them.
  • Improve performance. By knowing where you have gone wrong in terms of providing customer service, you could improve your performances on serving your customers and clients.
  • Creates awareness. With the different testimonials, you will be aware of the aspects that you need to develop, improve, and enhance. By doing so, your customers will be more satisfied the second time they visit your business.
  • Gain trust from people. With the use of positive and persuasive testimonials, other people will be convinced about the advantages of using your products and services.
  • Recognition. When these testimonials are spread either by online searching, or from the words of mouth, your business company will be recognized  by majority regardless if the testimonials are affirmative or contrary.
  • Increase more traffic. By the means of this, your online site will get more visits due to various recommendation and curiosity by the people who hears the different testimonials.

These testimonials are also somehow similar to the customer feedback in which customers’ judgments or point of views regarding your company services are documented.

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