The employees and staff in a corporate business are not the only people who prone to evaluations and assessment reviews but also the members and staff of a church ministry. Compared to the people working in the business industry, these ministry members are to be evaluated not only by their performances but also with their relationship with the Higher Being and their co-ministry people. With this, a church staff review form serves a great purpose.

A church staff review form will have the previous rating for a staff evaluation to attain a reassessment of whether he was able to conquer his difficulties and achieved improvements. There are six known steps on how to acquire an effective church staff review and these are listed below:

  • Know your targets. The word “target” does not necessarily mean the people who will be the recipient or the respondents of your review but also your target goals and objectives of why you are having the review in the first place. Setting the goals is vital in order for the ministry to know what they will be reaching out for improving their group. With regards to the people or the targeted staff, you may need to specify in your review form to whom the document will be addressed to.
  • Draft your questions. As soon as you were able to distinguish and lay down your targets, you will be able to construct the appropriate questions for meeting the needs of each stated target. An attached questionnaire form may be used for the review which should be specified based on the person or staff who will be answering and needing the reviews.
  • File a survey request. Anyone, including you, will not be able to start a survey without the basic consent and permission of the board or the officers and all the members of your ministry. To avoid any frustration or any disappointment that your ministry staff and members will decline the survey or review, you must be able to submit a survey request form to the officers. When the request was granted, you may need to present the signed form to your respondents before starting the review and survey. This document will aid to inform the respondents that you are conducting a legal and proper review, and not merely for your personal preferences.
  • Provide the survey. This step will demand your time and effort in reaching out to your co-ministry members and staff. An effective way to distribute your staff or employee review forms is to gather your target staff and have them fill out the form directly.
  • Assure confidentiality. Regardless of what company or group you are working with, you need to assure your respondents that their answers will be kept confidential at all times and will be used for the right purpose. You can also indicate a confidentiality agreement at the end of your review to attain a better trust level from your respondents.
  • Analyze the results. The last step is analyzation of your review form results. You may construct a scoring table for each category or question and tally your respondents’ answers.

These steps will aid you through the process of gathering effective staff reviews within your church and ministry. Nonetheless, you must keep in mind that the information you will be requiring for an answer should comply with all the moral and legal rules of your church.

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