The term “review” is not only evidently used for taking exams and tests for students but also for doing a reassessment and re-evaluation for the particular results of a subject’s previous assessment. In the field of employment, a review is done in order to conclude for a decision and determine what shall be done and who shall be hired for a vacant position. Specifically, a candidate review is the process that employers and companies undergo during the job application and hiring phase.

Similar to any other employment processes, granting a candidate review will demand the use of a document which is known as a candidate review form. This form will have the information of the job candidate and his ratings which were given by the management with regards to his application. Other parts of the form include the following:

  • The Applied Position. This will state the position wherein the candidate is applying.
  • The Dates. This will have the date when the candidate applied, date of his assessment, and the date when the review was made.
  • The Rating Scale. Each rating scale on varying forms will depend on the job position of the candidate. These numerical scales will be the basis for providing the rating, and computing the average whether the candidate will be acceptable for the position.
  • The Performance Evaluation. This performance evaluation will have the questions and qualifications for the reviewer to assess the candidate. The previous ratings of the candidate will also be seen on the form as a sort of guideline for the reviewer.
  • Reviewer’s Recommendations. Some employers and companies use this review form for their current employees as part of their employee appraisal process. This form works together with the employee evaluation form and all other documents relating to the appraisal. The recommendations and comments of the reviewer will serve as the final outcome or result of the candidate’s review.

This type of review form is associated with performance reviews of the candidate. Nonetheless, this form serves a great purpose during the following instances:

  • To assure an assessment. There are often times when a job assessment will not provide adequate results which will be helpful for the assessor’s decision. Therefore, this requires the need to use a review form which will aid the assessor to assess his previous records. The assessor will then be able to construct his strategy of how a candidate will be able to improve his ways.
  • To settle an evaluation. In connection with the assessment, an evaluation will aid in knowing the actual value of a subject. For employment, a candidate will be re-evaluated by using his scores in the previous job evaluation. With this, the person doing the re-evaluation can come up with the possible salary rate which may be deserved by the candidate.

Candidate review forms are not only used by business companies but also by educational institutions. Schools and universities use the form as an initial requirement in providing and certifying a student for masters or doctoral degree. The students will have to submit a review request form in order for them to be listed down and be subjected to a candidate review.

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