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One of the reasons why employers use job application forms and other documents that are allotted for the details of an individual is to obtain information for record keeping in their company. These forms are kept in the human resource department of the company and will only be disclosed whenever it is necessary. Aside from the application form, employees will also be provided with various agreement forms during the period of their employment such as a post-employment information release agreement form to define the employee’s responsibilities at work.

Post-Employment Release Agreement Template


What Is a Post-Employment Information Release Agreement Form?

A post-employment release agreement form is given to the employee after he becomes a member of the company. The form is also known as a “separation agreement” and an “authorization to release information to the employer.” Companies use this form to highlight the terms regarding the employee’s acceptance to avoid competing with the company’s business after he will resign or be removed from his employment. Another importance of using this form is to inform the employee about the company to obtain his work experience data and the contact information of his former employers.

Post-Employment Information Release Agreement

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Creating a Post-Employment Information Release Agreement Form

Determine Your Objective

Varying companies may have different roles in the industry; however, when companies use a post-employment information release agreement form, they will have one objective, which is to tailor their terms and conditions for the safety and security of the company. Nonetheless, when making your company agreement form‘s objective, you must assure that it connects with the main goal of how the company will use and when the company will be using the information collected on the form. After the objective should be the specific date of when the terms of the agreement will be pursued and observed.

Allocate an Area for the General Information

The general information section must cater the names of the agency and the employee, addresses, and contact information.

State your Company’s Terms, Considerations, and Termination Clauses.

An effective approach in laying out the terms of the company will be by summing up and delivering only the necessary range of regulations on the form. This will not only shorten the form but will also allow the employee to fully understand the intention of the agreement easily. With regards to the termination clauses, you need to indicate what sorts of actions will put the employee’s job to an end and will breach the contract agreement.

Explain the Time Requirements, Company Claims, and Properties.

Time requirements refer to the specific period such as months and years when the employee will still need to comply with the terms of the agreement that he signed. On the other hand, the company claims and the properties should also be indicated to include what the employee must do to the materials after his resignation. You can also see financial information release forms.

End the Form with a Confidentiality Agreement Statement and a Signature Block.

The confidentiality agreement is an essential part of the form as it will protect both the company and the employee. The agreement must indicate how the data are to be used and who is the only authorized personnel allowed to be associated with the information release. Additionally, the signature block must have areas for the employee and the company representative.

However, regardless of the varying terms and conditions stated in the form, companies should always assure that everything has been agreed and understood by the employee to avoid causing mishaps in the agreement.

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