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A reclassification request and position information questionnaire form is a type of hr form which is significantly used by companies for determining the eligibility and the qualifications of an employee for a job reclassification. This form not only contains questions to be answered by the user but also the general information of the employee who is the subject of the request. Also, a supervisor can use the form which will be essential for executing an employee recommendation as well as making a suggestion to improve a current job description.

Reclassification Request and Position Information Questionnaire Form

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How to Create a Reclassification Request and Position Information Questionnaire

Creating a reclassification request and position information questionnaire form demands a crucial decision-making process from the company for knowing what questions and contents to incorporate in the form. Follow the steps below to create the form:

Step 1: Name the form and company.

Since there can be different varieties of hr forms that companies use, naming the form will allow anyone to easily identify and categorize the form along with other related documents. The company’s name and contact details should be the header of the form with the name of the department where the form will be used as part of a transaction or process, mainly the human resource and administration of the company.

Step 2: Add areas for placing dates and time.

Every document that companies will use should have a date and time stamp at the top right portion of the form which will be provided by the user. The date and time will allow the company in knowing when the document was obtained, used, and submitted by the user. Additionally, the date and time will also aid in determining the number of days or the length of the time for completing the procedure until it is reported and recorded by the assigned authorities in the company such as the supervisor of the employee, the human resource personnel, and the company’s employee relations manager.

Step 3: Incorporate an employee information area.

The employee information area is intended to collect the important data of the employee in order to identify who will be the subject of the reclassification request. In this part of the form, the employee’s name, his current position in the company, the number of years that he had been hired, and all other pieces of information which will help in identifying the employee should be included. Moreover, the name of the employee’s supervisor or his manager can also be stated in this section along with the manager’s job title and the department where the employee’s job is categorized under.

Step 4: Enlist the questions.

Questions which are relevant to meet the purpose and the objective of the form which is to determine one’s eligibility and the significance of a new job position should be enlisted by categories to achieve an orderly documentation of the user’s answers.

Step 5: Include a note.

Depending on the company, a note which emphasizes on informing the user about the review process and the other documents required to complete the process can be indicated after the questions. Also, a signature block is essential to be included which will cater the signature of the user and the date when the form was completed for submission.

Questions to Include in a Reclassification Request and Position Information Questionnaire

A reclassification request and position questionnaire form should focus on questions which will be beneficial for the company’s decision making procedure. Enlisted below are some of the questions which can be included in this type of hr form:

  • What are the common concerns of the employee with his current job title and position?

Even if an employee will be reclassified for another workload or job, he must supply his thoughts, suggestions, and opinions regarding his current job. This allows the company to obtain an employee feedback which can be used for improving the company’s tactics in ensuring that the concerns will not occur again in other employees who are working with the same job as the subject.

  • What strategies and tools can address the employee’s concerns?

Constructing an action plan for helping the employee’s concerns be resolved immediately is important and crucial for any company. However, with the questionnaire, the company will be able to gather the suggested plans of the employee and his manager or supervisor since they are the ones who are knowledgeable about the issues. Also, the company can determine if the employee is eligible enough for his requested reclassification especially if the new job requires him to be an individual who can create a solution for the betterment of his job.

  • Where would the source of the new job be acquired?

If the reclassification process is intended to reclassify a job title rather than the employee who is holding the job title, then it is significant to determine where the sources of the funds will be obtained by the company to pay for the equipment necessary for the job, and for supporting other matters which are related to the new job. Specifying how the funds can be acquired and when it can be audited to the company is also essential to complete the questionnaire.

  • What qualifications are not met by the employee?

For employees who are requesting for a reclassification, meeting the qualifications of the company ranging from the required work experience and educational attainment is important.

  • What impact does the new job provide to the target clients or audiences?

Reclassifying a job should not only be for the benefit of a single department in the company but also for the company’s clients which is why naming the advantages of undergoing the job reclassification is significant to be included in the form.

Regardless of the questions incorporated in the questionnaire, it should be documented by the hr after it is completed just like all other forms in relation to the subject or matter being focused for the company’s improvement. Moreover, this form must also be updated to ensure that details will not be left unrecorded by the company.

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