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A department store job application form is a document which is significantly prepared by the hiring managers and personnel of a department store company. The purpose of using a department store job application form is to collect and document the details of the job applicants for the selection process of who will be hired. Along with the completed job application form, resume forms and job application questionnaire forms are also provided to the applicants for further data collection and eligibility determination.

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Pros and Cons of Department Store Job Application Forms

Department store job application forms are beneficial for any company however just like other documents linked to a company’s application procedure, this document has its own pros and cons and these are stated below:


With the form, a department store company will be able to have a better outline of what they wanted to obtain from their applicants since the form is created and formatted by them. This ensures that the applicants will be evaluated fairly with the guide of the information that they have provided. Also, the uniformed format of the form helps the hiring manager to easily scan the entries supplied by the applicants. Other pros of a department store job application form are that it can be a useful tool for keeping the applicant’s data record.


One of the known cons for using a department store job application form is that it adds up to the application period length since the applicants will need to take their time in filling out the form efficiently. Another one of the cons is that there can be applicants who will not be able to fill out every portion of the form. This can result in a lack of information compared to accepting the created resume forms and the resume cover letters of the applicants.

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Essential Sections of a Department Store Job Application Form

Although there are different types of job descriptions and positions offered in varying department stores, there are specific sections and contents which should always be incorporated in any department store job application form. Below are the essential sections that the document preparer should include in the form:

Header – Basically, a header is a part of the document where the name of the company is indicated along with the title of the document. However, a header can also contain more contents aside from the names and titles such as a shortened introduction about the company’s objectives and goals along with the date of when the job application was conducted.

Applicant information – This is the most important section of the form as it collects all the personal information of the applicant ranging from his name, address, up to his status and emergency contact information. Every data disclosed in this section should be verified by the company in order to ensure that the applicant is claiming factual and accurate information about himself.

Statutory and license requirement section – A statutory requirement refers to the age and date of birth which should result in him falling into the workforce category. It is important to know the age of the applicant, not to discriminate him in working, but to make sure that the company is hiring people who are legally permitted by the country or State and not hiring minors without a properly signed parental consent.

Character references – The applicant’s character references will allow the company in learning more about the applicant. Most reference persons are the applicant’s former employers and associates who have worked or interact with the applicant during specific events where the applicant’s skills or abilities are being used.

Employment history – This is where the applicant will be able to disclose the details of his previous employment. By having the employment or work history of the applicant, the hiring manager or the interviewer will be able to determine if the applicant has had sufficient background related to the job that he is applying for in the department store. Moreover, in this section, the applicant should be able to enlist the names of the company’s or employers where he was formerly employed, the length and year of his employment, as well as his salary range.

Criminal background – Hiring an offender is not ideal for any type of business company especially if the offense was just current or happened just a year ago. In order to know if a job applicant is not an offender of various laws and regulations in a State or country, a criminal background information section must be included in the job application form. This is specifically important to maintain the security of the company and the welfare of the department store’s clients, associated organizations, employees, and staff.

Availability – Although most department stores are open during daytime, there are still employees who ensure the safety and the security of the store’s inventory, products, and premises when night time comes. This is the reason why determining the weekly schedule preference of an applicant is important since it can aid in plotting an effective schedule of who will be assigned during the day, afternoon, and night. In addition, the applicant’s chosen date of when he will be starting his job can also be included to allow the company in knowing when they shall prepare the hired applicant’s employment contract.

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Tips for Filling out Department Store Job Application Forms

A completely filled out application is important for landing a job which is why the tips below must be taken into consideration by department store applicants before starting to write anything on the application form handed by the hiring staff of the company:

  • Use a resume as a guide – If an applicant had been employed previously, then he must have a social security number as well as a tax identification number. These two sets of numbers are commonly included to be disclosed in any job application form which is why having a resume will be useful when filling out these parts of the form. Other details which are required to be stated in the job application form includes the license information and certificates of the applicant especially if the applicant is a degree holder or is a professional individual who is applying for a top position in the company.
  • Maintain cleanliness – Nowadays, job and employment application forms can be filled out online which contributes to the accessibility to whoever plans to apply for a job in the department store. However, for the walk-in applicants who personally visit the company, a physical document will be provided to them wherein the applicant will be filling out the form using a pen and ink. This adds to the possibility of errors and dirt as well as an indecipherable handwriting resulting in entries which could not be understood by the hiring staff. For this, applicants should think first and decide what to put on each field before filling it out. Erasures must also be avoided to attain a neat and formal application form.
  • Enlist only active and preferred references – There are various reasons why an applicant chooses to leave his previous jobs and these reasons can either make or break future employment opportunities for the applicant. This is why it is important to list only former employers who can help out the applicant in landing a new job. The chosen character reference person must also be well-informed about the applicant’s intent in using the contact information of the company for his application which can be done by calling the former employer and asking for a permission.
  • Mark “N/A” – Blank fields are a huge “no-no” for any application form. In the event that a field of a section requires pieces of information which could not be answered or is not relative to the applicant’s background, then an “N/A” or “Not Available” phase must be indicated as an answer. However, if the applicant has an answer yet prefers to inform the company about it personally, then a “to be disclosed during the interview” statement can be used instead. This opens up a topic to be discussed between the interviewer and the applicant, and will also allow the applicant to supply ample explanation for the specific field of the application form.
  • Review before submitting the form – Double checking each section of the form before handing it over to the hiring staff of the company must always be executed. When reviewing the form, grammars and spellings should be considered to ensure that there are no errors in the form.

Regardless of the contents and disclosed data stated in a department store job application form, it is always more beneficial if a thorough research has been done by the applicant. By researching what the company needs and wants for hiring employees, applicants will be able to conduct a self-assessment for themselves to determine if they are suitable for the job. This personal assessment will also allow employees to deal only with interested and eligible applicants rather than throwing and stashing tons of application paperwork due to ineligibility and incompetency.

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