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In today’s generation, claiming a property or an identity may not be as easy as getting the property title immediately as there are numerous processes and legal forms to complete. One of the known documents that a claimant has to fill out and indicate his or her proof is a statement of claimant form which is provided by an authorized organization who is associated with the claims.

What’s a Statement of Claimant Form?

A statement of claimant form has the general information of the claimant or the person who files the form who can either be the relative of the property owner or the owner himself or herself. This also states the social security number of the claimant as well as the owners. Since this is a statement form, a large area or space is provided to enable the claimant to write down his or her claims, intentions and all necessary information which may help him or her in pursuing his or her claims.

Why Use a Statement of Claimant Form?

The purpose of using a statement of claimant document is to enlist and fully describe the property to be claimed by an individual. This form also contains a set of instructions which aids the claimant in filling out the right and appropriate entries for his or her advantage as well as the verifying organization’s benefit. With the form, the verifying organization is able to conduct a property assessment, and determine the rules or the laws that hold the property. Additionally, the form also serves as a tool for understanding the claimant’s claimed property and how he or she will want to manage to meet his or her needs which close down doors that may lead to a misinterpretation regarding the claimant’s intents.

By having the statement of claimant form, the claimant is indicating and promoting that he or she had prepared a project and action plan for his or her property and acknowledged the risks that associate the possible diversions which he or she may be conducting. The risks may involve the people or the residents around the property’s area and the financial problems which can arise during the diversion process.

When to Use a Statement of Claimant Form?

Whenever a property which includes an individual’s insurance policy and intellectual property is  claimed. A set of documents are often required to be presented by the claimant as an assurance that the claimant has a legal identity. These documents include the claimant’s birth certificate form or the death certificate of the actual property owner who can be the relative of the claimant. An authorization letter from the property owner may be presented if the owner has assigned an individual to submit the documents and the statement form on behalf of his or her absence. Overall, the statement of claimant can be used to whatever property is demanded to be claimed, reused, and reconstructed for purposes ranging from business and personal intentions.

What are the Instructions for this Statement Form?

Other uses statement of claimant forms has an instruction and a set of rules of what should be mandated when using the document. Below are the following instructions:

  • State the claimant’s information. This refers to the property owner’s or the claimant’s name as well as his address. In the event that a claimant is a group or an enterprise, the whole or full legal name of the enterprise should be stated on the form.
  • Describe the basics of the claim. This will be the grounds or the reasons, and the type of property which is the subject of the claim.
  • Indicate the date of the claim. The actual date when the claimed property was used should be on the form to aid in the investigation process and in reviewing the property agreements or other documents related to the usage of the claimed property.
  • The type of use. The claimant must indicate how the property was being used such as if it has been for mining or if it has been into a commercial lease from the previous years.
  • Other uses. Statement of claimant forms is often used for claiming water sources and properties which has a stream located in it. With this, the claimant is required to state what other uses and intentions were the water supply or the property was able to provide for the residences. For water and property diversion construction purposes, the claimant has to prove that the diversion serves a great benefit to him as well as the people residing in the area. If there are numerous uses for the property, the claimants has to use separate forms to assure that their intentions will be addressed by the organization.
  • Means of diversion and conveyance. The methods of how the property will be diverted and transported will be found in this area which may also accompany a diagram to provide an in-depth explanation to the authority.
  • Claimed rights. This will have the claimant’s level of claimed rights with regards to the property. He or she can indicate that he or she wants full control or access of the property, as well as the annual expected volume to be used for stream property intentions.

Following the instructions does not only allow the user to have an ease in filling up the form, but it also omits the user to commit mistakes with what he or she is answering on the form as the instructions have explanations of what is expected to be written and included by the claimant. Additionally, a questionnaire form is often enclosed together with the statement of claimant form to allow the authorized organization to gather the ample amount of data for their investigation and verification procedures. After the verification of the claim, a preliminary report is expected to be sent to the claimants. Nonetheless, it is must be observed that the statements and the information on any legal form should be kept by the parties and organizations involved, and not with any outside entity to avoid a breach of the signed agreement as well as avoid dealing with penalties or sanctions.

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