character witness

 In is undeniable that all of us are living on such a chaotic world where crimes or illegal activities take place in any minute and in any corner of the world. These people who commit crimes that are punishable by law are taken into custody.

Anyone who is present at the crime scene could be a witness. This character witness is then responsible to testify and give evidence/s in a legal action concerning the reputation, conduct, and moral nature on behalf of the victim. Character witness or evidence refers to the testimony or could be a submitted document for the purpose of proving that a person is innocent or guilty.

How To Write Character Witness Statement

In writing a character witness statement, you explain how you know the person and what makes your statement reliable for reference of why or what has occurred. You need to establish who you are and why people should believe in your statements.

The next thing that you should do is to cite facts about what you have observed with the person’s characteristics. Lastly, you have to tell the story of how or what happened basing on what you have seen, observed, and experienced. In writing a character witness statement, you have to be telling nothing but the truth.

Function of Character Witness Statement

A character witness or evidence can be offered depending of its type of proceeding and purpose, explained as an opinion, as reputation evidence, and as evidence of specific instances of conduct. This is used to determine if the suspect should be liable with the crime charged to him/her or for committing such kind of act.

Character witness statements also play an important role during the process of a trial. This is used as a reference about the person being charged. Use witness statement form samples for more information and to have better understanding about witnesses statements. Or better yet, download witnesses statement forms in PDF form.

Elements of Character Witness Statement

The following elements of a character witness statement are:

  • The name and profession of the person who testifies
  • The defendant’s name to which the testimony is about
  • The crime committed or charged to the defendant
  • The testifier’s relation or connection with the defendant
  • The characteristics or personality of the defendant
  • Cite how long have you known the defendant
  • Your affixed signature

You could write your own witness statement or download witness statement form templates and fill the spaces provided that corresponds to the necessary information that are asked or needed.

Guidelines for Character Witness Statement

In making a character witness statement, you have to cite all the facts or evidences that supports your statement in defending the person. You have to be true to everyone and even to yourself. Remember that the decision for your defendant is at stake and you are responsible for what will be the result of your statements.

Do not be afraid to tell everything that you know, may it be negative about the defendant. Make sure that your statements are relevant to the crime charged or to the person’s behavior lately. State relevant facts on what you saw, what you have observed, how you felt, and what you had experienced.

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