Employee information is important for all working areas for many reasons. These forms are given to the employee for company records. The employee needs to fill the details as asked in the form and submit it duly with relevant documents wherever required. The forms are suitable for employees who have joined the company newly or have a change in their information. There are several kinds of employee information forms. You may also see Employment Verification Forms

New Employee Information Form

new employee information form


Those who have just joined the company need to fill this form for record and emergency purposes. They must fill up correct information to ensure that the company people can reach them in case of any problem that arises anytime. The employee must give alternative and home numbers for security reasons. Useful Employee Review Forms

Basic Employee Information Form

basic employee information form


Apart from the general information of the employee, an employee needs to fill up the service information as well. This is important for the government to know about their employee. These forms are preserved for future use of the company.

Confidential Employee Information Form

confidential employee information form


The employee information is kept private for many reasons. Employee details like address, contact number, alternate contact number for emergency, ethnic information, disability information are asked in the form. This form is filled up and given to the Human Resources department. You can also use Employee Declaration Form

Canadian Employee Information Form

canadian employee information form


The University of Toronto presents the employee information form for those who are newly hired. A part of the form is filled up by the employer, and the human resource department. The employees who are in Canada and work in University of St Michaels College would need this form.

HR Employee Information Form

hr employee information form


The UTCA college presents this employee information form where the employees need to fill up their employee and submit it to the HR department. It follows the Veterans Act 2002 which says that it would not put any discrimination or racial differences in any of their worker and would be paid equally. Any failure in such information will still not allow any adverse treatment.

Personal Employee Information Form

personal employee information form


Employee’s information such as address, contact number, blood group, and other things are to be filled up as required. A provision of character and medical certificate is required as well. Office details of the employee, address information, permanent address, professional information, education details, family details, loan details, service history, leave details of the employee, departmental proceedings, old history, nomination details, ACR Details are to be filled up.

Employee Contact Information Form

employee contact information form


Employee information form has to be filled up and submit it in the HR Department in due time. The job information, personal information, emergency contact information must be written down. This information is vital for the company as well as for the employee mutually.

Employee Information Form 13

employee information form 13


The printable employee information form has sections about the person’s employment, about the position, educational information etc. The employee also needs to fill up any criminal record if he contains. A proper signature and date must be written and submitted by the employees.

Student Employee Information

student employee information


Student who are working as employees somewhere need to fill this form. The hiring department fills up such forms and about the job description, and job offer. After this a section contains employee information that needs to be filled up by the employee. The authority or hiring section fills up the latter part of the form after the first half is filled up.

Contractor and Employee Information Form

contractor and employee information form


This form is provided by the State of Maryland. The employee’s information such as pay scale, pay rate per hour, weekly hours, prior working information etc. is to be mentioned in these forms. The Commissioner of Labor and Industry would use the Living Wage Section to monitor agreement with the Living Wage Law.

Affirmative Action Employee Information Report

affirmative action employee information report


The State of New Jersey presents employee information report for company identification. Employment data is also required. These details will be useful for future to take appropriate actions as needed.

Basic Employee Information Form

basic employee information form


Standard Employee Information Form

standard employee information form


Uses and Purpose of Employee Information Forms

The Human Resource Department makes sure that they have up to date employee information of all the employees in their company. This information keeps accurate employee records which are a mandatory step in all companies to fulfill the legal obligation.  Failing to keep the sensitive information would lead to severe punishments like fine or even harsher actions can be taken. Keeping information makes it easier and less stressful in recruitment, right from the development and training of the employee to dismissal. Without proper employee records, it may become quite difficult to monitor them. This information is also useful in any case of emergency that comes up with the employee. Hence, alternate or emergency numbers with name and relationship is asked.

Any potential dispute can also be minimal through such records. With the help of proper information of the employee, they can be tracked and made to explain about the consequences.

Precise information will also let the head of the company/workplace to know about former employees. This information will be especially useful when the boss asks you to find out some details of a past ex-employee of his/her company without much time.

Facts about Employee Information Forms

  • The forms are very significant to the company in many ways. Hence it is better to have the information as correct and accurate as possible otherwise there may be difficulties later.
  • Any company asking for the employee’s personal and professional information shall have to give them accordingly as it is a mandatory step. Employees failing to do so may face rejection from their current job. This is because; every employee in the workplace needs to be verified with a background check for company’s security as well.
  • Employees must ensure that all of their original documents like educational degree, identification number, and home address proof is present. These need to be verified by the authority carefully. Even if the employee has taken loan, they may have to show papers to prove so. Failure of showing any of the documents can be a subject of question by the authority.

Sensitive Data to be Noted in Employee Information Forms

For the company’s knowledge, it is a must that private details are provided by the employee. But there is some information that must not be held or must only be asked with the employee’s consent and written down. They are-

  • Racial and ethnic origins must be stated. This is mandatory in many countries to support the equal pay law, and no discrimination.
  • Political opinion is required in some companies, just for a general knowledge of the person.
  • Religious beliefs like their views on their religion.
  • Trade union membership- Any membership in any sort of union party can be asked by the authority for their knowledge.
  • Mental and Physical health condition is asked in many companies for them to know about the employees well-being and company’s productivity
  • Sexual orientation is asked by many people but is limited in number
  • Criminal activities- This information is mandatory in many companies for security issues and records.
  • Criminal proceedings or conviction- This can be asked if there are certain things that the company needs to be ready about.

The Data Protection Act of 1998 covers the rules regarding covering sensitive personal data. The above mentioned data come under that act. These data can be used for original purposes. Other mandatory details are employee address, CV, emergency contacts, signed agreement etc. This information must be kept in a safe place for no other person to have access to other than the company head of the Human Resource Department as misuse of the information may take place. Ensure that these forms are sealed if necessary.

Online Availability of The Employee Information Forms

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